April 24, 2015

Project La Colima

by Shelly

If you missed my news from yesterday….I’m officially back from a six month break on the blog. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to continue it. But I do like sharing on here and life and work has picked up and I have so MUCH sharing to do with all of you!

Our new pad is circa 1991 and definitely filled with all things from the flannel and baggy jeans days. White carpet, oak cabinetry EVERYWHERE, recessed light boxes, a HUGE party shower (can’t wait to show you guys that one) and little decorating “niches” for your fav plastic plants. Oh so fab right?! Uh, no. Here’s what I am working with in the kitchen.

The sink is currently shoved into the corner with those two corner windows above it. Dislike. I also HATE a micro over cooktop situation. So that’s going fo sho! The fridge is also stuck in a corner and is right next to the doorway to the dining room. That could become an issue with entertaining. So again, that’s going.

What drives me even crazier about this room is the layout of the bottom cabinets! See those weird angles to the left and right? I know it makes the space a wee bit wider, but I hate it. The large tray ceiling inside a tray ceiling is pretty horrible too.  I do LOVE the breakfast area that you can see just to the right there. There is also a 3 sided fireplace that can be seen from these rooms and the family room. It’s a bit funky, but we like it.

Then there is the appliance/pantry wall and the doorway to the left that leads to the dining room.

So here’s my vision for the room….


I’m going for a modern meets classic, beach house vibe. I’ve always wanted an official “beach” house and now that we actually have a view of the ocean and you can SMELL the salt in the air from our home…well I’d say that’s beach house to me! So, needless to say this sea loving family is going to have a home chock full of ocean stuffs. I don’t apologize for my love of the ocean AT ALL! Lol!

The cabinets are going to be simple Ben Moore Super White Shaker with polished oversized nickel pulls and knobs. The hubs washes dishes every night after dinner (yes, I know I’m lucky!), so his one request was an industrial sprayer faucet.  Done! I think they look cool. We’re going to center up the sink, take out the two corner windows and add a larger single window over it. We’re also centering up the range on that wall, pulling the fridge out of the corner and placing it onto the appliance/pantry wall and just overall cleaning up the whole design.

This time around I decided to do a BEAUTIFUL hammered nickel sink from Native Trails that I’ve had my eye on for some time. It’s going to be a showstopper I think! After a lot of waffling I decided to pony up and get seapearl quartzite for the countertops. I love marble and it’s what we currently have in our existing home, but I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest to live with. I’m a perfectionist, so etching and staining have been hard to live with. I love it for bathrooms however, so we’ll still be doing marble in those rooms. But for the kitchen it had to be more durable and I think quartzite gives me the look of marble with more durability.

A few of the other details:

-weathered, gray wood flooring throughout the downstairs area.

-a glass front bar area with X design on upper cabinet doors.

-a fun tall wine storage cubby area (since God knows we love our wine!)

-shiny, white mini herringbone tile for the backsplash

-changing up the in tray ceiling a bit. Cleaning it up and adding tongue and groove in that area. We’ll also hang some sort of lighting in that space. Not quite sure what yet.

-and finally on the breakfast room side of the lower cabinets we will be changing that up and adding a counter height bar to eat at. We had that in our last house and it came in really handy when entertaining.

So that’s the scoop for one the biggest room redos of our new home! We’ve already finished demo and now framing, plumbing and electrical are all underway at the moment. I love seeing the transformation. Oh, and if you’re curious about my inspiration and plans for the new abode you can check out my Pinterest page!  And to see updates to the space you can follow Project La Colima on Insta at #vanrozeboomsmove.

Have a great weekend all!


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May 27, 2014

Backyard Dreaming

by Shelly

The weather has been absolutely lovely here in So Cal. Warm, but not too warm during the day and a nice cool breeze come evening. But the lack of a real place to hang out outside has been bothering us all. And we really, REALLY miss having a pool.

The last two homes we owned both had pools. Our first place had a 1960s classic, kidney shape pool with nothing but concrete and small flowers beds. And our ugly pool equipment was smack dab in the middle of everything. We remodeled the entire backyard eventually and it was really what we loved about that home the most.  We still talk about how much we miss that backyard. Below is a little sneak peek of the changes we did to that yard. We didn’t use a landscape designer, my husband and I designed out the whole thing ourselves.


Our last place, had an amazing backyard, but to be honest…it wasn’t quite us. A bit too formal and the layout didn’t really work. The covered patio area was far enough from the main house that it was a pain to entertain. And the previous owners who had remodeled the backyard had put an outdoor fireplace in the WORST area! It was next to the outdoor kitchen, but there was no room to put chairs by  it because it would block the bbq area. Poor design!


Our current home was a DISASTER…which you may already know if you have been reading the blog for a while now. There was not one inch that was good. Not the interior of the home, not the exterior, not the front yard, and not the backyard. NOT. ONE. INCH.  We still would like to redo the entire exterior of our home and possibly add onto it a bit, but our first priority has been getting the backyard a bit more visually appealing. Seriously, it was a WRECK when we moved in.

What did I tell ya? Yuck.

Umm…the patio, I guess.

The side of the house looking into the backyard. Hey, at least there were nice fruit trees!

Little by little we have made some changes. We removed the ugly DIY awnings over the windows that the previous owners had made.  They blocked out a ton of natural sunlight into the bedrooms and made them dark and sad. So those termite infested things came off quickly! We also demolished the somewhat “paved” patio area with the metal pergola which was missing it’s cover and the chainlink dog run fence.

Last year after a bit of coaxing, the husband finally agreed to have our lawn resodded. And when I saw lawn, what I really mean is green weeds and crabgrass that from afar APPEAR to be a lawn. It was not grass really. So, we had our gardener put in sprinklers, flower beds, new sod and a row of privots to create a hedge wall for privacy. My inspirations are very East coast classic, Hamptons feeling.

With this home I want a formal meets cottage garden design.  Just enough boxwood for symmetry, but enough pea gravel, white roses, hydrangea, and jasmine to feel cottage.  Although we’ve put in sprinklers, sod and all that, we do plan on putting in a pool and hot tub sometime in the next year or so. We plan to keep the beds we’ve already created and just move the sod and sprinklers to the front of our home when the time comes. I’m crossing my fingers that this all happens by next summer. Eek!

For now the pups are enjoying the backyard the most, chasing squirrels and birds and rolling around in the grass. The humans enjoy it mostly for it’s slip and slide capabilities!

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August 16, 2012

New England bath reno

by Shelly

It’s been a bit quiet here due to the kiddo having a few weeks off before she started Kindergarten this month.  Nothing like trying to work AND juggling entertaining a 5 year old! Yikes!  I was almost out of my head there for a while.  But Ellie started school last week and I’m happy to report she LOVES school.  She thinks it’s much better than preschool because, “they let you walk all by yourself, way down the hall to the bathroom Mommy!”.  Hilarious. If that’s what it takes for her to like school, I’ll take it!

She was very excited about the skirt SHE picked out at Old Navy to wear on the first day of school! Such a ham! (And yes, she’s double jointed!)

In other news I’ve been helping one of favorite repeat clients on the east coast with a little master bathroom and bedroom renovation.  This client is quite the adventurer in decorating and I love her enthusiasm to try new things!  She begged me not to show pics, but I have to give you guys one to know what we started with.  *Jessie it wouldn’t be a good reno without a really yucky before!!*

Here is what we started with……

A bathroom in a very old classic house.  Hasn’t been loved in years and was totally and completely ready for a CHANGE!!!

And here are the almost finished with the renovation pics. Please excuse the low quality pics, but my client was nice enough to send me progress pictures along the way. I’ve been DYING to see it in person!

Custom vanity with rubbed black finish. Marble countertop. Antique brass fixtures, lighting and medicine cabinets. White subway tile with black pencil liner detailing.  LOVE IT!!! …if I do say so myself. hee hee!

The walls still need to be painted…but OH those lights! Pretty pretty!

Large brick marble floor and love that the black detail extends down to the floor.

AND then there is this…..

A modern marble basketweave tile for the shower floor with black edging. I might have to take a flight out just to raid my clients bath and take a shower! haha!

I’ll be sure to share the final pictures once we wrap up the project.  I’m now designing away on their modern meets traditional New England master bedroom remodel. Stay tuned!!!


August 4, 2011

Boats on the brain

by Shelly

Apparently I am need of a day out at sea!  I have sailboats and anything nautical on the brain this week. The weather HAS been quite glorious lately and my mind is in desperate need of some fresh air and sunshine.  Today I took a few hours to scurry around the house, put upa few more pieces of art and arrange some accessories in much needed areas of the house.  A few of the items I’ve been moving around to different rooms trying to figure out where they would be best placed, are the two model sailboats we own. I’m considering investing in a small collection of them for our living room mantle. We shall see!  Here are some rooms that inspired me today.

{andrea crawford via house and home}

{country living}

{phoebe howard}


{velvet and linen}

{phoebe howard}

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May 20, 2011


by Shelly

We have exactly ONE WEEK until we are to move into our new home!  It’s been CRAZY….running around trying to manage our house remodel, packing and attempting to purge ourselves of the stuff we’ve accumulated while living in this big ol’ house, selling all the old baby equipment and toys, handling three new client projects (YAHOO!), and the best part…taking time out of all this to attend Blogfest 2011!

Here are some highlights of the week taken from my ever so humble iPhone.  I know…not exactly the best camera to use, but I forgot the nice Canon, so I had to use what I had!

Lunch at the House Beautiful offices.

The beautiful backyard of the Kips Bay Showhouse done by Greener by Design

I’m uber-obsessed right now with pea gravel and small stones in the garden, rather than hardscaped surfaces. Feels much more organic!

Probably one of my favorite rooms at Kips Bay.  This “stereo lounge” was designed by Brad Ford and features a wood slab turntable/coffee table.  Such a cool space! Here is a better pic of the room.

Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa preview and picnic lunch at the Lee Jofa showroom.

Such fun, happy color and pattern!  I can’t wait to use some of these lovely fabrics on upcoming projects.

Barbara Barry showing us her new Indochine fabric line for Kravet!

Horrific picture, but it doesn’t matter!  Me with one of my ultimate design idols…Suzanne Kasler. I about flipped when I walked into this party and saw her there. LOVE!

Suzanne’s gorgeous, feminine room designed with the line of fabrics she reinterpretted for Kravet.

Design legend David Easton in the room he designed.

Meeting ANOTHER design biggie…Thomas O’Brien!

And one of the best events of the week….hearing Architectural Digest editor in chief, Margaret Russell speak. You’ve never heard a room full of design bloggers so quiet in all your life!

It was an amazing trip from start to finish, but boy was it tiring!  I’m glad to be home and back in the saddle of all my ongoing projects.  Today the kitchen and guest bath marble is being installed.  I will share pictures this weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!