August 4, 2011

Boats on the brain

by Shelly

Apparently I am need of a day out at sea!  I have sailboats and anything nautical on the brain this week. The weather HAS been quite glorious lately and my mind is in desperate need of some fresh air and sunshine.  Today I took a few hours to scurry around the house, put upa few more pieces of art and arrange some accessories in much needed areas of the house.  A few of the items I’ve been moving around to different rooms trying to figure out where they would be best placed, are the two model sailboats we own. I’m considering investing in a small collection of them for our living room mantle. We shall see!  Here are some rooms that inspired me today.

{andrea crawford via house and home}

{country living}

{phoebe howard}


{velvet and linen}

{phoebe howard}

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