April 27, 2011

Entry Ways

by Shelly

I’ve always wanted a beautiful entry way where I could unload my bags, file away mail, hang the dog leash, and touch up my lipstick on the way out the door. Unfortunately, it seems that we have yet to live in a house with a proper entry way at all.

In the house we just sold (and still living in while we do construction on the new place) you can see the front door opens RIGHT into the stairway leading to the second floor.  I have a small coat rack on the wall that does hold jackets quite well, as well as an old milk can on the floor that collects an assortment of umbrellas.  But there wasn’t really an area to put a table with a small mirror over it like I had wanted to. The plan had been to add a sofa table behind the couch there, but…well that never happened and now we’re moving.

In the new place we are stuck with the same VERY low ceiling when you come through the front door.  So putting a fun, glitzy light that catches your attention when you first walk in is sort of out of the question. BUT, the good thing is there is now room for a entry table and mirror like I’ve always wanted.

Some of my fav entryways…..

{domino mag}

{westbrook interiors}

{hillary thomas}

{james michael howard}

Here’s the entryway to our new place before we ripped it apart.  The flooring is gone and will be replaced with distressed, warm wood floors.  The door we are planning on reworking by taking out the rainbow glass diamonds and adding some kind of patterned, leaded clear glass.  We will also paint the door my fav color….Ben Moore Wythe Blue HC143 and add a new, oil rubbed bronze Baldwin doorknob set and mailbox slot.  But see the ceiling? Low huh?  My dream of a hanging lantern there just won’t become reality.  So I’m now searching for a VERY flush mount light to add there, in place of the recessed light that is currently in the ceiling.

Here are my front runners……

{fun shape}

{in keeping with the nautical theme of our home}

{still keeping a beachy vibe}

{slightly unexpected}

So….which one would you choose?  Help me decide!

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sally April 27, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Love the “fun shape” one! I can’t imagine getting bored with it and it looks like it would work with any style. :-)


Joanna April 28, 2011 at 12:27 am

I love the first one…but it would depend on the mirror and table. I also like the gold bamboo one. Looking good Shelly…are you still sleeping? You guys are getting on ton done.


Shelly April 28, 2011 at 1:25 am

Oh I’m sleeping…barely! It’s hard to turn my head off with everything I know that needs to be done. And work has picked up too, so I’m learning quickly how to balance everything!


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