January 19, 2011

Exciting year ahead I think….

by Shelly

Man, I am going to crawl out of my skin with all the excitement that has been going on with me lately.  First, I am FINALLY having my Van Rozeboom Interiors website designed and built out by my lovely, talented hubby.  Thank God I have a computer geek for a husband eh!?  Second, I am starting work on my first retail space for a really fun stationery store and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  This will be a total growing experience as a designer and I just LOVE a challenge!  And finally, I have signed up for not one, but two design blog conventions this year!

At the end of February I will be attending the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles, that is sure to be an exciting event!  Tons of great interior design bloggers will be speaking at the event and I can’t wait to learn some tricks from some masters of blogging.

Then in May….totally last minute yesterday and with a lot of begging to my husband…I signed up for Blogfest 2011 in New York City!  This is BIG for me…I have a  difficult time in New York.  I’ve been twice, once for work and once for a wedding.  And both times I felt totally like the little country girl in the big city. Yeah, yeah I’m from Los Angeles for God’s sake.  This really shouldn’t be a big deal.  But if you’ve been to both cities you know….there IS a difference.  I’m a beach girl. Casual. Laid back. Enough said.

But I honestly couldn’t resist when I saw some of the speakers!  It’s like going to the Academy Awards for designers!  Seriously…Newell Turner, Barbara Barry, Margaret Russell and many more.  I’m dying.  So now I just have to figure out who the heck is going to take care of our three year old while I’m in NYC and we’ll be set!

Soooo, are you to any blogging conventions this year?  Which ones?  I’m really hoping to not only meet colleagues, but possibly fun, new friends this year!

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valerie January 20, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Hi shelly, good for you on going for it with the website and the conferences! And…a stationary store….if it is local, I want to visit…so please let me know….


Shelly January 20, 2011 at 8:31 pm

Hi Valerie! Thanks! And yes, the stationary store is local…La Verne actually. They have the cutest things so definitely check the store out!


Shelly January 21, 2011 at 5:08 pm

The store is in old town La Verne! Definitely worth a daytrip to visit.


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