January 5, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions

by Shelly

Here I am many, many months after my last posting in AUGUST! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue writing my blog, so I took a bit of a hiatus. Well, I’m back and I’ve decided to not pressure myself on trying to write something every single day, but instead write when I really have something fun to talk about.

The holidays were wonderful and I probably overdid it a bit with the festivities Christmas Eve, day and that night. I’ll have to share my recipes from the whole event. But that’s later.

So now that we are officially in the swing of 2009 I have decided to tackle a few resolutions. Here they are:

1. Plan out a weekly dinner plan—thus saving myself from last minute stress trying to figure out what to make and also saving us money by not having to order take-out from my lack of preparation.

2. No drinking alcohol Monday-Thursday. —Ok, so originally Reed and I had said no WEEKDAY drinking, which should probably include Friday. However, we are pretty much both wine addicts and even going 4 days without our fix is going to be hard. We are doing this to not only save money, but to also cut out those calories and hopefully shedding some lbs!

3. Get out of the house at least once a day!—This might sound strange, but since I became a mommy, I find myself getting stuck in a rut and finding excuses to stay inside all day and never leave. Yes, this even includes just going in the backyard and letting Ellie play outside. I know, BAD! I don’t know where this came from, but I need to knock it off. It’s not good for me or Ellie.

4. Pick up a lost hobby.—Again, I’ve become a bit boring. I need to start drawing again, reading books, gardening, etc. I use to do a lot of things, but my hobbies now seem to always be keeping the house clean, doing laundry and cooking. That’s not always fun…yes I find those things sort of fun..I’m odd that way. It’s time to pick up some other things that make help me relax.

So there they are. My 2009 resolutions. We shall see if I can really execute them throughout the year!

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Jennifer Lee January 12, 2009 at 4:41 am

i love your resolutions, they fall very close in line with mine, especially your “pick up a new lost hobby”. keep us in the loop with how you hold up on your resolutions – happy new year!


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