April 24, 2015

Project La Colima

by Shelly

If you missed my news from yesterday….I’m officially back from a six month break on the blog. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to continue it. But I do like sharing on here and life and work has picked up and I have so MUCH sharing to do with all of you!

Our new pad is circa 1991 and definitely filled with all things from the flannel and baggy jeans days. White carpet, oak cabinetry EVERYWHERE, recessed light boxes, a HUGE party shower (can’t wait to show you guys that one) and little decorating “niches” for your fav plastic plants. Oh so fab right?! Uh, no. Here’s what I am working with in the kitchen.

The sink is currently shoved into the corner with those two corner windows above it. Dislike. I also HATE a micro over cooktop situation. So that’s going fo sho! The fridge is also stuck in a corner and is right next to the doorway to the dining room. That could become an issue with entertaining. So again, that’s going.

What drives me even crazier about this room is the layout of the bottom cabinets! See those weird angles to the left and right? I know it makes the space a wee bit wider, but I hate it. The large tray ceiling inside a tray ceiling is pretty horrible too.  I do LOVE the breakfast area that you can see just to the right there. There is also a 3 sided fireplace that can be seen from these rooms and the family room. It’s a bit funky, but we like it.

Then there is the appliance/pantry wall and the doorway to the left that leads to the dining room.

So here’s my vision for the room….


I’m going for a modern meets classic, beach house vibe. I’ve always wanted an official “beach” house and now that we actually have a view of the ocean and you can SMELL the salt in the air from our home…well I’d say that’s beach house to me! So, needless to say this sea loving family is going to have a home chock full of ocean stuffs. I don’t apologize for my love of the ocean AT ALL! Lol!

The cabinets are going to be simple Ben Moore Super White Shaker with polished oversized nickel pulls and knobs. The hubs washes dishes every night after dinner (yes, I know I’m lucky!), so his one request was an industrial sprayer faucet.  Done! I think they look cool. We’re going to center up the sink, take out the two corner windows and add a larger single window over it. We’re also centering up the range on that wall, pulling the fridge out of the corner and placing it onto the appliance/pantry wall and just overall cleaning up the whole design.

This time around I decided to do a BEAUTIFUL hammered nickel sink from Native Trails that I’ve had my eye on for some time. It’s going to be a showstopper I think! After a lot of waffling I decided to pony up and get seapearl quartzite for the countertops. I love marble and it’s what we currently have in our existing home, but I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest to live with. I’m a perfectionist, so etching and staining have been hard to live with. I love it for bathrooms however, so we’ll still be doing marble in those rooms. But for the kitchen it had to be more durable and I think quartzite gives me the look of marble with more durability.

A few of the other details:

-weathered, gray wood flooring throughout the downstairs area.

-a glass front bar area with X design on upper cabinet doors.

-a fun tall wine storage cubby area (since God knows we love our wine!)

-shiny, white mini herringbone tile for the backsplash

-changing up the in tray ceiling a bit. Cleaning it up and adding tongue and groove in that area. We’ll also hang some sort of lighting in that space. Not quite sure what yet.

-and finally on the breakfast room side of the lower cabinets we will be changing that up and adding a counter height bar to eat at. We had that in our last house and it came in really handy when entertaining.

So that’s the scoop for one the biggest room redos of our new home! We’ve already finished demo and now framing, plumbing and electrical are all underway at the moment. I love seeing the transformation. Oh, and if you’re curious about my inspiration and plans for the new abode you can check out my Pinterest page!  And to see updates to the space you can follow Project La Colima on Insta at #vanrozeboomsmove.

Have a great weekend all!


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We’ve been completely blessed since having Ellie, with an abundance of fabulous babysitters for her.  Lydia was her first sitter and over the years she has passed along a few of her friends for us to use as well.  Carly of Carly Rae Weddings was one of those friends!  Not only is the girl great with kiddos, but she is THE go-to for a fabulous wedding!

Recently she asked me to give her a little help with her newlywed abode.  She knew what she liked, but she needed a little jumping off point to start from.  The Ikea sofa and the table lamp were the only things that needed to stay in their living room.  The rest was where she was having trouble.  I tried to keep things super affordable and budget friendly for her.  And since they’re a young couple, I wanted to keep the feel fresh and bright.

Living in an rental can make personalizing your space a little more difficult.  Since the walls must be left boring white, it’s important to bring in color!  Starting with a fun aqua chevron rug (which happens to be a fav print of Carly’s), it instantly adds some personality and color to the space.  A mirrored, lacquer console will double as a television stand and extra storage.  It will also create a focal point for a fabulous gallery wall!  Then the big grey sofa gets a punch of color by adding a fun mix of pillows… metallic gold linen, a quirky Thomas Paul bird print, a small scale faded coral and a cute monogram accent pillow.  For extra seating and another dash of color, two Moroccan turquoise poofs can go on the opposite side of the coffee table.  Add a fun faux fur throw to cuddle up in on colder evenings, and simple linen panels that can be spruced up with fun trim and you’ve got an expensive living room that can move when you do!

floor lamp | coffee table | side table | console | metallic pillow | bird pillow | diamond pillow | monogram pillowleather poof | chevron rug | faux fur throw | drapery rod | draperies

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February 12, 2013

Master Bedroom Transformation

by Shelly

I would say 9 times out of 10 my clients chose to focus on their master bedroom last…or sadly…not at all.  This always befuddles me!  In a room that you spend so much time in (yes even though your eyes may be closed most of the time), I feel it’s so important to have a soothing space that you love!

A few months ago a busy, young mom to three energetic little boys contacted me to transform her sad, neglected bedroom.  After chatting with her on the phone about the project, I felt a innate sense of DUTY to give her a room she and her husband could enjoy after they put the kiddos to bed.

Like most married couples it seems, they were living with hand-me-down furniture and lifeless walls.

The couple lives in a charming old home in a very sought after area in Northern California.  The room lacks storage…which they need desperately for their clothes AND her office which is also in the bedroom.

Then there’s the bed….which DEFINITELY needs a full makeover.  Her inspiration pics really helped me to design out a space that is uniquely THEM!

So our plan is to bring in traditional elements with some unique touches.  Lots of white fluffy bedding with some soft accent pillows. There will also be a slight coastal feel to the room with the paint, roman shades and accessories.  The whole room is going to be about layers, layers, layers.  And calm….. a place my client can retreat to at the end of a busy day of chasing boys.    Ahhh…

The ordering has begun and I can’t wait to see this room transformed!

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January 4, 2013

New Year: House Goals

by Shelly

Hello Friends!

I’ll admit, it’s been tough getting my blog posts in since our kiddo has been off of school for THREE WEEKS!  I may only have one child, but that makes me her full time playmate since she doesn’t have siblings to keep her busy. The hubby and I are wiped out for sure!  After Christmas we decided to introduce her to the Lord of Rings movies since Santa had brought her the Legos video game version for our XBox Kinect.  When we haven’t been watching the movies, we’ve been playing the game.  I’m DONE with electronic devices. I’ve been craving the outside and being active.  Luckily I’ll get my wish this weekend with a little time on the mountain snowboarding.

For New Years we got together with good friends and their kids and had a fabulous time!  The next day while the hubby was braving the cold, COLD water to have a New Years’ surf, I made a list of projects that I would like to conquer in 2013.  Of course I have resolutions of sorts, but for me projects are usually the goals I set for myself first.  That’s just where my design mind goes.  So here’s what I’m aiming to accomplish.  We’ve been on a strict budget since buying our home a year and a half ago, so I’ve only been able to decorate a little at a time. It’s driving me crazy, but my husband is good at keeping me on track and not blowing our bank account (which I could easily do in probably a day if given the opportunity!).

Project #1

The linen closet. Ain’t she purty!?

This space was home to the hot water heater that was broken and needed to be replaced when we bought our home.  We went with a tankless water heater which freed up this space.  Our home actually didn’t even HAVE a linen closet, so this was imperative!  Since we blew way past our budget, when it came time to do closets we were stuck with having to use Lowe’s ready made inserts. Not what I wanted, but we had to have something. So this space houses our towels, sheets, vacuum, iron, ironing board, etc.  It’s not pretty. And I hate that it’s right in our hall and it stares at us everyday. Adding doors isn’t the easiest solution since there is a bit of an issue with the ceiling and walls in this area.  I’m thinking maybe a neat tension rod at the top with just a really tailored pair of drapery panels might work.  But I need to do SOMETHING!  Another option is to rip this whole thing out and have my cabinet guy build me something I design up. We’ll see….but it needs to be fixed!

Project #2

The living room

I finally added some pillows to our blue velvet sofa…the check ones in front.  But I need side tables and lamps.  The tables are a mishmash….the round one to the left is a vintage ice scream table given to us by the inlaws. I covered it with a burlap tablecloth from Ballard to make it more formal, but I don’t like it. The bamboo campaign one on the right is a piece I boughtyearsago when I worked at Thomasville. I like it, but I want more symmetry in this room.  Not sure what I want to do with it yet.

So matching side tables and some ceramic style lamps are what I’m aiming for.  These lamps I pulled out of our bedroom after I found some other lamps I liked better for that room. These aren’t working for me. AT. ALL.

A rug would be nice too… I need to layer big time in this room now, since our new little pup has decided to use it as her personal piddle pad. We’ve become EXPERTS at getting out pee and poo in seagrass.  There’s no smell, but seagrass discolors with certain cleaning products. We figured that out now, but the first few incidents are still showing. Ugh.

And as much as I LOVE my bird prints over the sofa, they just aren’t big enough. Soooo, new art too.

This list is getting long!

Project #3 or maybe 2b?

Living room window

I’m over the bamboo. This window is SUPER wide and the locking mechanism keeps breaking! SO that’s why it’s down in this picture. It’s stuck this way now.  If I could fix it…again (it’s already been fixed once before), I would like to just add draperies. But notice that the top of these windows hits the ceiling?  That is going to make adding draperies and a rod tricky. But that’s the plan!

And then a table and some lighting for this side of the room also. I love my blue damask pattern chairs!

Project #3 or 2c

The fireplace

Our lovely 60s home has really odd angles and walls that make no sense.  The living room is long with a vaulted ceiling and there’s a weird jut out there…seen on the right…that once also had a shelf of sorts. Weird, weird, weird. We took the shelf out, but the jut out is still there. And then the fireplace is off centered at the long end of the room with an asymmetrical brick surround and a boring white mantel. It use to have a matching long PINK stone..yes pink… hearth, but we ripped it out along with the floors during demo. We haven’t replaced it because I’m not quite sure what we want to do here.   But I think we’ve decided on large stacked Mexican beach pebbles with a simple white mantel surrounding it. We’d get rid of the long side to the right though.

And notice my empty basket to the left? I killed my fiddle leaf fig just before Christmas, so I need to replace it now that I know the secret of how to keep them alive. Don’t water them! No seriously…. only once a month! Take them outside spray them down and let them drain. Then bring them back inside. Once a month. It’s been working on the one in our family room and it’s growing like crazy!

Project #4

The Master Bathroom

I’m going to add a linen roman shade with an interesting trim down the sides to the window. I also just ordered a beautiful Phillip Jefferies grasscloth with a subtle metallic thread running through it for the walls. It’s SO pretty!   I hesitated with doing grasscloth in here, but after reading reviews and getting advice from other people who have used it in baths, I’ve decided to go with it. The room needs to be warmed up and I think this will help.

And I may….may…. change out the mirror. Shhhh….don’t tell hubby!

Project #5

The Guest Room Closet

…or lack there of! The closet in this room was made into a closet in our master bedroom, but I STILL didn’t have room to put a long hanging section in. Yes, I know..I have a lot of clothes!  So here are are my dresses and super chunky coats that just don’t fit in my closet.  As soon as the hubs gives me the thumbs up, my cabinet guy is going to build a closet for me with antiqued mirrored doors. Hopefully SOON!

So there you go…my New Years house goals!  Those are the main ones anyway.  We still have the complete outside of our house to remodel and landscaping….argh..the list goes on and on.  But those will wait.

Does the New Year make you want to tackle things around your home too?

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Limited budgets often get in the way of our home decorating dreams.  But more often than not, a small budget, a new set of eyes, and some professional help CAN help transform a space!  Case in point….



My clients’ cute little condo was feeling cluttered.  With a few too many knick knacks, patterns and a case of crowded furniture, her home lacked a defined style and wasn’t feeling “pulled together” like she wanted.

We were working with a pretty small budget, so figuring out what needed to go and what should be replaced was very important in keeping within her limit.  I suggested we rework the floorplan as much as we possibly could.  The room is small and it didn’t offer many alternatives as to how the big pieces in the room could be placed.  With that being said, we also didn’t have the funds to replace the red sofa, matching chair or any of the other big pieces in the room.  The client had recently bought the painting of the woman above the sofa and wanted to pull more of those colors out to tone down all the red.  So, with those thoughts in my head, we worked up a plan to make the room a bit more sophisticated and girly like my client. :)


The first thing on my list was to remove the striped linen panels and wood and fabric cornice boxes on the windows.  They looked dated and made the room feel more country/old world, than glam traditional like my client wanted.  We added silk duponi panels from Pottery Barn and hand forged iron rods to the windows.  I put these up myself in a hurry just to get the shot, but we will be adding iron rings as well.  They are out of stock right now.

The oval side table that was originally there was replaced with a larger round side table to fill the space better. I would have liked to see an even wider round table there, but again budget was a factor here.  On top of the table we replaced the dated crystal lamp with a clean, more modern glass lamp with a simple linen shade.  The hammered bowl is from Nate Berkus’ Target line and the frame is the clients.  To the left of the sofa we paired down the two floor lamps the client had in the room and replaced it with this mica shade adjustable lamp from Ballard Designs. I apologize for the glare from the lamp! The ivory linen pillows on the sofa were added to bring in a bit more neutral color to the space.  And then to the lucite coffee table I added a cool gilded gold tray and mercury glass vase from West Elm, along with a lacquered sea urchin….another Nate piece!

I moved the clients’ antique Swedish chair to the sofa wall, to open up the other side of the room and to make the chair more of an art piece.  I then placed her stack of House Beautiful magazines under the chair…again to give more of a “look” to the chair.

{close up of coffee table}

We’re adding some more touches next week and I will be sure to post more photos of the updated space then.  But in the meantime my clients’ space has been freshened up just enough and in time for a little holiday party she is having tonight!  Enjoy Jen!!!

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