TGIF! I’m so excited for this weekends’ holiday festivities…including our local fav, the Belmont Shore Christmas parade! Good times are in store for sure. But before I forget, I wanted to share more of our fabulous Sayulita, Mexico trip last month.

I was a bit shocked at all the decorative interior design inspiration I ran into while there.  Check out the AMAZING baskets the woman to the very right was making right on the spot!  That’s my friend Carrie checking out all the goodies.  Wouldn’t these be great in a kids room or even in a home office or craft room holding supplies!

{beautiful woven baskets in vibrant colors!}

One of the coolest shops I ventured into while shopping the small town of Sayulita was the one below which featured lots of imported antiques from Morocco.  I saw quite a few things in this shop that I wanted to somehow pack in my suitcase to take home.  In the right home this stuff would be STUNNING!!

This bathtub looks dirty but it isn’t…that’s my iPhone for ya! But this cool tub was all cast metal (i think steel). How cool is that towel rack right on the side of the tub there?  Oh and check out the folding screen behind the tub.  I should have gotten a better shot of it…but it was so unique and would look stunning set in a more modern bathroom.

I wanted this armoire SOOO badly!  This would make the coolest bar in a living room.  It’s such a statement piece and the details were incredible!

{close up of the armoire hardware}

{colorful hand tiled bowls…so cool in a powder room!}

I spied this pretty hand punched mirror in another store.  If it weren’t for the $800 price tag this beauty would have come home with me!

And finally the one thing you seemed to find all over the town.. Day of the Dead sculptures!  I wanted one (or two) so badly to put up during Halloween.  But at $500-900 a pop, well that wasn’t going to happen!

Hope you enjoyed some more pics from our trip!  Hope you are starting off the holiday month with a bang this weekend!

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We just got back from our six day getaway to Sayulita, Mexico this past Tuesday night.   Of course I spent the remainer of the week trying to play catchup and spend time with my little one..who I missed TERRIBLY!   (even though the break and one on one time with the hubs was very needed!)

Sayulita is a quirky little surfer town 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.  We went not only for the vacation time, but to attend a wedding of one of my hubby’s oldest friends.  We had both been to Baja, Mexico before and to be honest we were sort of over Mexico for good.  Sayulita (in main land Mexico) changed our mind completely!  The people, the food, the beach, the water, our casa, the village…it was all charming and non touristy.  Yes, it is Mexico…so there is an over abundance of dog and horse poop, uneven dirt streets, and the smell of urine.  But you sort of know what you’re getting when you go, so you don’t dwell on it…at least we didn’t.

The views of Sayulita are stunning.  Just what you want to gaze at while sipping a fresh margarita and munching on ceviche and chips!

{a shot of the village of Sayulita from the palapa where the wedding was held}

{the view from our friends’ casa and VERY HIGH deck!}

Horseback riding on the beach always sounds romantic and fun, until you want to HANG OUT on the beach. It’s a little difficult to find a nice…unpooped on area…to place your towel!  Makes for a great pic though!

{dogs in a cage on the back of an atv….Mexico’s traveling Petco?}

Random, but lovely…images of Sayulita…..

{this restaurant in the village square, looked absolutely magical at night}

{the fruits and veggies were to DIE for!}

{we’re not sure how..but this is the place all the single boys stayed. the couples (who we stayed with) all vowed to rent this place next time we go!}

Hope you enjoyed sneaking a peek into our much needed getaway. I’ll post more pics of our trip tomorrow! I’m missing Mexico already!

**Special thanks to Jon Free for being the vacation photographer and letting me use the photos!**

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November 8, 2010

Ohhhh Mexico!

by Shelly

I can’t seem to get James Taylor out of my head the past week or so!  I keep repeating about the only part of the song I know…
“Way down here you need a reason to move
Feel a fool running your stateside games
Lose your load, leave your mind behind, baby james”

That’s right, we’re going to Me-hee-co friends!  One of my husbands’ oldest, childhood buddies is finally getting hitched in a sleepy surfer town just north of Puerto Vallarta called Sayulita.  It’s getting popular, but for the most part it is still relatively unknown.  We are in DESPERATE need of some child free vacation time together.  And since we are all about doing things on the cheaps these days, well Sayulita fits the bill!

I will hopefully be taking a ton of pictures to share with you all once I return home.  I say “hopefully” because the hubs and I are notorious for NOT taking pics while we are on vacation.  We usually seriously CHECK OUT!  But I have sworn to myself that I will be good and snap away while we are there. We shall see!

In any case, here’s a bit of what I plan to take on our trip.  I decided to wear a J. Crew dress from a few years ago that has only made it out of my closet once!  Although it is white (and technically you aren’t suppose to wear white to a wedding), I figured it was ok since it has big ol’ lobsters on it!  The lobsters screamed Mexico to me..or the East Coast…so I have to wear it! Other than that I see myself in a bathing suit, sunglasses and a hat most of the least when I’m not surfing!

Do you have any fun getaways planned for the winter months?


I was just thinking how wonderful it would be to go back to here.

Because it was so beautiful and the people were amazing. But also because we couldn’t stop laughing at the Eastern European men wearing….
A 14 hour plane ride with an almost 3 year old DOES NOT sound like a good idea. I guess I’ll have to make some sangria and tapas and pretend next weekend.
Good night! Where do you wish you could be?