June 30, 2010

Summertime and the livin’s easy!

by Shelly

I’ve been rather MIA lately I know! The little girl and I fought quite a nasty cold for THREE WEEKS in June that really knocked us both out for a while. I haven’t had a cold like that in ages. No fun. Then as soon as I got better we went out of town for a little whitewater river rafting and RV’ing with some dear friends and old neighbors of ours. The last two weeks the almost 3 year old and I have been staying quite busy doing….

Mother’s Beach-Belmont Shore

and this.
Disneyland with one of Ellie’s bestest friends Sierra!

lots of this…
Ice Cream…cause mommy likes it a lot too.

this for a while…
Baby Ballet


and I did this.
Dinner at Taco Surf Sunset Beach with some old friends!

Summer has started off pretty darn good! My ultimate favorite holiday is this weekend…4th of July…and the week before and after are always jammed pack full of fun events and outings. It’s also my birthday (the 6th) as well as my little ones’. Yes, we have the same birthday! We’re having a big bash to celebrate America’s birthday and here is a sneak of what it will look and taste like!
clockwise from top right corner: 1)candles in mason jars  2)sparklers for the kiddos 3)bbq chicken 4)watermelon feta arugala salad-Ina Garten  5)white hydrangeas 6)plaid pendleton blankets to watch fireworks on  7)flag cake-more Ina!  8)nautical napkins, cups and plates from Ikea  9)lemonade in drink dispensers from Pottery Barn  10)Red White and Blue Potato salad-Cooking Light  11)lots of flag swags around the house

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