April 26, 2010

Weekend wrap up…

by Shelly

Daddy went out of town this past weekend, so the little one and I got to spend some fun time together.

Ellie got her first manicure and pedicure! Seriously funny! I loved watching the poor girl doing her nails try to repaint her smudged fingers every 5 minutes or so. I actually told them NOT to paint her fingers because I saw that it was not going to work. She didn’t hear me..so what are you going to do?
I was sitting across from her getting my mani/pedi and yelling “Ellie, robot hands sweetie…don’t bend your fingers!”. It sort of worked, but I spent the evening trying to scrape off pink polish from her clothes.
Then I treated my little girl to her very first In n’ Out cheeseburger. She ate a bit of the burger, but her heart was set on the french fries and lemonade. 
The next day my mom joined us for an early morning trip to the Santa Monica Flea Market (I’ll post my finds tomorrow!) and to the Long Beach Farmer’s Market after. How pretty are all those berries!
Lots of beautiful, colorful veggies..we bought a TON!
A woman was buying all of those flowers piled on the table when I was browsing the booth! 
The orchid man is always a huge hit with the locals.
Hope you had a fantastic weekend and your Monday has been painless!

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