January 8, 2010

A slight obsession

by Shelly

You’ve probably seen these babies all over the place. They are in every design mag lately…all the designers are using them in their interiors..and I’ve been crazy for them since I spotted them. The problem was I had no idea what they were. I’m talking about the ficus lyrata

Barclay Butera

DC 2009 Design House (I believe??)

There’s just something so sculptural about them and just so NOT a palm. I’m over palms…and I don’t like regular old ficus trees. They scream 1980s to me. But I just love having live plants in my home, so I was determined to find out what kind of tree this was. After weeks of searching, one of my clients happened to have two in her home. She gave me the name and I was set! Unfortunately, when I did finally find them at a nearby plant store they were PRICEY!!! $200 bucks to be exact. That’s what I get for liking a tree that the rest of the LA area has also decided they like as well.

Then from some extra internet searching I found The Plant Stand.. WHOO HOO! I love this place! I’m quite the crazy plant lady and this place is just up my alley! I found my lyrata plant and at a nice price of $85 bucks. I’ll take that! It’s now gracing our living room and I am in love.

Yes…I realize the pot I have the tree in is too small. I still need to find something I really love to put it in. Since I threw out my back yesterday, that is going to have to wait.

And although I was totally in pain yesterday after I got home from The Plant Stand, I still somehow managed to drag that baby out of my car and into that pot. Stupid, I know! I think I made my back worse. And since I had to wait a few hours to see my chiro…I whipped these babies up…


Orchids and ferns. Just what the house needed to bring some life into it. Feels very New Year to me! Now back to umm nursing my back. No bueno!

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