August 9, 2010

Yuck City…aka My Office

by Shelly

We’ve now been in our home exactly one year and Lord knows we still have a TON of projects around this place.  But since we decided to buy a much bigger home (with a much bigger $ tag)…AND with the economy still creeping along, but not necessarily getting that much better…well we just have had to pace ourselves.  But seriously, my office….  IS DISGUSTING! What, you don’t believe me? Here you go..
Yes, that is a METAL cafe chair I am using as a desk chair. My back hates me!  The desk is a hand me down from my husbands’ office that wasn’t needed. For the most part…Ikea desks…not a fan. AT ALL. The A and the M metal letters on the wall are what’s left of the DREAM that was on the wall. Piles of magazines, my kids’ drawing board…yeah I need to clean it up!
The other side of the room (as if that’s any better).  The computer armoire has now been sold…thank God! After exactly ONE YEAR trying to get rid of the thing on Craigslist, I finally sold it last weekend.  A few more bucks in my pocket= more $$ to spend on the office redo! 
Ah yes, then there’s the closet. Lovely eh?  I do love my redone turquoise file cabinet.  This was another leftover from the hubby’s office.  It was metal, boring, and in need of a serious dose of PEP!  I never showed the “after” on that project.  Well, here it is!  
So, now that I’ve completed embarrassed myself and showed you my dirty little secret, I need your input, help, thoughts… so that I can finally, once and for all finish my office!
Here are some rooms that I am inspired by….
Celerie Kembles’ home office
via Domino??
Here is what I’m thinking about doing to the room…


or maybe…
I’ve got some other ideas floating around my head, but these are my two more solid ideas.  Now off to nurse a three year old with a bad ear infection. Hope your Monday is going a bit better than mine is!

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Jennifer August 30, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Ohhh I am doing my office too LOVE that first photo thanks for the inspiration :) And you won the print so I hope it works in your new office!


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