March 5, 2010

Love, love, love

by Shelly

I know that Valentine’s Day has come and gone and that we are well into March, but I’m still super proud of myself for the mushy gift I got my hubby.  We’ve been married just over five years and it was carefree until the yuck that was 2009.  Sometimes I think saying “I love you” gets redundant. I was dead set to find something for my other half that would scream….I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I STILL THINK YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!

We had plans to go out of town President’s Day weekend, which was also Valentine’s weekend as well. We went an hour outside my husbands’ hometown of Fresno to a small little ski resort with some local friends. We all brought our toddlers….it was crazy, an experience, and lots of fun. The tots got to experience snow for the first time which they loved and the parents got to go skiing/snowboarding while our awesome sitter watched the brood for us.

Ellie’s first walk out in the snow! She kept saying “Mommy its sooo cooooold!”.

Seeing her dressed like this makes me want to move to somewhere cold and snowy…JUST so I can see her in this cute outfit more often.

Sledding with Daddy was the BEST though! She couldn’t get enough of it. I think my boy really liked it too!

So, back to the whole finding something to show Reed my Valentine’s feelings…. The weekend before we went out of town I made french onion soup from here and steamed king crab legs….YUM! After dinner I brought Reed his present and I think he was shocked……
It’s our wedding song! We’re both huge Billy Joel freaks and actually I think this song has sort of become our family song and not just our “couple” song. I purchased the handmade sign from this etsy seller. She’s got some other cute signs as well. I found out about this seller on another blog…of course now I can’t remember which one!  So here it is, now hanging over our sofa in the family room. I like the black and white punch in the room and it compliments our other new addition in the room…

My Restoration Hardware London Rail clock Christmas present..that was WAY back ordered! I didn’t get it until the second week in January and we ordered it way back in November! Since there is so much going on with our huge bookcase in the room, I wanted to keep the other elements simple. That fireplace mantels’ life expectancy is dwindling by the day! The husband is going to walk in one day with my sledgehammering it to pieces. I hate it! But that’s another project for another day.
Here are some more shots from the room….
I finally got pillows made to match the chairs in the room. And I added my PB birthday pillows from my lovely MIL that have been hiding away. The room is really starting to come together.
Now to get rid of the old owners’ way too swirly carpet and replace it with a nice seagrass rug. I’ll put it on the list!
It’s suppose to be a very wet, rainy weekend, so we will be FINALLY wrapping up our little powder room redo. The wallpaper is down, the painting is done, and the new lights are up. Just need to put up the finishing touches and I’ll reveal it on Monday!
Happy Friday everyone!

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Jessie March 6, 2010 at 12:29 am

Love the signs!
And, I love those blue chairs, so pretty!


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