January 7, 2011

Randomness for Friday

by Shelly

Apparently I’m totally new.  Since becoming quite addicted to this little thing called Twitter I have become COMPLETELY engrossed into the world of design.  I know, as if I were not already.  But then I stumbled onto the Twitter profile of Jenny Andrews from My Favorite and My Best and I was SUCKED IN!  I spent a good part of last night and then again this morning pouring over her blog and reading post after post.  This girl cracks. me. up.

Oh….  but just a little FYI… if you don’t like cussing (a lot actually) or a potty mouth, then her blog is definitely not for you.  Both are a requirement to read it.  You’ve been warned.

On another note..

I’ve been checking out the idea house over at Cottage Living and saw this bathroom…

The walls of the room feature the lyrics to Johnny Cash’s song “Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart.” Clever.  But then I thought after reading loads of MFAMB..

Wouldn’t it be funnier to have these Johnny Cash lyrics on the walls instead:

“I fell into a burning ring of fire

I went down, down, down and the flames went higher

and it burns, burns, burns the ring of fire

the ring of fire.”

My husband would think so and a bunch of other males in my life too.  Potty jokes.  Oh the joys. The hubs and I are HUGE Johnny Cash fans btw.  I think it’s a prerequisite for guys from Central California (where my hubby is from).

Anywho, I’m going to go back to this…

I know.

Awesome huh?

This can all be blamed from reading this post, which sent me into a tizzy of file organization. Oh and this was about an hour after I had spent all day organizing 2010 receipts and paperwork for taxes.  I had just literally cleaned the room up and then… well you get the picture.

By the way, did you take a look at my office in ruins progress?  We’re going on one year now. Still not done. Blame it on the economy or my husbands’ spending freeze.  One of the two, but it’s still not done. Ugh. It is still just a mish mash of junk, chairs that are NOT office chairs, frames, and other various assorted things that should not be on an office floor.  It is priority #1 this weekend, as is painting the front door finally.

Do you have any 2011 projects you will be working on this weekend?  I feel like everyone is sprucing things up, organizing, trying to be a better person, cutting back, trimming down, etc. etc.  Cue The Scorpions, Winds of Change…..

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Carrie January 9, 2011 at 11:43 pm

Loved this post — especially the Johnny Cash & Scorpions references. Nice :-)
I just picked up paint swatches to paint our office — it’s been 3+ years and it’s tired and dirty and time. Currently it’s a soft yellow and I’m thinking of a pale shade of blue or possible grey. Grey would be waaaayy out of the box for me, but I’m kind of loving the whole monochromatic neutrals thing right now.
Anyway, I know what you mean about the first of the year — new year, new paint, new you, new start!


Shelly January 9, 2011 at 11:59 pm

I think painting is in the air! We painted our front door yesterday which was def. needed. And I’m now thinking of painting my office too. Reed is going to kill me!


Reed January 11, 2011 at 12:18 am

LOL… You’re RIGHT! :)


Shelly January 11, 2011 at 1:52 am

Hahaha! Just checking to see if my cute hubby actually reads my blog. I guess he does!


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