December 29, 2010

a few goals for 2011

by Shelly

{via Mary Ruffle}

The past few months I started tweeting…a lot.  I use to be TOTALLY against the whole Twitter thing.  Didn’t want anything to do with it. I thought it was all pretty silly actually.  Until….I got sucked in.  Now, I love it!  I’ve met new peeps, stumbled onto new blogs, and learned about (and signed up for) exciting events.
Earlier today I was totally inspired by Erin Loechner over at Design for Mankind. She’s a funny, talented writer and after reading her list of 2011 goals I decided, “Hey that is an incredibly cool idea!”. So here is my list. What do you think?

My 2011 Goals!!!

1. Get out of that bathrobe! No excuse is acceptable anymore. If it’s past 10am I MUST change into clothes. It doesn’t matter that I work from home. Gross.

2.  Drink more water. And no wine does not count because it has some amount of water in it.

3. If I put on my gym clothes work out! Or take the dog for a walk. This whole not working out thing is becoming a habit now. And I use to really, really like to exercise. What happened?

4. Have more dinner parties. Just one or two couples. Not every entertaining venture we do has to include 20+ people.

5. Learn to sew. The machine is just sitting there waiting to be used.

6. Surf more. Again, enough with the excuses.

7. Get that portfolio together!  Take more pictures of the work I do and start showing it off!

8. Have lunch or grab coffee with a friend once a month. Catch up in person more.

9. Paint those fingernails… They look prettier and who cares if they chip quick.

10. Turn off the tv and do something else. Read, sew, craft, play a game with the fam.

11. Finish all those little projects I’ve been putting off. Remember the french chair, the window seat cushions, the black gallery frames that need to be hung, refinishing the secretary desk…oh and the tile that needs to be finished in the bathroom that I remodeled a year and a half ago?

12. Keep up with the meal plans and grocery lists.  Last minute meals always stress me out. Remember that.

13.  Hang out with mom more. I like her, remember? And she thinks I only like her because she watches our three year old for us.

14. I don’t REALLY need to drink red wine every night. Have a dry night once in a while!

15. Get off the computer and go do something…anything.

16. Wear jeans less often. A skirt with boots maybe, a pair of cute trousers…. You can do it So Cal girl!

17. Plan more weekend adventures with the family.  Go explore.

18. Creative dates with the hubby. Less dinners and more fun stuff.

I think I have more goals floating around in my head. So there may be a part two.

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Marianne - Style For Living December 31, 2010 at 7:38 pm

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the happiness in 2011!


Shelly January 3, 2011 at 6:59 am

You too Marianne! Thanks so much.


Wendi Solari January 7, 2011 at 6:05 pm

I love this Ghandi graphic. Happy, healthy, fun, amazing, successful, vacation-having New Year to you! :)


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