April 24, 2015

Project La Colima

by Shelly

If you missed my news from yesterday….I’m officially back from a six month break on the blog. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to continue it. But I do like sharing on here and life and work has picked up and I have so MUCH sharing to do with all of you!

Our new pad is circa 1991 and definitely filled with all things from the flannel and baggy jeans days. White carpet, oak cabinetry EVERYWHERE, recessed light boxes, a HUGE party shower (can’t wait to show you guys that one) and little decorating “niches” for your fav plastic plants. Oh so fab right?! Uh, no. Here’s what I am working with in the kitchen.

The sink is currently shoved into the corner with those two corner windows above it. Dislike. I also HATE a micro over cooktop situation. So that’s going fo sho! The fridge is also stuck in a corner and is right next to the doorway to the dining room. That could become an issue with entertaining. So again, that’s going.

What drives me even crazier about this room is the layout of the bottom cabinets! See those weird angles to the left and right? I know it makes the space a wee bit wider, but I hate it. The large tray ceiling inside a tray ceiling is pretty horrible too.  I do LOVE the breakfast area that you can see just to the right there. There is also a 3 sided fireplace that can be seen from these rooms and the family room. It’s a bit funky, but we like it.

Then there is the appliance/pantry wall and the doorway to the left that leads to the dining room.

So here’s my vision for the room….


I’m going for a modern meets classic, beach house vibe. I’ve always wanted an official “beach” house and now that we actually have a view of the ocean and you can SMELL the salt in the air from our home…well I’d say that’s beach house to me! So, needless to say this sea loving family is going to have a home chock full of ocean stuffs. I don’t apologize for my love of the ocean AT ALL! Lol!

The cabinets are going to be simple Ben Moore Super White Shaker with polished oversized nickel pulls and knobs. The hubs washes dishes every night after dinner (yes, I know I’m lucky!), so his one request was an industrial sprayer faucet.  Done! I think they look cool. We’re going to center up the sink, take out the two corner windows and add a larger single window over it. We’re also centering up the range on that wall, pulling the fridge out of the corner and placing it onto the appliance/pantry wall and just overall cleaning up the whole design.

This time around I decided to do a BEAUTIFUL hammered nickel sink from Native Trails that I’ve had my eye on for some time. It’s going to be a showstopper I think! After a lot of waffling I decided to pony up and get seapearl quartzite for the countertops. I love marble and it’s what we currently have in our existing home, but I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest to live with. I’m a perfectionist, so etching and staining have been hard to live with. I love it for bathrooms however, so we’ll still be doing marble in those rooms. But for the kitchen it had to be more durable and I think quartzite gives me the look of marble with more durability.

A few of the other details:

-weathered, gray wood flooring throughout the downstairs area.

-a glass front bar area with X design on upper cabinet doors.

-a fun tall wine storage cubby area (since God knows we love our wine!)

-shiny, white mini herringbone tile for the backsplash

-changing up the in tray ceiling a bit. Cleaning it up and adding tongue and groove in that area. We’ll also hang some sort of lighting in that space. Not quite sure what yet.

-and finally on the breakfast room side of the lower cabinets we will be changing that up and adding a counter height bar to eat at. We had that in our last house and it came in really handy when entertaining.

So that’s the scoop for one the biggest room redos of our new home! We’ve already finished demo and now framing, plumbing and electrical are all underway at the moment. I love seeing the transformation. Oh, and if you’re curious about my inspiration and plans for the new abode you can check out my Pinterest page!  And to see updates to the space you can follow Project La Colima on Insta at #vanrozeboomsmove.

Have a great weekend all!


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June 25, 2011

Kitchen/dining revamp

by Shelly

What do you do when you have a boring dining area, lots of people to seat, and a lack of space?  My clients just bought a new home and have been longing for a place that looked like them!  With three busy, little girls these working parents just couldn’t find the time to make their house into the home they wanted.

{sad little dining area :( The table will be getting an overhaul! Wait and see! }

Some inspiration pics for our dining space….

eileen kathryn boyd

via my home ideas

source unknown

via decor pad

via Cottage Living?

We are working on revamping this big box hardware store kitchen and dining area into a cozy, beachy, water colored, fresh space.  The cabinets are getting painted a creamy linen color starting tomorrow and we’ll be adding new hardware, fixtures, window treatments, furniture and lighting to the space.

{the appliances, countertops and cabinets will be staying. paint, lighting, and hardware will be added for a quick overhaul.}

Can’t wait to show you the finished result! Happy Friday!

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We are in full on crazy mode right now!  We have just about 3 1/2 weeks left before we need to move in and of course we still have TONS to do.  This past weekend our beautiful new kitchen cabinets went in.  Originally due to our limited budget I though I was doomed to being able to only afford Home Depot cabinets.  Our neighbor (who is a FABULOUS woodworker) kept urging us to check with cabinet makers before settling on anything.  He was convinced due to the sad, sorry state of the economy and the lack of construction jobs going on in Southern California, that we would find someone who did beautiful cabinets at a very reasonable cost.  Now of course I have a guy who I use for my design clients, but even he wasn’t affordable enough for us to use him.  I ended up finding a cabinet making, father and son team that has gone above and beyond my expectations!  Here is their gorgeous work….

I DREAMED about owning a farmhouse sink...let alone a SHAWS one!

The large breakfast bar. Still need to add decorative corbels to the underside for stability. That far wall will eventually be tiled with the Walker Zanger Asbury tile.

And last Friday the new windows and doors went in! I LOVE the french doors. They totally update the space.

And did you notice something else????  The ugly lava rock fireplace is gone!  We are SO glad we didn’t keep it and try to reface it.  Without it that area of the room in so much more open.  And since that area in front of the french doors will be where we place our dining table, it makes even more sense to not have that big clunky thing there.

The marble is just now getting fabricated and should be installed at the end of next week.  Also, our cabinet guys are working on the bath vanity and tiling in that room will start Monday!   I cannot WAIT to show you guys that room.  Its going to be so cute!!!!


March 15, 2011

Kitchen Rebirth

by Shelly

Well, it wasn’t the easiest of negotiations, but it is now official..we have a new home!  Saturday while at a friends’ bbq, we got the call from our agent that an agreement had finally been met.  Thank the Lord!  I’ve been a nervous wreck!  Having a kiddo, hubby, dog, cat and no new home on the horizon was keeping me up at night.  Throw in the fact that the hubs and I both do a lot of our work from home. So, no home= no office (at least for me!).  But weasked for it and by golly we got it.  The ugly brown house with bird houses, storybook detailing and a very sad unkempt interior and exterior is OURS!  Sounds nuts huh?

To tell you the truth, yes I’m nervous.  Clean freak, perfectionist girl and impending home that will be a work in progress for a while to come…well it’s a tough mix.  I can do it though.  For the sake of a brand new, never cooked in, all new,  professional grade appliances, plumbing eye candy, sweet new kitchen…. I We CAN do it! But it is going to be a challenge. There is a lot to be done and we are on a modest budget for the amount of work that we want needs to be done.  The blog is going to get a bit more interesting from here on out though.  I’m going to share with you all, every twist and turn of this house remodel.  I’ll  tell you where every penny is going and show you where I was able to cut corners OR maybe not so much!

To start I have a bunch of different contractors meeting us at the property during our inspection this week.  This will allow them to get in, take measurements, and we can discuss what needs to be done so I can get quotes from all of them.  I’ve already nailed down my entire kitchen design.  We’re keeping the basic current layout of the kitchen, but hopefully knocking down a partial wall and adding a breakfast bar that will overlook the family room.

Here is the design plan for the kitchen:

Typically when budgeting for a kitchen remodel, you want to aim to spend 15% of your homes’ worth.  In Southern California, where the real estate prices are pretty insane compared to most of the US (even in this economy), I think this can be adjusted somewhat.  And with our total budget not being that large…. OH wait, I haven’t told you that part have I?  Well, we have $70,000 exactly to spend immediately on the renovation of our new beast.  That’s not a lot. You probably recognize that.  But there are advantages to being a designer, namely discounts and to the trade pricing.  That will help, but it IS still a small number to work with.  We are budgeting $20,000 towards the kitchen. Crazy huh?  After reading about typical renovation costs that come in around $45,000…well I actually feel more determined to have a fabulous kitchen at a bargain price.  Here is how kitchen renovation costs should be budgeted:

Cabinetry- 40%:  $8,000

Appliances- 30%:  $6,000

Countertops- 10%:  $2,000

Flooring-10%: $2,000

Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures 10%: $2,000

GRAND TOTAL: $20,000

Where are we cutting corners you may ask?  Well, we’re doing all the demo ourselves the DAY we get the keys!  I love demo…heck I love to destroy stuff.  It goes against my perfectionist nature.  And it is so darn LIBERATING! Ok, I’m a dork.  We’re also not doing custom cabinetry like I had wanted to.  We’re going with the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot.  I searched a lot of different cabinetry lines and really fell in love with Martha.  Go figure.  As far as the appliances I am a SHARK when it comes to finding deals.  I do get a bit of trade pricing through my suppliers, but I did some online research and found them much cheaper on there!  The backsplash tile, lighting and plumbing fixtures I am able to also get some trade pricing which will be a life saver.  I’m just hoping there are no whammies….problems with plumbing, electrical issues, etc.  I’m prepared for them though. That house looks like it’s hiding some secrets.

I’ll be back the end of the week with a wrap up of round one of the ugly duckling files.  Hey, that kind of has a ring to it!


March 2, 2011

Wrapup and new ventures

by Shelly

I’m back from a whirlwind two days at the Design Bloggers Conference that was held in Beverly Hills this week.  To say I am inspired and motivated (and EXHAUSTED) is a bit understated.  I’ve never in my life been around so many unbelievably talented people and learned so much in such a short period of time.  There were times I just could NOT believe that I was…..

1) sitting next to Joe Ruggiero the entire first day of the conference and then we had the pleasure of eating lunch together the second day.

2) met some of most fav bloggers/designers including Cristin Priest of Simplified Bee, Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home, Tobi Fairley, and Erin Olson from House of Turquoise (btw Erin I want to steal your closet!).  I also met a bunch of local designers and bloggers that I cannot wait to meet up with again soon!  You know who you are ladies! *wink wink*

3) at one point I was sitting next to Ann Maine the editor in chief of Traditional Home…NUTSO!

4) getting a sneak peak at Tobi Fairley’s new fabrics that I CANNOT wait to use in my clients homes!

5) received so many valuable tid bits and knowledge about the design industry that this new biz owner can definitely use.

I am pumped up now and I can’t wait for the next event in a few months, Blogfest in New York City!

But in other news, I had some personal craziness going on while I was sitting in the conference the first day….HOUSE OFFERS! We actually got our first one not even 24 hours after we had listed it!  Can you believe that…in this market?!  My poor hubby was a mess trying to contact me to discuss the offers, deal with the real estate peeps, and try to work.  He had to pretty much go it alone since I was hunkered down in a meeting room for two days. But here we are…IN ESCROW! Yep, we did it. Less than one week after we listed our home, we are now in escrow….and scrambling to find a new place to live.  As I told you all in my previous post, we are looking for a project so that I can not only really create a home with OUR touches, but also so I can build my portfolio.  We’re going this afternoon on a serious hunt with our agent. We’ll see!

So now I am pulling together ideas for all the things we know will have to be done in any place we buy…. a new kitchen, new baths, doors, windows, flooring, etc.  Here are some ideas I’ve been playing with for the most fun part of the upcoming project (in my eyes anyway), the kitchen!

Thick, eased edge countertops. Painted island with all white kitchen.

Furniture like details to cabinets. Rich wood floors.

Nice large farmhouse sink. Backsplash tile all the way to ceiling!

And my obsession…Walker Zanger tile backsplash! I’ve loved this for quite a few years now and have been WAITING to use this in a kitchen. Love.

Things are going to get CA-RAY-ZEE up in here very soon. Hope you’ll join me in our new adventure!