June 25, 2012

Life in Pictures

by Shelly

The one thing I have struggled with since day one of this whole blogging thing has been how much time to actually spend blogging and on social media versus just LIVING MY LIFE.  My husband and I are both self proclaimed computer dorks. Yeck, we met on Match.com in 2002….well before lots of other folks were doing the same thing.  But we value our time unplugged and when we get to spend family time together.  It sometimes ruins the moment when you whip out your iPhone and start tweeting or taking Instagram photos of everything that is going on instead of just ENJOYING those around you and giving them your FULL attention.  Ok, off my soap box now.

*side note* I’ve had actually been dating online with Love @aol…anyone remember that?…since about 1999. Creepy and weird?  maybe. I thought it was a better idea than meeting guys in bars and clubs however.

In anycase, work has been busy!!! HURRAY!! Which is great because, as my husband put it last night, I’m actually designing for a living and not just dabbling in design.  He’s right. That is probably the best description on how I began my whole business venture.  But hopefully very, very soon friends I will have lots of photos to show you of the work I’ve been doing.  The next month or so I should have a fabulous nautical inspired bathroom in Massachusetts to show you, an eclectic home with modern touches and Western cowboy inspiration, the home of a creative young family with modern flair and cottage coziness and my home….. coastal inspired with a love for the English.  My creative bone has been bending and twisting all over the place to design spaces that reflect my clients personalities and tastes.  It’s been so fun!

Ok enough babbling….  In any effort to share with you what I’ve been up to, here are my iPhone photos from the last month or so. I promise to be back with real post in a day or two.

This is what happens when you get six moms together….without husbands and kids…on a 2 hour duffy boat tour.  Lots, I mean LOTS of wine and a bunch of food.  Not kidding, there were six of us and we had six bottles of wine.  IN TWO HOURS.  Thank God for a boat driver and a designated driver home!

My mini me graduated from preschool. Since she’ll be starting Kindergarten at a year round school that means she basically has a month and a half off before she starts back up again.  Momma is sad.  Her baby is now officially a kid. :(

A semi impromptu trip the Scottsdale gave us some good family time and needed relaxation.


These beauties.

Italian Rococo revial mirror from the 1800s. She’s gorgeous!  But alas too big for our house. And to be quite honest, this beauty belongs with in a room with high ceilings and clean lined furniture. A bit of a juxtaposition would look great.

This table base was sprayed gold at some point.  I plan to take off the gold and expose the beautiful walnut underneath. There is the most gorgeous black veined marble top that you do not see here because it was wrapped in a million blankets and cardboard.

A Venetian glass mirror also from the 1800s. Pity though…the glass frame is missing. So that is my project, to find an antiques restorer to fix this.  I see this in a lovely feminine bathroom, a girls bedroom or a ladies sitting area off a bedroom. *I just noticed my daughters’ head peeking off to the side there. She loved this and wanted it for her bedroom.*

No, she’s not dead.  While in Scottsdale we did a lot of night swimming and the first night Ellie finally figured out how to float.  Completely and utterly by surprise!  So of course she decided to float for a good 15-20 minutes which scared a few folks who walked by. She did look a bit deceased since you couldn’t see her face very clearly. “Floating folks…she’s just floating”…is what we kept telling people.

Yes. It was THAT hot.

Our living room sofa got a makeover.  Blue velvet, antique brass nailheads and walnut castered legs. The ming coffee table is ordered and should be here in a few more weeks.  And I’m considering this pretty as side tables, with these-way over my budget, husband will probably definitely kill me if he finds out how much I spent- pricetag.  I’ll also still need a rug, the fireplace remodeled with a new mantel and a few other things…. Ugh, ALMOST there!

Deciding on color/fabric direction is usually the toughest part.  But from there it gets so much easier, as the fabrics usually have a way of telling me where they should go in a room. Then from those first few fabrics chosen, I can easily build on and design the other rooms.

But I guess if things get slow at work I can send Ellie out to do her song and tap show and bring in the cash. hahaha! That kid cracks me up!

I’ll be back with a more meaningful post.


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Jasmin July 2, 2012 at 2:39 am

I can see you had a great time with your family Shelly, and those lovely furniture you’ve featured are all interesting especially the 1800s Venetian glass mirror. How i love antique’s.


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