August 28, 2010

Garden shop heaven!

by Shelly

Last weekend we went on a little family trip to Roger’s Gardens down in Newport Beach.  I’m pretty into gardening these days and I’ve been told by more than a few people, “Oh my gosh, YOU haven’t been there yet?”.  No, I hadn’t…until last week! I’m glad we finally went!

Seriously, I was not expecting shopping for plants to be a fun experience for the whole family.  But this place is GORGEOUS beyond belief. You could probably throw a wedding in this place it is THAT pretty. Here are some pics from our little trip…

Beautiful hanging baskets.
How pretty would these glass balls look in the garden OR in a bowl on your cocktail table?
Quite possibly my very favorite part of the whole store…hydrangeas in deep blue!
Showing the flowers to my budding mini gardener.
Absolutely stunning for your front door.
This tree was just stunning in person with all the brightly colored baskets hanging from it! A dinner party underneath would be so fun!
The Anglophile in me just can’t get enough of fresh, green topiaries and lots of ivy.
On closer inspection I realized these lovely bouquets are FAKE! See, there are SOME realistic looking silk flowers. But they’re hard to find and usually quite pricey…as they proved to be!
The kiddo really wanted to bring this cool owl home with her. I can’t blame her..too cute!

Pretty succulents in terracotta containers.
And at last, the English rose that will end up in our garden very soon! An Abraham Darby rose…so English sounding.

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