April 23, 2015

Resurrection and Changes

by Shelly

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I basically fell off the edge of the Earth for six months. Life got a bit crazy the end of September/beginning of October and there was a lot going on in our family life that I wasn’t able to talk about…until now.  Some good, some bad.  But let’s just talk about the good, shall we?

As of February, my husband and his business partner have sold their business to a very well-known, amazing fitness centered company in the San Luis Obispo area. So what does that mean for the Van Rozebooms? Well, we’re moving to Central California!  This is a HUGE change for all of us….new school for kiddo, moving my business, hours away from all our friends and the life we currently know. It’s going to be a shake up for sure. We’re excited to get out of the Los Angeles area however. I’ve been here all my life and never went away to school or any of that. So this…So Cal that is…is ALL I know!  My husband is from the Central Valley originally, so we’ll be closer to his parents, family and friends which will be nice.

We’ve already bought a house in the city of Pismo Beach which is very close to where the hubs will be working in San Luis Obispo.  It was important for both of us to still live near the ocean and Pismo fit the bill for us. We also found an amazing house, with really great bones and a beautiful ocean view! You cannot buy that kind of place for under a million (heck a couple million!) where we currently live, so we sort of jumped at the opportunity. The house was originally built in 1991 and hasn’t been updated since. So we are gutting it….new kitchen, new baths, flooring, skim coating walls…all that fun stuff!  Eventually I’d love to also do all new windows and a revamp of the outside, but in due time.  Here are some of the major rooms and the exterior before we started construction….








 {breakfast room}


{family room…with kitchen in background. kiddo belongs to our general contractor!}


{living room. the view across the street is gorgeous and we even have a peek a boo view of the ocean to the right}


So needless to say I will be sharing LOTS of before and afters of this house on the blog. It’s just going to be such a fab transformation. Tomorrow I’ll be back with the plans for the kitchen. It’s been a bit of a head scratcher to rework it, but I think we’ve finally come up with a good plan.


Sorry for the looonnng hiatus!!

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August 16, 2012

New England bath reno

by Shelly

It’s been a bit quiet here due to the kiddo having a few weeks off before she started Kindergarten this month.  Nothing like trying to work AND juggling entertaining a 5 year old! Yikes!  I was almost out of my head there for a while.  But Ellie started school last week and I’m happy to report she LOVES school.  She thinks it’s much better than preschool because, “they let you walk all by yourself, way down the hall to the bathroom Mommy!”.  Hilarious. If that’s what it takes for her to like school, I’ll take it!

She was very excited about the skirt SHE picked out at Old Navy to wear on the first day of school! Such a ham! (And yes, she’s double jointed!)

In other news I’ve been helping one of favorite repeat clients on the east coast with a little master bathroom and bedroom renovation.  This client is quite the adventurer in decorating and I love her enthusiasm to try new things!  She begged me not to show pics, but I have to give you guys one to know what we started with.  *Jessie it wouldn’t be a good reno without a really yucky before!!*

Here is what we started with……

A bathroom in a very old classic house.  Hasn’t been loved in years and was totally and completely ready for a CHANGE!!!

And here are the almost finished with the renovation pics. Please excuse the low quality pics, but my client was nice enough to send me progress pictures along the way. I’ve been DYING to see it in person!

Custom vanity with rubbed black finish. Marble countertop. Antique brass fixtures, lighting and medicine cabinets. White subway tile with black pencil liner detailing.  LOVE IT!!! …if I do say so myself. hee hee!

The walls still need to be painted…but OH those lights! Pretty pretty!

Large brick marble floor and love that the black detail extends down to the floor.

AND then there is this…..

A modern marble basketweave tile for the shower floor with black edging. I might have to take a flight out just to raid my clients bath and take a shower! haha!

I’ll be sure to share the final pictures once we wrap up the project.  I’m now designing away on their modern meets traditional New England master bedroom remodel. Stay tuned!!!


June 25, 2011

Kitchen/dining revamp

by Shelly

What do you do when you have a boring dining area, lots of people to seat, and a lack of space?  My clients just bought a new home and have been longing for a place that looked like them!  With three busy, little girls these working parents just couldn’t find the time to make their house into the home they wanted.

{sad little dining area :( The table will be getting an overhaul! Wait and see! }

Some inspiration pics for our dining space….

eileen kathryn boyd

via my home ideas

source unknown

via decor pad

via Cottage Living?

We are working on revamping this big box hardware store kitchen and dining area into a cozy, beachy, water colored, fresh space.  The cabinets are getting painted a creamy linen color starting tomorrow and we’ll be adding new hardware, fixtures, window treatments, furniture and lighting to the space.

{the appliances, countertops and cabinets will be staying. paint, lighting, and hardware will be added for a quick overhaul.}

Can’t wait to show you the finished result! Happy Friday!

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We are now three full weeks into our new house remodel project and boy….WE ARE TIRED!  First off, I have no idea who the heck we were kidding with 1) thinking we could pull off everything we wanted to do for just over 50k and 2)assuming it could all be done within six weeks!  Hahahaha! We are HILARIOUS!  50k mark…well we’ve gone WAY over that one folks.  My husband almost had a heart attack when I finally told him how over budget we are.  Thank God for some new work projects that just rolled in the last few weeks!!  They will help us dig ourselves out of the money pit we are in, as well as get my crazy mind from over focusing on the new house too much.  I tend to throw myself into a project full force and will actually lose sleep and focus solely on the job until it is completed.  That may sound good, but it’s not healthy…for me or my family.

But to be honest, we are chugging right along and we’ve gotten a lot done for just being a few weeks into this craziness.  Demo was MA-JOR!  We took out walls, lifted up ceilings, reinforced and strengthened up some poor 60s construction, overhauled the electric, pulled out a few trees in the front yard (still about 10 more that need to go!), replaced all the venting in the house, moved and replaced the furnace to the attic, put in a new air conditioning unit, tore out a “fireplace” (more on that in a second) and replaced the garage door (it almost fell off the track onto me one day).

Our new (but old) sad little house has just been very neglected for years.  No one has really done anything to the poor girl.  We think the last upgrades were done in the late 60s.  She was due for an overhaul…for sure.

So about that fireplace we ripped out.  There is an added on family room at the back of the house that had a strange, bulky fireplace in it.  At the time we looked at the house there was actually a fish tank in the fireplace box.  Again, weird. We knew we wanted to either rework it into a corner fireplace or if money was tight, just rip off the bad lava rock and reface it.

Not. That. Easy.

{here is the beautiful family room “fireplace”. don’t ya love the fish tank addition?}

Two weekends ago my in-laws came down for a visit and to check out our new project.  My husbands’ dad is a hospital building inspector, so he was uber-curious as to what kind of disaster we had gotten ourselves into!  That Saturday they were here, my hubs and his dad decided they were going to see if they could take off some of the lava rock facade themselves.  They came home later that evening worn out and shocked that the “facade” was not really a facade at all.  The rock was heavy and was actually a part of the overall construction of the fireplace.  But wait, the fireplace wasn’t really a fireplace at all!

See that wood board with those metal rods sticking out towards the bottom of the “fireplace”?  Well, that is where the BBQ grill knobs attach to!! Yes….I said, BBQ friends! They put a damn bbq in the middle of their family room!!!!  What the!? SO SO SO nasty.

We got the 411 from some of the neighbors that the bbq had actually been in the backyard long before the family room was added on.  When the owner decided to add the room, instead of ripping out the bbq, he converted it into a fireplace of sorts.  But then a few years later he tiled it all in, added the fish tank and that’s what it became.  So odd.

After learning what this beast was actually made of we decided that instead of reworking it, we would just rip the whole thing out.  It was poorly made and we were worried about it’s structural integrity to be honest.

This is about part way through the demolition.  I felt bad for our contractor.  This was NOT easy to take out!

This week the insulation is going in, walls are going up, popcorn ceilings are being smoothed out, kitchen cabinets are going in, and the guest/ kid bath is getting underway!  I should have lots to share by Saturday afternoon!

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Did you notice the title?  I’m officially calling all posts related to our new home The Ugly Duckling Files from here on out.  We’re going on our final walk through this afternoon and then…WE’RE CLOSING ESCROW!  **after only 15 days**  Life has been IN-SANE to the max this last month.  Work has been OOC for my husband and I’ve been a crazy mad woman trying to line up contractors and pick out all the ins and outs for the new place. I think by Friday we should have the keys to the new pad in hand.  Then I forsee the hubs and I with a long weekend of sledge hammers, crowbars and maybe a six pack of beer or two over the weekend.  I CANNOT….CAN NOT…freaking wait to destroy the ugly from that house. And since you’ve all been so patiently waiting (except for my cousin Rhyan. you have not been patient my dear, but that’s ok!), here is our little ugly girl. In all here glory….

{told ya she wasn’t pretty! look at the bird houses right into the facade there. oh and that roof line…yikes!}

{for reals…you thought the inside would be better? nope. you were wrong. pine kitchen circa 1960 baby!}

{family room opposite side of the kitchen wall. lovely wood paneling eh?}

{hey, plus side…at least there’s a pretty fireplace. wait, yes that IS a fireplace…with a fish tank in it. no idea, don’t ask}

I’m only going to share one more photo with you.  Can’t give away all it’s prettiness people!

{what the!? i know that is what you’re saying right now. a bathroom ISLAND! how brilliant huh? and yes there is a toilet tucked into that nook where the toilet paper is. 1960s architecture at its finest!}

But seriously, we say major potential with this place when we first walked in.  Living room and added HUGE family room with vaulted ceilings, a nice BIG kitchen, huge corner lot with tons of potential to add on or maybe put in a pool…..  It will be awesome.  At least we think so.  I already showed you what the kitchen plan is…although I may now go with custom cabinetry after all. I’m getting a bid from a great cabinet maker today.  Hoping for a low estimate!

Now I’m trying to finalize the guest bath, which is also our 3 year olds’ primary bath as well.  I’m going for elegant and polished, but colorful and easy to clean as well. Lots of glossy tile in a sky blue color with added glossy white tile in the shower/bath area.  Polished nickel faucets and lighting will be mixed with classic carrera marble countertops with a eased edge.  And the floor will be a pop of fun with penny round tiles with the slightest bit of sky blue edging. SO cute!

{the colors aren’t dead on, so please ignore the grey of the 4 x 4 tile. the vanity is still up in the air, but i like the idea of an espresso color instead of white. i don’t want it to feel to cold in this tiny room.}

I know I told you I wasn’t going to show you any more new house pics, but here is the bathroom where the above idea is going to go!

{pretty gross huh?}

So friends, are we totally crazy? Do you see what the ugly duckling could be?