February 11, 2011

Napa Valley getaway

by Shelly

Two weekends ago the hubby, little one, and I took a trip up to Napa to spend some time with dear friends of ours.  I had been to the area before, but only to visit Napa’s rivals over in the Sonoma wine country.  Wine is wine to me.  And California wine is pretty darn good whether it’s from San Ynez, Paso Robles, Sonoma, or Napa in my book.  But what I was dying to check out were the quaint shops and amazing places to eat that are in the Napa area!  Since we were trying to keep the trip on a budget AND we would be toting along our three year old, we knew that one night of fine dining was all we really could fit in.  But that was just fine with me!  I’ll take what I can get friends!

So when our Napa friends suggested a few new eateries that we could all go out to one night, I absolutely JUMPED when Tyler Florence’s new restaurant, Rotisserie and Wine was mentioned.  I’m a HUGE fan of his style of cooking and have made some amazing meals in the past from his recipes.

So, the first night we were in town our friends lined up a sitter for all our kiddos and off we went to stuff ourselves silly!  The restaurants’ ambiance absolutely floored me the moment we walked in.

{via SF gate}

{gorgeous chandeliers with wine barrel “shades” at the entrance of the restaurant}

{more gorgeous lighting-wine bottles, over my gorgeous friend Carrie}

The cabinetry was all done by Christopher Peacock.  Tyler and Christopher hit it off after meeting on the Oprah Winfrey show.  Seriously UNbelievable let me tell you.  Just beautiful.  I give my left arm for a Christopher Peacock kitchen. Humm, but then cooking might become a bit difficult. Ok, maybe my left leg….but then my jeans would fit funny.

I know, I know…not the best picture.  But this is what you get taking a picture from an iPhone, sitting down at your table from a girl who got up at 4am that morning and drove 7 hours.  What I’m showing you here is the lovely waiting area.  Look at that floor to ceiling subway tile, the settee and chairs covered in linen grain sack cloth, the AWESOME wicker fish trap cocktail table….LOVE IT ALL!  It really was much lovelier in person. Promise.

And then,

there was



{the best devilish sort of eggs I’ve ever had}

{rack of lamb on pureed yams}

After reading Yelp reviews about how yuck the yams were I of course had to try it.  And yes, Tyler..they are a bit TOO sweet and TOO pureed.  My kiddo would have liked it though.

{beef and bones plate and the roast chicken with salsa verde on top}

YUMMO-LICIOUS chicken! And the beef plate was good.  Although I SWORE I was not going to touch the marrow.  I’m a foodie for sure, but THIS was a bit too out of my comfort zone.  Amazing what a little wine and persuasive friends will do to ya though!

Yes, it’s probably just like you imagine it would taste.  Great beefy flavor, rich..but the texture. Whoa.  I’m a texture person…and this, well it was jiggly.  I know I sound six years old right now, but it was.  And it gushed in your mouth.  Again, thank you wine!  I had to try it though because Anthony Bourdain is always going on and on about how good this is.  Umm, whatever pal!  I’ll stick to a good ol’ steak next time!

The restaurant was a wonderful experience all in all and I will definitely go back if we ever make it back up to Napa.  But in the meantime I am uber inspired by the interior of the place and would LOVE to design a dining room with Rotisserie and Wine in mind.

Ballard Design French Grain Sack Pillow-for side chairs,  Roost Recycled Dining Table,  Wisteria Simple Iron Chair-as side chairs,  Pottery Barn Torrey Dining Chair-as head chairs,  Daltile White Subway tile,  Restoration Hardware Salvaged Wood Cabinet,  Williams Sonoma Everyday Dinnerware,  Pottery Barn Maxwell Flatware,  Yava Recycled Drinking Glasses

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Kasey February 12, 2011 at 8:18 pm

Great pictures Shelly! I live in Sonoma Valley 5 miles from
Healdsburg which is a fabulous village, more country,
But high end with a fabulous Shabby Chic store you would go nuts over
Your Dad & I stay on touch… Just wanted you to know I
Think you’ve got a great thing going just keep with it!!
Also praying for you on getting ph! Hugs kasey XO


sally February 12, 2011 at 10:58 pm

Love this post! But now I’m hungry… and thirsty for wine. lol

You might like this entry from another blog I follow. When I saw the photo you took of the seating area at the restaurant I thought you might enjoy seeing her coffee table makeover too. :-)



Shelly February 14, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Thanks Sally! I had run across that blog a while ago and lost it. So thanks for pointing it to me. I totally want that table for our living room now!


Carrie February 16, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Hey look at me! I’m on your blog!! How exciting :-)

So glad you were here and that you had fun. Can’t wait for you to come back –


Marianne - Style For Living February 22, 2011 at 11:05 pm

This place is looks amazing! It’s going on my list for my next trip to Napa. Thanks for sharing!


Virtuagirl March 29, 2011 at 11:16 pm

Thanks for this post, it is great


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