March 31, 2011

Pretty Ceilings

by Shelly

Ceilings are often the neglected step child of a home.  We usually just scrape off the ugly popcorn coat and throw some white paint up there.  Boring huh?  But recently designers and homeowners HAVE been stepping it up and doing interesting things like painting the ceiling in a glossy bold color or adding decorative wallpaper.

{via country living}

{todd klein via house beautiful}

Our new place is just absolutely lacking in architecture.  Designer Tim Clarke, who was responsible for the interior design of Coastal Livings’ “Ultimate Beach House” in Seabrook, Washington, stated that,“a room needs less decoration when it has interesting architecture.”  This is SO true!  Have you ever noticed how a home with great architecture and maybe a fabulous view need less going on inside to make it truly beautiful?

{Melissa from Seagrass Interiors’ home via Grace Happens}

{Melissa’s amazing ceiling in her BATHROOM! Drool.}

The living room AND family room in the new place have vaulted ceilings. While the living does have some cool beams that I think need very little, the family room has one plain ol’ beam that runs along the peak of the roof line.

{living room with beams. weird “shelf” along wall will be removed}

{amazingly UGLY family room ceiling. check out those massive recessed lights! that beam is such an eye sore as is!}

So what I would I like to do is give the room some interesting architecture to give it a sense of age and a dose of that beachy look I am going for.

{ralph lauren}

{coastal living}

{thorton designs}

The ceiling is pretty big and fairly high.  The hubs has said he can totally do it, BUT I’m not sure I want him risking his life.  I fear him falling down and breaking his neck.  I’m a worry wart these days. Sue me.  The look I want is more of a classic tongue and groove feel as in the thorton designs picture and in Melissa’s bathroom above.

One of the vendors I use regularly has a line of laminate over MDF tongue and groove boards, that looks super easy to install and at a great price!

Does anyone have any experience doing this to their ceiling OR using this particular product?  I might just take a total leap and buy it just to see how it goes.  I think some pretty architectural detail is just what that family room ceiling needs to take it out of the 70s.

BTW friends…escrow closes on the new place TODAY! Yippie! We’re begging to get the keys tonight so we can start tearing down wood paneling and ripping up the most disgusting carpet ever.  Fun fun!

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Wendy Valenzuela April 1, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Hi! I just found your blog and love your posts. I am currently remodeling my home. I loved the Walker Zanger tiles you chose and saw the post Wedneday night. Yesterday my husband and I were out shopping for bathroom stuff. We were headed to a tile place in Anaheim from Tustin when I saw the Walker Zanger show room by total coincidence! I would never have known what it was if wasn’t for your post. Thanks so much. The show room was awesome! If I should need an interior designer at some point, I will definitley contact you! I love your style. I look forward to seeing the transformation of your new house!


Stacy November 4, 2012 at 1:05 am

Can you please tell me the manufacturer of the mdf paneling for the ceiling? I would love to install this in my home! Thanks!



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