April 23, 2015

Resurrection and Changes

by Shelly

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I basically fell off the edge of the Earth for six months. Life got a bit crazy the end of September/beginning of October and there was a lot going on in our family life that I wasn’t able to talk about…until now.  Some good, some bad.  But let’s just talk about the good, shall we?

As of February, my husband and his business partner have sold their business to a very well-known, amazing fitness centered company in the San Luis Obispo area. So what does that mean for the Van Rozebooms? Well, we’re moving to Central California!  This is a HUGE change for all of us….new school for kiddo, moving my business, hours away from all our friends and the life we currently know. It’s going to be a shake up for sure. We’re excited to get out of the Los Angeles area however. I’ve been here all my life and never went away to school or any of that. So this…So Cal that is…is ALL I know!  My husband is from the Central Valley originally, so we’ll be closer to his parents, family and friends which will be nice.

We’ve already bought a house in the city of Pismo Beach which is very close to where the hubs will be working in San Luis Obispo.  It was important for both of us to still live near the ocean and Pismo fit the bill for us. We also found an amazing house, with really great bones and a beautiful ocean view! You cannot buy that kind of place for under a million (heck a couple million!) where we currently live, so we sort of jumped at the opportunity. The house was originally built in 1991 and hasn’t been updated since. So we are gutting it….new kitchen, new baths, flooring, skim coating walls…all that fun stuff!  Eventually I’d love to also do all new windows and a revamp of the outside, but in due time.  Here are some of the major rooms and the exterior before we started construction….








 {breakfast room}


{family room…with kitchen in background. kiddo belongs to our general contractor!}


{living room. the view across the street is gorgeous and we even have a peek a boo view of the ocean to the right}


So needless to say I will be sharing LOTS of before and afters of this house on the blog. It’s just going to be such a fab transformation. Tomorrow I’ll be back with the plans for the kitchen. It’s been a bit of a head scratcher to rework it, but I think we’ve finally come up with a good plan.


Sorry for the looonnng hiatus!!

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We got the keys over a week ago to the new dump house and that first weekend the hubs and I went straight to work on some pre-demo, demo before our contractor was to start the following Monday.  Friday-Sunday we ripped off the old wood paneling, tore up the nasty cat piss smelling carpet, padding and tack strip, removed baseboards, doors, fixtures (and anything else that could be removed really!) and proceeding to make an enormous mess!

{the family room sans 70s paneling and carpeting. at this point we had no CLUE what we were going to do with that fireplace.}

{i look seriously involved..which i guess i was! chipping old 60s tile off never felt so good!}

{the kiddo was OUT OF HER MIND bored! poor girl. but we are on a budget and a babysitter at $10 an hour was not in the cards.}

{the husband was beyond a trooper. he worked his tush off! for a guy with self proclaimed “soft hands”, he sure knows how to do some manual labor!}

Last week was a little crazy running around ordering tile, deciding on recessed lighting placement, meeting with other contractors to work on heating and air, order new windows and doors, and buy supplies for our main contractor who is doing most of the work.

I can’t wait to show you some of the weird and funny things we’ve run across so far.  Off to the house right now to meet with my kitchen cabinet builder!  Can’t wait to see the final drawings before he starts to make the cabinets in his shop! Exciting!


March 31, 2011

Pretty Ceilings

by Shelly

Ceilings are often the neglected step child of a home.  We usually just scrape off the ugly popcorn coat and throw some white paint up there.  Boring huh?  But recently designers and homeowners HAVE been stepping it up and doing interesting things like painting the ceiling in a glossy bold color or adding decorative wallpaper.

{via country living}

{todd klein via house beautiful}

Our new place is just absolutely lacking in architecture.  Designer Tim Clarke, who was responsible for the interior design of Coastal Livings’ “Ultimate Beach House” in Seabrook, Washington, stated that,“a room needs less decoration when it has interesting architecture.”  This is SO true!  Have you ever noticed how a home with great architecture and maybe a fabulous view need less going on inside to make it truly beautiful?

{Melissa from Seagrass Interiors’ home via Grace Happens}

{Melissa’s amazing ceiling in her BATHROOM! Drool.}

The living room AND family room in the new place have vaulted ceilings. While the living does have some cool beams that I think need very little, the family room has one plain ol’ beam that runs along the peak of the roof line.

{living room with beams. weird “shelf” along wall will be removed}

{amazingly UGLY family room ceiling. check out those massive recessed lights! that beam is such an eye sore as is!}

So what I would I like to do is give the room some interesting architecture to give it a sense of age and a dose of that beachy look I am going for.

{ralph lauren}

{coastal living}

{thorton designs}

The ceiling is pretty big and fairly high.  The hubs has said he can totally do it, BUT I’m not sure I want him risking his life.  I fear him falling down and breaking his neck.  I’m a worry wart these days. Sue me.  The look I want is more of a classic tongue and groove feel as in the thorton designs picture and in Melissa’s bathroom above.

One of the vendors I use regularly has a line of laminate over MDF tongue and groove boards, that looks super easy to install and at a great price!

Does anyone have any experience doing this to their ceiling OR using this particular product?  I might just take a total leap and buy it just to see how it goes.  I think some pretty architectural detail is just what that family room ceiling needs to take it out of the 70s.

BTW friends…escrow closes on the new place TODAY! Yippie! We’re begging to get the keys tonight so we can start tearing down wood paneling and ripping up the most disgusting carpet ever.  Fun fun!


House hunting is still in full effect, although we are still eyeing one particular property that needs a whole lotta love!  We’re working against a seller who is in full denial of what the home should cost, so it’s a bit of a tough situation.  Hopefully we’ll know more by the end of this week. WE WANT THAT HOUSE aka ugly duckling!

But in the meantime, I have been pouring over photos of ideas I would like to implement on the place if we get it! Currently the place is a BAD 1950s track home complete with bird houses…yes bird houses stuck to the exterior.  That may sounds sort of cute, but I promise you, it is not.  My plan would be to transform the whole place into a casual, but elegant coastal cottage with a touch of English flavor.  In my mind that would mean pea gravel walkways, brick patio area, teak furniture, lots of cabbage roses, herbs, lavender, ivy, hydrangea, and boxwood.  Something like this….

{via Coastal Living}

{via Coastal Living}

{via My Home Ideas}

{via Velvet and Linen}

and eventually I’d like to put in a pool like this….

{Ina Garten’s Hamptons home}

Come on new house!


March 2, 2011

Wrapup and new ventures

by Shelly

I’m back from a whirlwind two days at the Design Bloggers Conference that was held in Beverly Hills this week.  To say I am inspired and motivated (and EXHAUSTED) is a bit understated.  I’ve never in my life been around so many unbelievably talented people and learned so much in such a short period of time.  There were times I just could NOT believe that I was…..

1) sitting next to Joe Ruggiero the entire first day of the conference and then we had the pleasure of eating lunch together the second day.

2) met some of most fav bloggers/designers including Cristin Priest of Simplified Bee, Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home, Tobi Fairley, and Erin Olson from House of Turquoise (btw Erin I want to steal your closet!).  I also met a bunch of local designers and bloggers that I cannot wait to meet up with again soon!  You know who you are ladies! *wink wink*

3) at one point I was sitting next to Ann Maine the editor in chief of Traditional Home…NUTSO!

4) getting a sneak peak at Tobi Fairley’s new fabrics that I CANNOT wait to use in my clients homes!

5) received so many valuable tid bits and knowledge about the design industry that this new biz owner can definitely use.

I am pumped up now and I can’t wait for the next event in a few months, Blogfest in New York City!

But in other news, I had some personal craziness going on while I was sitting in the conference the first day….HOUSE OFFERS! We actually got our first one not even 24 hours after we had listed it!  Can you believe that…in this market?!  My poor hubby was a mess trying to contact me to discuss the offers, deal with the real estate peeps, and try to work.  He had to pretty much go it alone since I was hunkered down in a meeting room for two days. But here we are…IN ESCROW! Yep, we did it. Less than one week after we listed our home, we are now in escrow….and scrambling to find a new place to live.  As I told you all in my previous post, we are looking for a project so that I can not only really create a home with OUR touches, but also so I can build my portfolio.  We’re going this afternoon on a serious hunt with our agent. We’ll see!

So now I am pulling together ideas for all the things we know will have to be done in any place we buy…. a new kitchen, new baths, doors, windows, flooring, etc.  Here are some ideas I’ve been playing with for the most fun part of the upcoming project (in my eyes anyway), the kitchen!

Thick, eased edge countertops. Painted island with all white kitchen.

Furniture like details to cabinets. Rich wood floors.

Nice large farmhouse sink. Backsplash tile all the way to ceiling!

And my obsession…Walker Zanger tile backsplash! I’ve loved this for quite a few years now and have been WAITING to use this in a kitchen. Love.

Things are going to get CA-RAY-ZEE up in here very soon. Hope you’ll join me in our new adventure!