July 25, 2014

Recap: Summer Begins

by Shelly

It has been a crazy few months to say the least!  I figured the best way to catch you all up on what’s been going on is to share my iPhone photos with you.  The beginning of June the hubby and I did our second triathlon together in Huntington Beach.  This one was a different challenge for me since the swim was in the ocean, the bike ride was on a PUBLIC path (very challenging!) and the run was on the sand.  I was NOT prepared for the ocean swim at all!  I had rented a tri wetsuit to wear and thought it would be no big deal since I surf and am very confident in the ocean. WHELP, the wetsuit made the swim so much harder for me and I had no idea that I would freak out putting my head in the ocean! I couldn’t do it! So I swam the whole way without really sticking my head in the water and consequently ended up pulling a neck muscle and was out of commission for about three weeks after that. Lesson learned. Train in the ocean stupid! But hey, I looked pretty strong right before the race huh?!

{fresh faced before the race}

Ellie finished first grade the end of June and we had a great last day with a big party on the beach with other families from her school. It’s been a tradition that a few families started a couple years ago, but this was our first year going. What a fun afternoon! We couldn’t stay for the bonfire and bbq however, because we were leaving bright and early the next day to go camping in Sequoia National Forest.

{ellie with her awesome teacher!}

{end of the year beach party. someone said the count was 70 kids!}

We decided to go back to Sequoia to camp like we did last June. This time we were able to secure a spot higher up the mountain. And our camping spot was AMAZING to say the least! We were right next to a small river/stream which was great to play in during the day to cool off and boy did it sounds nice at night. The other cool thing was the amount of wildlife we got to see. A young stag came right into our camp the first day!  And we got to spy on a momma bear with her two cubs playing by the water. It was such a cool experience for us city folk!

{part of the view from our campsite}

As soon as we got home from our camping trip, Ellie started a fun beach camp that is put on by her swim team.  She is such a little fish just like her mom and dad, so to say she had fun is an understatement. Her cuteness the first day of camp kills me. I know, I’m biased…but seriously..the hat is just adorable on her!

Well that gives you a little snippet of the first part of our summer. Come back tomorrow (YES on a Saturday!) and I’ll be sharing the most easy DIY cake topper ever! Happy Friday friends!

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Last week we stayed quite busy with birthdays, fun field trips, concert in the park, surf contest, date night with hubby and World Cup finals (so sad Netherlands). Here are some photos from our fun week!

Birthday lunch  Monday at Cheesecake Factory
I’m smiling but inside I’m thinking, “I am going to have to do A TON of working out tomorrow to get this off my thighs!”. 

Birthday dinner (actual day of) at Taco Surf Sunset Beach
Friday night we headed to our local park for the summer concert in the park series. The concert is always fun, but a bit hectic getting all packed up and set up on time for the event. Of course I went and made homemade Roasted Potato Leek soup and Tarragon Chicken Salad sandwiches just hours before. So, I made the whole thing harder on myself of course. And wouldn’t you know it..Ellie wanted NOTHING to do with dinner and ended up stealing a friends’ cotton candy instead.
On Saturday Reed lined up a nice date night dinner up in Hollywood at a fabulous Argentinian restaurant. Probably some of the best steak I’ve ever had. If you live in the Los Angeles area you must try Carlitos Gartel .
via LA Times
Since we don’t go out fancy that often I splurged on a new outfit for the occasion. My shoes were MUCH trendier than I usually go for. Actually the fact that they were heels was a break from my usual buy of sandals and flats.
Date Night Outfit:
Dress:  Linne’s Boutique Seal Beach
Belt:  Linne’s Boutique Seal Beach
Earrings:  Banana Republic
Bracelets: J. Crew
Ring: Adina
Shoes: Mea Shadow

Sunday we watched our Dutch team go down in flames. Since I am now a Dutch girl by married last name I was sort of obligated to root for Orange. But to be honest, I was also secretly rooting for Espana! So it was a win win situation.

Hope you had a fabulous fun filled weekend too! Any day now Southern California MIGHT get Summer weather. It rained on our date night Saturday….go figure.


I’ve been rather MIA lately I know! The little girl and I fought quite a nasty cold for THREE WEEKS in June that really knocked us both out for a while. I haven’t had a cold like that in ages. No fun. Then as soon as I got better we went out of town for a little whitewater river rafting and RV’ing with some dear friends and old neighbors of ours. The last two weeks the almost 3 year old and I have been staying quite busy doing….

Mother’s Beach-Belmont Shore

and this.
Disneyland with one of Ellie’s bestest friends Sierra!

lots of this…
Ice Cream…cause mommy likes it a lot too.

this for a while…
Baby Ballet


and I did this.
Dinner at Taco Surf Sunset Beach with some old friends!

Summer has started off pretty darn good! My ultimate favorite holiday is this weekend…4th of July…and the week before and after are always jammed pack full of fun events and outings. It’s also my birthday (the 6th) as well as my little ones’. Yes, we have the same birthday! We’re having a big bash to celebrate America’s birthday and here is a sneak of what it will look and taste like!
clockwise from top right corner: 1)candles in mason jars  2)sparklers for the kiddos 3)bbq chicken 4)watermelon feta arugala salad-Ina Garten  5)white hydrangeas 6)plaid pendleton blankets to watch fireworks on  7)flag cake-more Ina!  8)nautical napkins, cups and plates from Ikea  9)lemonade in drink dispensers from Pottery Barn  10)Red White and Blue Potato salad-Cooking Light  11)lots of flag swags around the house

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June 1, 2010

Cheap chic at Target!

by Shelly

After my most recent jaunt to our local Target I came home hiding my purchases a bit more than usual. Come on ladies..you know what I’m talking about. You spent just a tad too much while at Tarjay and so it becomes a bit of a game to not only get your one too many bags in the house without the other half seeing it, but then casually pulling it off when he asks, “Honey is that new?”. NOOOOOO!  Of course it isn’t! Yeah right. :)

Well, I’m guilty. It was just too good! Not only did I pick up this cute summer hat for days by the pool and hanging on the beach…..

I also snagged this cute little sundress for my Ellie. Perfect for hot summer barbeques and soirees. Yes, my kid goes to soirees. hahaha!!
 But then I stopped in my tracks at some of their newest home decor. Come to Mama!!! Too cute! If you are looking for some cheap things to spruce up your home Target has got it. I picked up these awesome glass lamps…still not sure where I’m putting them..but that’s not the point. :)

These were another cute find…love love love those shades!
Striped Lamp Shade 
Glass Lamp Base

Adorable for a dash of Americana just in time for the 4th of July! Throw a few on a neutral sofa or an all white bed.

I so wish they had these frames in multiple sizes! The pattern is just too cute and of course the white looks fresh and summery.

Their decorative half hour glass comes in three fun colors: bright blue, green and yellow. This would look be perfect atop a stack of books on a coffee table or added into a bookshelf vignette. And check out who’s jumped on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” bandwagon!
That pillow…the blue lamp…LOVE!
If you’re trying to save money…DO NOT..I repeat..DO NOT go into Target! But if you’re looking for those little somethings for yourself and your home to bring in the warm weather, well you can’t beat it. 
Now back to nursing my sniffling, sneezing self. Colds..ugh.


May 29, 2010

Good start

by Shelly

The weekend started off with a bang! Last night I went to a fun event for So Cal bloggers thrown by Mrs. No 17‘s Rachel and Flight of Fancy girl (and my next door neighbor!), Andrea. I met some great new friends and learned about fun blogs that I haven’t stumbled across yet.  I’m already looking forward to the next event. Pictures to follow soon!

Then this morning I woke to a VERY bright sun coming into our bedroom and I could tell it was going to be just the type of day I have been longing for! BRIGHT and SUNNY!!! Whoo hoo…bring on Summer!  We decided to turn on a little Stereo Mood, break out the french press and hang out a bit this morning which was so nice and the perfect start to what I think is set to be a great day!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with those you love!