Tonight my wonderful husband lined up tickets to see one of our new fav musical artists and we even lucked out with an available sitter!  We usually stay home on Vday and I cook a really nice meal, so this is a treat for sure.  St. Lucia is a one man band fronted by Brooklyn artist by way of South Africa, Jean-Phillip Grobler.  We first saw them live when they opened for another fav band of ours Two Door Cinema Club and I was instantly hooked!

The sound? A little tropical, a little electronic and his vocals sound a bit like George Michael circa Wham!  The music is very catchy.  And he’s just a doll…he had me at his rolled pants and espadrilles. So here a few favorites that I think you’ll enjoy!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you’re celebrating Valentines Day, I hope it is extra sweet!

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Last minute plans are the best!  This Friday’s “What I’m Listening To” is dedicated to the band we are going to see tonight.  I just happened to catch the ad on the radio yesterday driving to a clients’ house and I immediately called my husband and told him we should go.  It’s definitely NOT glamorous..but cheap and fun..YES!  So who are we seeing?

We are going to see Devo at Hollywood Park tonight!

Ponies and dancing. Fun!

And what’s even better is we are dragging our almost 5 year old with us AND we are totally giving our kid music cred!  I mean, seriously?  How cool will she sound telling people her first concert was Devo?  Ok, maybe none of her friends will even know who the hell they are when she is old enough to talk music with them.  But if she’s anything like my husband and me, she will be a total music geek and probably hang out with other kids that are too.

So here’s to Devo! Oh, and don’t judge….it’s not like we’re taking our kiddo to a bar.  Ok, I know it’s the horse track, but if you’ve ever been you’d know it’s pretty family friendly. She’s going to love it!

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The first time I saw them on MTV I thought, “They are such dorks!  This song is cool, but they will never make it. White rappers are no good”.  Pretty funny coming from a dorky 10 year old with a huge retainer!  See pic below…

{circa late 86′ early 87′ with my nephew Ken}

Little known fact about me, I grew up in an apartment most of my life.  And my childhood consisted of hanging out by our apartment basketball courts with my guy friends (there were hardly any girls in our apts.) and listening to rap and hip/hop music.  Some of the best years of my life to be honest.  And that’s when I started listening to the Beastie Boys.

This morning when I sat down with my cup of coffee and started checking out Facebook, my jaw hit the floor when I read the news.  MCA dead at 47.  What!?  I had heard he had cancer, but I guess I thought…no assumed he had beat it. 47 is NOT old!  But then again, I lost one of my best childhood friends from my days growing up in the apartments.  He was 15 and cancer took him quickly.

I have some fond memories of particular B’Boys songs.  And this particular song reminds me of my crazy younger years.  Here’s the scene….19 years old and one of my best girlfriends (she’s going to kill me for sharing this) and I head to TJ with our boyfriends to go dancing.  Yes, Tijuana!

-I would never in a million freaking years allow my daughter to go there now. Well and she’s only 4, so I guess that’s not an issue yet. ha!

We’re doing what everyone does in TJ.  Drinking bad blended cocktails and dancing our booties off!  This song comes on and the four of us start rapping to the whole song like we’re part of the band.  But the funniest part is when my girlfriend does the…“she’s got a gold tooth, you know she’s hardcore” part.  Good times.  Hope this song takes you back to some great times too.

Rest in peace MCA! You will be truly missed.

Having serious WordPress issues today. Song is HERE!

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Happy Friday friends!

I’ve been working on a condo kitchen remodel design this week with a lovely woman who’s inspired by the Mediterranean and Italy.  In fact she still has family in Italy and regularly goes to visit them.  So we’ve been having a lot of fun trying to do Italian, without doing it the way many Southern Californians unfortunately do….dark, heavy, gaudy and to be honest….NOT very Italian at all!

So what we’ve come up with is an Old World look that combines my clients’ love of deep, rich green, and European elements.  Side note…this condo may eventually become a rental in the future, so durability is key to the design!  Here’s a peek at her design….

In other news, this band has been on my radar for a while now.  These boys are from Ireland and are 100% dance approved!  I call it my happy music and this is regularly on my “walk with the dog” playlist.  Let me know what you think!

PS….We’re off to the Central Valley (ie. Fresno) to attend a close friends’ baby shower and visit my husbands’ childhood pals.  When we went a few weeks ago I came down with the WORST flu that had my laid up in bed there the whole time. Side bonus….I lost 8 POUNDS with that flu!!! Not joking!  Of course I’ve already gained most of it back. Oh well!

Have a great weekend!!!

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March 12, 2012

Be back soon…

by Shelly

Don’t you just love kids!? Mine was so sweet that she gave me a nasty flu that has had me down for the count since last Friday. I’m calling it the Spring Break flu since I’ve eaten less in four days that I do in one normal day. My stomach has never looked better! ha!

So since I missed music Friday and have been a bit MIA I’m making it up sort of by sharing this ditty with you.  If you haven’t been listening to Foster the People, you are seriously missing out friends! It’s upbeat and my kiddo even loves it. This song is one of my favs… ENJOY!

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