November 23, 2010

french themed christmas party

by Shelly

We’re throwing a party!

One of my good friends Laura and I have teamed up this year to throw a big Christmas party together.  I’m really excited since my buddy is an EXTREMELY, great cook and entertainer herself.  I don’t throw that compliment around lightly!   Don’t get me wrong, I love parties…any party…even the so-so ones.  But when someone really knows how to cook and entertain, well they get a serious hats off in my book!

Laura previously threw this Christmas party by herself each year at their place.  But since they don’t have a ton of room and two little boys running around, well we decided my place would fit the bill for a new venue.  I’m THRILLED to be throwing the shindig at our place!  Last year I was honestly all bummed out that we didn’t have a party or really have anyone over since I had really gone all out and decorated the house.  So YIPPIE….this year someone other than the immediate fam will see the work I put in over here!

The theme of the party is going to be French!  FUN!  Not the easiest theme at all, but definitely fit for a fabulous event. I’m thinking if we stick to more French Provincial type dishes that we’ll get more bang for our buck and the cooking won’t be too difficult.  After all, we’re inviting around 30 people to this soiree so it can’t be too time consuming or hard to do!

And of course, I want to look as chic as a French woman at my own party. Hopefully something just like the French actress Marion Cotillard. {umm yeah, i wish!}

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Sue Barnes November 24, 2010 at 5:53 am

Wow, this sounds like a really great party but then you love these types of affairs.


Kate December 1, 2010 at 8:03 pm

Dying to see the photos, and hear all of the details! Sounds like a fab affair.


Shelly December 1, 2010 at 11:50 pm

I’m obsessing over this party for sure! My friend and I both love to cook, so I think we’ll knock that part out of the park! (at least I hope so) I will DEF. be taking lots of pics (hopefully I won’t drink too much wine).


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