October 20, 2010


by Shelly

It was so exciting to see new faces on my blog! Thank you to all that entered and subscribed as well. Megan, to answer your question about “subscribing”, you can either set up a Google Reader account and add all the blogs you read so that everyday you just go on there and it will show all the new posts. Or you can go right on the Home page of my blog and under “Where I’m At” there is a little subscribe to feed button next to the Facebook one. Hope that helps!

And dum, dum, dum…the winner of the $50 dollars to Pottery Barn is in fact non other than my lovely, wonderfully talented hairdresser MEGAN who has the cutest little side business Pumpkin Seed!!!  You must go check out her cute baby things…and her two adorable little models..um I mean girls!

Congrats Megan!

And thank you to everyone for entering.  There WILL be more giveaways in the upcoming future, so please come visit often!

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