April 24, 2015

Project La Colima

by Shelly

If you missed my news from yesterday….I’m officially back from a six month break on the blog. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to continue it. But I do like sharing on here and life and work has picked up and I have so MUCH sharing to do with all of you!

Our new pad is circa 1991 and definitely filled with all things from the flannel and baggy jeans days. White carpet, oak cabinetry EVERYWHERE, recessed light boxes, a HUGE party shower (can’t wait to show you guys that one) and little decorating “niches” for your fav plastic plants. Oh so fab right?! Uh, no. Here’s what I am working with in the kitchen.

The sink is currently shoved into the corner with those two corner windows above it. Dislike. I also HATE a micro over cooktop situation. So that’s going fo sho! The fridge is also stuck in a corner and is right next to the doorway to the dining room. That could become an issue with entertaining. So again, that’s going.

What drives me even crazier about this room is the layout of the bottom cabinets! See those weird angles to the left and right? I know it makes the space a wee bit wider, but I hate it. The large tray ceiling inside a tray ceiling is pretty horrible too.  I do LOVE the breakfast area that you can see just to the right there. There is also a 3 sided fireplace that can be seen from these rooms and the family room. It’s a bit funky, but we like it.

Then there is the appliance/pantry wall and the doorway to the left that leads to the dining room.

So here’s my vision for the room….


I’m going for a modern meets classic, beach house vibe. I’ve always wanted an official “beach” house and now that we actually have a view of the ocean and you can SMELL the salt in the air from our home…well I’d say that’s beach house to me! So, needless to say this sea loving family is going to have a home chock full of ocean stuffs. I don’t apologize for my love of the ocean AT ALL! Lol!

The cabinets are going to be simple Ben Moore Super White Shaker with polished oversized nickel pulls and knobs. The hubs washes dishes every night after dinner (yes, I know I’m lucky!), so his one request was an industrial sprayer faucet.  Done! I think they look cool. We’re going to center up the sink, take out the two corner windows and add a larger single window over it. We’re also centering up the range on that wall, pulling the fridge out of the corner and placing it onto the appliance/pantry wall and just overall cleaning up the whole design.

This time around I decided to do a BEAUTIFUL hammered nickel sink from Native Trails that I’ve had my eye on for some time. It’s going to be a showstopper I think! After a lot of waffling I decided to pony up and get seapearl quartzite for the countertops. I love marble and it’s what we currently have in our existing home, but I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest to live with. I’m a perfectionist, so etching and staining have been hard to live with. I love it for bathrooms however, so we’ll still be doing marble in those rooms. But for the kitchen it had to be more durable and I think quartzite gives me the look of marble with more durability.

A few of the other details:

-weathered, gray wood flooring throughout the downstairs area.

-a glass front bar area with X design on upper cabinet doors.

-a fun tall wine storage cubby area (since God knows we love our wine!)

-shiny, white mini herringbone tile for the backsplash

-changing up the in tray ceiling a bit. Cleaning it up and adding tongue and groove in that area. We’ll also hang some sort of lighting in that space. Not quite sure what yet.

-and finally on the breakfast room side of the lower cabinets we will be changing that up and adding a counter height bar to eat at. We had that in our last house and it came in really handy when entertaining.

So that’s the scoop for one the biggest room redos of our new home! We’ve already finished demo and now framing, plumbing and electrical are all underway at the moment. I love seeing the transformation. Oh, and if you’re curious about my inspiration and plans for the new abode you can check out my Pinterest page!  And to see updates to the space you can follow Project La Colima on Insta at #vanrozeboomsmove.

Have a great weekend all!


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I’m ashamed…very ashamed. Almost one year ago I wrote about our upstairs kid/guest bathroom that needed a MAJOR remodel when we moved in. The plan had been to just rip down the horrible Tommy Bahama circa 1995 wallpaper and paint. Well, I ripped down the paper and found some serious water damage underneath it in the process. That started a full scale redo of the room. I will admit…I’m still not really done. I have to still get the one tile left to finish the shower/bathtub and also tile to finish the tile on the floor in the doorway. Lazy I tell ya…or at least that’s what my husband mentions to me almost every other week! I’m on it Reed….PROMISE!!!!
I will tell ya…we were on a TIGHT budget during this project. We were trying to get it well under $10k but since I have a small fetish for some expensive tile (I can’t help myself!)…well we had to be creative with the other elements. Here is the breakdown of this area:
1. Countertop:Carrera Marble (seriously found an amazing deal!)
2. Sinks: Kohler Devonshire
3. Faucets: Grohe Seabury
4. Lighting: PB Mercer in satin nickle finish
5. Medicine Cabinets: Restoration Hardware Framed Inset Medicine Cabinet (got for 20% off!)
6. Towel Rings: PB Mercer in satin nickle finish
7. White Plates: Two’s Company (have had FOREVER and finally had a place to put them in our new home!)
8. Rugs and Towels: Restoration Hardware baby and child- on MAJOR sale last Christmas!)




Here is a shot of the other side of the room..
We kept the existing toilet since it was in great condition and didn’t need to be replaced. I think I would like to replace the recessed light with a normal flush light. Please excuse my dumb light bulb. I need a new recessed light in there! I’m also not too keen on the shower curtain…Any suggestions?? I like the spa feel in here, but since it’s my 3 year olds’ bathroom I sort of want to put something more fun. White and ruffles maybe? Not sure yet. I had my tile guys expand the little area in the shower for soap and shampoo. It was just a hole before and I know when Ellie is a teenager it will need to fit shampoo, soap, skin stuff, razors, bath bubbles…you get the picture. Here is the breakdown of this area.
1. Shower/Tub tile: Ann Sacks (I plan on doing it half way up all around the room in the future!)
2. Shower Curtain: Tar-jay
3. Vintage Metal Doc Sign: Found in the desert of California on the side of the road!
4. Trashcan and Toiletpaper Holder: HomeGoods                                                                                                                                                                                                 5. Shower Faucet: Grohe Seabury ( Cannot recommend this line enough!)                                                                                                                                                    5. Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments
And now here’s where I show you the part of the room that is very NOT finished. I’ve been stumped since day one with this corner. At first I put a towel bar on the big blank wall near the vanity, but first off…it wasn’t long enough, and second I just wasn’t feeling it. Here it is…you’ll see what I mean.
So I ended up realizing that guests and my little one are not going to fold their towels nicely on a rack.  It never happens. And I’m a neat freak, so I had to minimize my stress. I went to Antho and picked up some vintage looking coat hooks for the towels instead. Yes, I’m going to take down that God awful towel bar, but friends…HELP PLEASE…what do I do there? I have soo many ideas, but even interior designers get stumped on projects. Do I do a series of prints here, or maybe one big print? Add a small chair in the corner?
So what do you think friends? I’d LOVE your help here. I should probably go get that tile this week eh? Hubby is about to kill me! hee hee.

The Lettered Cottage


I know, I know…I promised to show pictures of our newly redone powder room on Monday. I swear, it’s almost done.  Today I have the little one going to a sitter for a few hours, so I can buy some finishing touches (shower curtain mainly).  Also, a while back I wrote about another bath remodel in our home. Well, I never quite gave you guys the “after” lowdown.  Let’s just say, things didn’t exactly go smoothly. We fired the original contractor, hired another set of guys to finish the job, we had to redo part of the tile that had been done wrong…ugh..! What a nightmare! But it is done and so I want to show that bath to you as well!

So hold tight kids! Pictures are a coming your way!

On another note, I haven’t checked Tracery Interiors blog for a while and so I did so this morning when I woke up far earlier than I normally do and decided to surf the web. I’m in love with a dining room on their site…

So simple, so elegant.  And look at that gorgeous chandelier!!! 
I just love the beautiful arrangement of plates on the wall as well. I’m a BIG fan of hanging plates and already have my blue and white collection hanging in our kitchen/breakfast area.  I’m thinking now of hanging some of my ironstone in the dining room to recreate this look! 
A subtle design was painted onto the walls of the room. I love how it gives just a barely there look…feminine but subtle. Lovely. And that antique Tuscan sconce..wowzers…again, beautiful.
Such a great dining room… I’m in love!

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February 3, 2010

Powder Room Redo: Chapter 1

by Shelly

Our new wonderful home is a classic Williamsburg style home. I’m a true believer in decorating a home somewhat along the lines of what style home it is. For example, if you have a Hamptons beach cottage, I think its silly looking to decorate the interior in Hollywood Regency style. I don’t mind touches of a look you really like, but I do feel the homes’ insides should somewhat reflect the outside.

With that being said, our new home was an abomination when we moved in! The previous owners LOVED Tuscan style…and not good Tuscan style…gaudy, old lady, over done Tuscan. It was bad! We’ve painted and replaced lighting in many of the rooms, but since we’re not rolling over in cash…well its going to be an on going process for a while to come.

Our powder room is BEGGING us to help it. Here take a look…

The vanity area complete with a new vanity, lighting and oil rubbed bronze fixtures just not in the style I would go with. I would LOVE something like this…

from 219northcliffwood.com
Since the hubby will not allow me to rip the vanity out anytime soon, I’m thinking of possibly painting it white to match the kitchen that’s white in the room next door. But the dark looks nice with the travertine tiles. Ah decisions, decisions. 
Then did you see that wonderful lighting?!!! Yuck. Again, not umm my taste AT ALL! So that’s definitely going. But since this is going to be a mini redo I think the old lady wallpaper will come down first and a coat of BM Lenox Tan will go up in its place. I would love to have polished nickle hardware in here but since the oil rubbed fixtures are brand new..they’re going to stay. So here are some lighting choices I’m considering replacing the old ones with.
The Sutton sconce looks a lot like my inspiration picture. I like the touch of modern they would lend the room. Since the fixtures are so traditional, I think these would give a nice contrast.

Soho Sconce $189 @ Shades of Light.com

Cone Shade Wall Lamp-Double Joint in Bronze $272 @ Shades of Light
The last light is a bit different for a bath. I got the idea via Urban Grace blog a while back. She wrote about her love for designer Rita Konig’s bathroom she did for Domino Magazine. I like how unique it looks in a bathroom.
Rita Konig for Domino Magazine
 So what do you think? Which lighting choice do you like best for the room? Oh and to help you gain a greater sense of what I’m working with, here are more pics of the rest of the room.
lovely shower umm drapery panel..don’t you think?

 Tumbled travertine tiles are pretty AND expensive I know, but I hate the diamond pattern they used. Oh and why oh why would you spend the money in bath and put in expensive tile work and leave the old too small bathtub? I’m perplexed. FYI the bath is VERY short and small. Since I regularly use this room to bath our little one…my back aches hunching over this thing.
To be continued…..

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September 11, 2009

Guest/Baby bath remodel

by Shelly

We just moved to our new big, wonderful new home a short 6 weeks ago, but of course the “we’ll eventually do that” bathroom ended up being one of the first large projects we decided to knock out. What facilitated our decision to conquer the bathroom was two things: 1) our 2 year old would have NOTHING to do with it..no baths in that room for her and 2) our dearest German friends were coming mid-September for a two week visit to the states. So we decided to do a “small” redo on the room…yeah right!!

Actually, I should admit that I was asked by my hubby to just take off the wallpaper, so we could paint the room. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the pic before I painstakingly scrapped off all the wonderfulness that was our Tommy Bahama palm tree explosion. But it was very early 1990′s with LOTS of palm trees and complete with not just one wallpaper border over the actual main wallpaper, but TWO! UGH UGH UGH!

                           So here is the lovely bath after the paper came down. Awesome huh? Looks like a lot of apartment bathrooms I’ve had in the past!
Well once the paper came down the other half and I decided to just go full speed ahead. So here we are just three days before our friends are due to arrive and we still have nothing, but the tub in place. Long story short, we went with a handyman that was VERY lazy and then got “sick” Tuesday and well, we haven’t seen him since. So, I contacted some other installers and first thing this am, I have two guys here to lay the shower and floor tile. Tomorrow morning the new vanity is being installed, as well as the vanity marble. Here are are the fabulous details going into our vintage inspired bath….
Restoration Hardware Framed Inset Medicine Cabinet
Grohe “Seabury” 8″ Widespread Faucet

Grohe “Seabury” Tub/Shower Faucet

Pottery Barn Mercer Double Sconce in Satin Nickle
  PB Mercer Bath Fixtures

1″ Unglazed Hexagon Floor Tile

Ann Sacks 3 x 6 subway tile for shower walls
Kohler Devonshire Soaking Tub

Kohler Devonshire Undermount Sinks
We’re hoping and praying that the new guys can knock this bathroom out by Tuesday! Please cross your fingers and toes for us. I would so love this to be all ready for our amazing friends and their baby!!!  Stay tuned for after pics.