September 2, 2010

there goes my baby

by Shelly

Ellie with her sassy new page boy hair cut/bob and her pink polka dot backpack!
Who knew that this stay at home mom for the last three years, would have such a hard time sending the little one off to preschool two days a week.  Ellie started preschool today. She is going to have a BLAST….that is for sure! And I will finally get two days a week to work, get things done, maybe have lunch solo..or get a mani/pedi!! Ok, now I’m giddy. 
Sending the little one off…this was before I finally teared up.
Now friends, it’s not like I NEVER did any of those things before. It’s just that I use to have to hire a sitter or ask my mom to watch her while I did any of those things.  Now it’s different. She’ll be learning, meeting new friends…etc. etc.
On another note…we are also leaving this afternoon for a little getaway this Labor Day weekend. The tot is going to Far-Mor and Far-Far’s house (that’s Grandma and Grandpa is Swedish). And we…ahhh..we are going to the Central California coast, Morro Bay to be exact to spend the weekend at the in-laws beach pad. Wine tasting in Paso Robles, surfing in Morro Bay, long hikes with our black lab, lazy breakfasts at a cute little cafe we like to go to… Sounds like just what we need right now! 
Hope you all have something fun planned to celebrate this holiday weekend or at the very least, have a great time relaxing and doing nothing! That sounds pretty darn good too. I’ll be sharing highlights from our trip with you very soon.

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