September 30, 2009

Fairies, princesses, and other girly things….

by Shelly

Back when I was pregnant with our little one, right off the bat I had decided that even though I was having a girl she was NOT going to be one of those diva, princess, ultra girly girls that seem to be running around everywhere these days. The amount of stickers, clothing, dolls, whatever….that are geared for making your little think she is a princess and what not make me SICK!!! The whole thing just seems to breed spoiled little brats who think they are special, but not in a good way. Instead, I wanted our sweetie to be athletic and smart and more “surfer girl” than diva. Well, it all failed….she loves..I mean really, really LOVES fairies, pixies, princesses, dresses, lace, glitter, shoes, makeup, all of it!

I will admit it’s pretty cute. She has the best time playing around in mommy’s closet trying on my hats, putting on shoes and walking around with one of my huge handbags over her arm. It’s adorable really.

So here we are, weeks away from my fav holiday Halloween and of course this year I am asking Ellie what she would like to be. I figure she’s old enough to tell me what she likes and doesn’t right? The first thing she through at me was “Minnie Mouse!” and that was a great my humble opinion. LOL! But then…then we watch the Tinkerbell movie last week on cable. Opps! Forget about it…it’s all about fairies, pixies, anything with wings and fabulous tutu! Darn it!!!! She wants everything and anything related to that idea. So now I’m stuck with dressing her up like all the other little girls running around. Disappointed.

But now that I have a clear idea of what Ellie is longing for I have gone on a mad hunt for a cute..possibly unique Tinkerbell costume for her. I haven’t really found anything yet, but I ran across these and they are too stinkin’ cute I must say. Maybe next year she’ll be something goofy or scary with her mommy!

Etsy Seller: Fairy Wonderful
Etsy Seller: lovelylittleones
Etsy Seller: boutiqueolliegirl

Here are some cute photos of Ellie from last year…

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Suzie October 28, 2009 at 8:58 pm

How adorable. She's a big girl now! I love the fairy costumes you posted too. Awww!


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