An old friend of mine that I have known since I was in second grade has been working on a fabulous photography project.  She’s a surfer girl, photographer, wife and a mom to two little cute girls. Her project entails following women of all ages who surf and photographing them in the spot that inspires them the most. I want to share one of her pics with you. They are SO beautiful and I want to frame all of them for my office as inspiration to get out in the water more! Yes, I surf too! Take a look.

To see more of Wendi’s work go HERE!

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July 23, 2008

Oh to be surfing!

by Shelly

Surfing in Maui Feb. 2008

When I met my husband six years ago today to be exact, I never imagined that his love of surfing would rub off on me so much! The early days of our relationship contained many days of surfing together at Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. Being the ever patient and encouraging teacher, Reed would talk me through each wave that we’d see coming towards us on the horizon. As the wave grew closer he would shout out, “Ok lay down. Now paddle, paddle, paddle!!”. Sometimes I would get right up and gracefully ride the mellow wave towards the shore looking like Gidget the whole time. However, more often than not, I would totally eat it….I would get tumbled around in the white water as my 9ft. surfboard went shooting straight up into the air. Not so Gidget like at all! But he was oh so patient with me and would dilegently help me try to achieve surfing nirvana.
Well six years, marriage and a one year old later, I have hardly the time to get out there like I use to. Reed no longer works at home as he did in the early days. It was so much easier to sneak off for a session in the water during lunch or early evening. And now with the little one, coordinating a sitter and organizing the car swap with Reed (my car isn’t surfboard friendly), surfing just doesn’t happen enough!
There are so many mommy groups out there that I have no interest at all in getting involved in. Maybe it’s me…but the women usually seem SOO boring! They have become all about the kids, not that there’s anything wrong with being a good mom. But being a good mom means having interests and experiences outside your children too. I am desperate to find other mommies out there who share a love for surfing or just want to try it out! Wouldn’t it be great to have a group of surfing moms…half would stay on the beach and watch the little ones while the other half surfed. Then the moms would switch while the other group surfed. Sounds so great!
So on a day like today when I’ve got most of my errands done for the week and really nothing going on, it would be so awesome to get in a little surfing. Maybe I’ll post a Craigslist ad and see what I can conjure up. I know there are others out there like me….

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