May 27, 2014

Backyard Dreaming

by Shelly

The weather has been absolutely lovely here in So Cal. Warm, but not too warm during the day and a nice cool breeze come evening. But the lack of a real place to hang out outside has been bothering us all. And we really, REALLY miss having a pool.

The last two homes we owned both had pools. Our first place had a 1960s classic, kidney shape pool with nothing but concrete and small flowers beds. And our ugly pool equipment was smack dab in the middle of everything. We remodeled the entire backyard eventually and it was really what we loved about that home the most.  We still talk about how much we miss that backyard. Below is a little sneak peek of the changes we did to that yard. We didn’t use a landscape designer, my husband and I designed out the whole thing ourselves.


Our last place, had an amazing backyard, but to be honest…it wasn’t quite us. A bit too formal and the layout didn’t really work. The covered patio area was far enough from the main house that it was a pain to entertain. And the previous owners who had remodeled the backyard had put an outdoor fireplace in the WORST area! It was next to the outdoor kitchen, but there was no room to put chairs by  it because it would block the bbq area. Poor design!


Our current home was a DISASTER…which you may already know if you have been reading the blog for a while now. There was not one inch that was good. Not the interior of the home, not the exterior, not the front yard, and not the backyard. NOT. ONE. INCH.  We still would like to redo the entire exterior of our home and possibly add onto it a bit, but our first priority has been getting the backyard a bit more visually appealing. Seriously, it was a WRECK when we moved in.

What did I tell ya? Yuck.

Umm…the patio, I guess.

The side of the house looking into the backyard. Hey, at least there were nice fruit trees!

Little by little we have made some changes. We removed the ugly DIY awnings over the windows that the previous owners had made.  They blocked out a ton of natural sunlight into the bedrooms and made them dark and sad. So those termite infested things came off quickly! We also demolished the somewhat “paved” patio area with the metal pergola which was missing it’s cover and the chainlink dog run fence.

Last year after a bit of coaxing, the husband finally agreed to have our lawn resodded. And when I saw lawn, what I really mean is green weeds and crabgrass that from afar APPEAR to be a lawn. It was not grass really. So, we had our gardener put in sprinklers, flower beds, new sod and a row of privots to create a hedge wall for privacy. My inspirations are very East coast classic, Hamptons feeling.

With this home I want a formal meets cottage garden design.  Just enough boxwood for symmetry, but enough pea gravel, white roses, hydrangea, and jasmine to feel cottage.  Although we’ve put in sprinklers, sod and all that, we do plan on putting in a pool and hot tub sometime in the next year or so. We plan to keep the beds we’ve already created and just move the sod and sprinklers to the front of our home when the time comes. I’m crossing my fingers that this all happens by next summer. Eek!

For now the pups are enjoying the backyard the most, chasing squirrels and birds and rolling around in the grass. The humans enjoy it mostly for it’s slip and slide capabilities!

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In between designing for clients and working on this whole “mom of a kindergartener” thing the past month, I have been starting back up on some projects around our home.  Our house is by no means perfect or exactly the way I would like it. EVERY room is in some stage of being worked on. **Don’t tell my husband that!** But it’s true.

With the holidays not too far away I have definitely started focusing on our formal living room.  Our home was built in the lovely 1960s and the living room layout is ODD. Very ODD. You walk into the front door directly into the room. The ceiling is asymmetrically vaulted on one side and there is a strange overhang on the other. The fireplace is also asymmetrical and features a long brick surround…ugly. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you guys. It’s bad. So here she is… with all the un-decorated awesomness of it!

Much to my hubby’s disdain, our living room has become a bit of a holding area for furniture, artwork, and other odds and ends decorative items from our much larger former home.  I’m a Cancer girl, so getting rid of things is sometimes VERY difficult for me. I need to work on that big time!

In any case, we recently recovered the English roll arm sofa in a yummy blue velvet.  I had brass nail heads added and turned walnut casters. I think it made a huge difference. Love her now! I also recently acquired the fabulous white Asian coffee table. I really like it and it definitely has that English colonial feel I am going for, but she’s a bit short. So I’m working on a solution to make her just a wee taller to fit the size of the sofa.

I’d like to do something to that poor ugly fireplace. We may tear down the brick and redo it with marble and a pretty white mantel. Here are some ideas I’ve liked:

{via Pinterest}

We could add bookcases to either side of the existing fireplace to add symmetry to the room and provide a place to display decorative items.

{source unknown}

This fireplace design utilizing Mexican beach pebbles, really suits the style we are going for in our house. Coastal, a bit re casual, and classic.

{via Seagrass Interiors blog}

My friend Melissa has a simple, but beautiful fireplace surround, again using Mexican beach pebbles. I’m dying to see the rest of her house. *Hello, Melissa! Invitation please? Hee hee!*

{via velvet and linen}

I also really like a simple slightly white washed, brick surround.

The other things I’d like to add is an accent rug layered over the existing seagrass.

Maybe a flatweave?

I also really like the idea of doing a more traditional Oushak type rug.  I think it would keep the room feeling more British Colonial.

Then there’s side tables.

Something whitewashed and clean lined?

Or maybe I should go against my usual and do something a bit more glam and dressed up!

Of course the one I’m really leaning towards is the most expensive of the bunch.

Ahh Directoire style…brass and white marble goodness!

Then there’s of course new artwork and table lamps. I haven’t quite gotten that far. But new fabric has been ordered for pillows on the sofa.  Little by little it’s all coming together. I’ll be sure to share the room once I’ve finished…which should be soon!


Things may seem quiet on the blog, but I can tell you life is full steam ahead over here at Casa Van Rozeboom!  I’ve been slowly knocking projects out around the interior of our home and am really happy with the way things are pulling together.

I had mentioned previously on the blog that I wasn’t happy with our family room sectional and the way it fit in our new home.  It was just the wrong shape and to be honest…I was SICK to death of that sofa.  I bought it long before I started my own company and knew where to go for good upholstery. It was time for a change. So I picked out a neutral, grayish tan linen/poly blend fabric for the new sofa that would include a chaise instead of a sectional “arm”.  My hubs likes to kick up his feet when he’s watching tv, so I knew that just having the ottoman wouldn’t cut it.

Here’s the new sofa! I kept with the square arms to reduce the footprint of the sofa a bit. This room is not only the family room, but my office and the dining room as well.  It’s a lot for one room, but it’s just the way we have to live in our new place. I transferred the pillows from the living room sofa which is also getting an overhaul at the moment! More on that in a bit.  And the blue damask chairs I previously had in here, went into the formal living room and were switched with the white slipcover chairs from there. I may get rid of them, but not sure yet.

Also, do you see WAY over there in the corner?  My desk.  With….tah dah!..a new desk chair FINALLY!!

I wanted something simple that wouldn’t look like an office chair per se.  While in my local Restoration Hardware store a few weeks ago I eyed this baby and knew it was the one. It’s the Belford Wingback Dining Chair in Belgian Linen.

I’m not finished with this room quite yet, but I’m almost there.  I need to add COLOR!  It’s far too beige and neutral in here for our taste.  Here are the fabrics I’m considering adding to this room.

Going clockwise starting with the stripe fabric… the stripe will be going on my slipcovered dining room chairs, the green and white Celerie Kemble fabric will be recovering the two chair pads on my Kubu woven head chairs in the dining area, the dark navy dot on white might be recovering a small footstool that was given to us by my MIL, the dreamy bird print will be an accent pillow and finally the pretty John Robshaw for Duralee blue medallion print will be recovering the two white chairs brought in from the living room.

BTW…if you are interested in any of these fabrics please contact me!

The other room I’ve been focusing on is our guest room.  I went ahead and bought the Gingham Bedding at Land of Nod and finally picked out a fabric to recover the long pillow on the bed.  I recently added my beloved bird prints which work in nicely with the blue/green theme in this room.  As you can see, I still have part of the surf theme that was previously in the room over the bed.  That will be changed out.  I’m just not sure what I want to do there. I’d like to put my collection of blue and white plates there or maybe my milk glass collection of plates.  But the husband is giving me grief about doing this. “Who puts plates over a bed”, he says.  Umm…Coastal Living  for one.

{coastal living}

I’m adding navy grosgrain ribbon trim to the lamp shades that go on the dresser lamps. So stay tuned for final, final pics of this room.

And finally the living room is going to be totally transformed into an English-y retreat.  The English roll arm is being transformed with blue velvet, antique brass nail heads, and castered feet.  The blue velvet goes perfectly with the blue damask chairs. A sea of blue…my favorite. Now I’m trying to decide on tables. Ugh..I can’t make up my mind!  Here is the “look” I”m currently going with.  But it seems a bit too somber. So I’m still playing around with the elements in the room.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a jam to start the weekend off with!

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April 6, 2012

What I’m Listening To.

by Shelly

Today is going to be a busy one as we head into the Easter weekend. I TOTALLY forgot to have Easter bunny pics taken of our 5 year old…so I need to rush her over to the mall at some point. I also need to shop for food Sunday…I’m hosting…pick up a few more things for Ellie’s Easter basket and possibly clean up the outdoor furniture since it’s planning on being a hot one this weekend!

I tend to discover the best music while walking our dog during the day. I have to admit that I’ve been caught on multiple occasions singing along while plugged into my headphones. It’s my stress releaser! I don’t care if people laugh at me! :)

Well before I share my Friday music pick with you, I’d like to share a little project I’ve been working on since we moved into our new home. As you may know or have heard, interior designers often have the WORST time deciding on a look for their own home. I think it’s because we just see SO MUCH of what is out there in the design world. It’s overwhelming and frankly I really wish I had at least three homes to decorate in three completely different styles. I guess I just need to have more clients!

But I have finally come to a solid conclusion on the direction I would like to go in our family room..slash…dining room…lash my office. Yes, all three are unfortunately stuck in one giant room. So everything has to work well together and double as something else, ie. the dining table becomes a conference table when meeting with clients. The wingback chair I just ordered for my desk chair can double as seating when we have guests. You get the picture. I still need to find some additional fabrics for seat cushions for my kubu chairs (they already have stains from the 4 year old!) and fabric to recover an old chair I am bringing in from the other room, but for the most part…IT IS DONE! The new sofa should arrive in a few weeks and desk chair should be here shortly as well. I’m excited!!!  Oh, and local friends…yes you will finally get an invitation to come see the new house.  I know, we’ve only been here a year now, but better late than never right?!  Here is the room:

Thoughts, comments??? I love it and it’s got that laid back, layered look with a slight feel of an English conservatory I was going for.  There will be lots of plants….two palm trees in baskets, as well as potted ferns and ivy scattered in the built in bookshelf in the room.

Now for my Friday jam! Enjoy and a very HAPPY EASTER to you and your family!!!


December 9, 2011

Decking the Halls

by Shelly

Oh boy, have we been decking the halls over here!  Well, to be honest I have been crazy just trying to spruce up the house a bit and fill in some missing pieces in time for hosting the Christmas festivities starting on the 24th.  The very first thing I had to do was decide on and order a chandelier for our dining table area.  For the past six months (can’t believe we’ve already been here this long) we’ve been eating by recessed lighting and TONS of candles.  It was still dark though.  After going round and round about the “look” I wanted for this room….we splurged…and went for this beauty.

{Currey and Co. Seaward Chandelier $924 available through me!}

OH…and we bought two grey Kubu chairs for the ends!  I was going for a natural coastal look.  Obviously, this has become the whole theme for our new home.  It suits us!  I found a fantastic source for these chairs and boy are they well made AND affordable.  If you like them and want some for yourself, message me and I’ll give you the deets!  As far as the side chairs, I’m done with them. But I haven’t figured out an alternative yet.  I know, they look pretty nice, but with a four year old and a black lab rubbing against them…they get yucky…quickly!  Um, and excuse the lack of light bulbs in the chandelier. I was excited and I only had two bulbs at this point.

And here are the Kubu barstools we ended up going with!  I really love the natural element with the marble.  These are also available through Van Rozeboom Interiors….just message me!

And finally, in this room we added one more thing….well two actually.  This reclaimed wood sideboard to house my fabric samples and if you didn’t notice in the dining table picture, we added simple black iron rods and linen panels!  The window treatments made a WORLD of difference.  If you have just blinds going on   You can see my office area just to the right of the window.  No, I still haven’t bought a proper desk chair. That is definitely on my priority list now.  My back has been killing me!

A few last touches…..

I hung some vintage parrot prints in our guest bath that were in my MIL’s home and I fell in love with.  I love their sweet little faces and the frames with the slight gilded edging.  They make me happy! And as you may or may not know….I’m obsessed with birds.

And then we have the new window seat cushion for our bedroom window!  This seat is actually large enough that you can lie down and read comfortably.  It really adds a little something to the room and makes that space usable. Our cat and four year old really like it too!

Here is the cushion and the two bolsters I had made, up close.  I went with a simple grey Duralee ticking stripe that would go with just about anything.  I’ve got my eye on some John Robshaw bedding…don’t tell my husband….and this would still go with it nicely.  And I just LOVE how the bolsters turned out!  I wanted that little french tie edge on it and my upholsterer nailed it!

Ok, off to source rugs for a fun new project I am working on!  Stay tuned….I WILL be sharing this one with you guys.