October 28, 2013

Halloween Costumes: Our looks through the years

by Shelly

Halloween has long been my second favorite holiday of the season. 4th of July is my #1!  The first couple years after we were married, we threw pretty large adult only Halloween parties that I went way out for. Tons of decorations, large amounts of food (that I made myself), fabulous themed drinks, and pretty well thought out costumes.  Our last big party was in 2008 and I sure have been missing those fun events!  After going through old photos, I decided that it would be fun to share our silly costumes with you all in case you were looking for last minute ideas for yourself. Although I’m sure most people went to parties last weekend. In any case, here they are!

{reed 2005}

Oh boy, this one goes way back!  Our very first Halloween party at our tiny first home.  This was the best one!  Reed and his friend Mike decided to be robots.  It was awesome!  This is Reed…He basically just taped together cardboard boxes and spray painted them silver. To add to the look of metal, he drew in rivets with Sharpie marker.  The robot was much taller than he was, so he used the front of an old radio for the chest piece and that is where his head was.  He could flip the stereo piece up if he wanted to chat or eat and drink. Notice the “alcohol powered” above where his face is?  Oh, life before kids.  The very top of the robot he took wire hangers, bent them and covered them with aluminum foil and then hooked them up to small battery operated wheels that made the antenna spin! So awesome! The arms are ducting that he got at Home Depot and he used work gloves for his hands. He finished it off with silver pants he found at the thrift store and old boots he sprayed silver. Loved this costume and so did the kids when he answered the door on Halloween!

{us 2006}

This is probably my favorite costume I’ve worn.  I was Marie Antoinette…in her underwear of course! And Reed was the original Willy Wonka.  Both costumes were pretty easy!  Mine..I found the corset, bloomers and blousy undershirt on a Renaissance fair clothing site. You can’t see the shoes, but they were very French looking and I found them at good ol’ Marshalls for $10!  I added long pearls, a French fan I bought on Ebay, a FABULOUS wig I got online and a huge feather and flower that I pinned into the wig. SO fun!

Reed found the shirt and jacket on Ebay. He wore a pair of his own pants and shoes and the tie he bought at the local costume shop for $5.  He added a silly curly wig and a top hat from the local party supply store.  The best were the golden tickets and candy bars he made!  That was the most time consuming part of the costume!  He photoshopped out wrappers and the tickets and made about 20 of them that he handed out at the party. OH..almost forgot…you can’t see it in this pic, but he found an awesome cane with a big diamond on top from a PIMP STORE online! Yes…you read that right.. a pimp store! hahahaha!!!

{us 2007}

If you think I look busty in this picture you are right! Yikes!  I had just given birth to our daughter about three months prior and this is what breast feeding did to me. We dressed up like a German couple because our best German friends were in the US visiting and we hadn’t seen them since they had moved a few months earlier. We thought they would get a laugh. Both our outfits were found online. These were dialed in…no creativity here, but our friends thought it was funny and my husband really liked my costume. *wink wink*

{us 2008}

Oh Lord, this picture scares me everytime I see it! My husband with eyeliner and me…well…looking like a total hussy.  The hubs is Bret Michaels from Poison fame and I’m a Rock of Love contestant. If you never saw the show, this may not be that funny to you.  But if you have…well you get the joke!  Again, easy costumes.  His outfit consisted of too tight jeans, cowboy boots found at a thrift store, bandana he already owned, cowboy hat and a $10 tee he found online. The eyeliner? Yeah, that was mine.

I found the dress at some cheapo clothing store at the mall. Shiny, tight, too short…yuck. The fabulous wig wasn’t a total cheapy. I got it from a reputable wig shop online.  It’s actually kind of…uhh..nice. If you wear wigs that is. I have about 10 lbs of makeup on and the BIGGEST silicone boob enhancers in my dress. Bummer, but you can’t seem my other arm which had a bunch of stupid fake tattoos. I also added a tattoo around my ankle and have on THE highest heels I have ever worn. Reed went above and beyond and made me a Rock of Love backstage pass that Bret used in the show much like a rose is used on the Bachelor. Hilarious!

So there you have it! Our funny Halloween costumes throughout the years.  I might share some fun ones of Ellie this week as well….because..well I love Halloween!

Have a great week everyone.

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