February 3, 2010

Powder Room Redo: Chapter 1

by Shelly

Our new wonderful home is a classic Williamsburg style home. I’m a true believer in decorating a home somewhat along the lines of what style home it is. For example, if you have a Hamptons beach cottage, I think its silly looking to decorate the interior in Hollywood Regency style. I don’t mind touches of a look you really like, but I do feel the homes’ insides should somewhat reflect the outside.

With that being said, our new home was an abomination when we moved in! The previous owners LOVED Tuscan style…and not good Tuscan style…gaudy, old lady, over done Tuscan. It was bad! We’ve painted and replaced lighting in many of the rooms, but since we’re not rolling over in cash…well its going to be an on going process for a while to come.

Our powder room is BEGGING us to help it. Here take a look…

The vanity area complete with a new vanity, lighting and oil rubbed bronze fixtures just not in the style I would go with. I would LOVE something like this…

from 219northcliffwood.com
Since the hubby will not allow me to rip the vanity out anytime soon, I’m thinking of possibly painting it white to match the kitchen that’s white in the room next door. But the dark looks nice with the travertine tiles. Ah decisions, decisions. 
Then did you see that wonderful lighting?!!! Yuck. Again, not umm my taste AT ALL! So that’s definitely going. But since this is going to be a mini redo I think the old lady wallpaper will come down first and a coat of BM Lenox Tan will go up in its place. I would love to have polished nickle hardware in here but since the oil rubbed fixtures are brand new..they’re going to stay. So here are some lighting choices I’m considering replacing the old ones with.
The Sutton sconce looks a lot like my inspiration picture. I like the touch of modern they would lend the room. Since the fixtures are so traditional, I think these would give a nice contrast.

Soho Sconce $189 @ Shades of Light.com

Cone Shade Wall Lamp-Double Joint in Bronze $272 @ Shades of Light
The last light is a bit different for a bath. I got the idea via Urban Grace blog a while back. She wrote about her love for designer Rita Konig’s bathroom she did for Domino Magazine. I like how unique it looks in a bathroom.
Rita Konig for Domino Magazine
 So what do you think? Which lighting choice do you like best for the room? Oh and to help you gain a greater sense of what I’m working with, here are more pics of the rest of the room.
lovely shower umm drapery panel..don’t you think?

 Tumbled travertine tiles are pretty AND expensive I know, but I hate the diamond pattern they used. Oh and why oh why would you spend the money in bath and put in expensive tile work and leave the old too small bathtub? I’m perplexed. FYI the bath is VERY short and small. Since I regularly use this room to bath our little one…my back aches hunching over this thing.
To be continued…..

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January 26, 2010

Faux get about it…

by Shelly

As I’m sure you are aware, if you spend any sort of time on design and decorating blogs, that faux bamboo furniture is HOT! There’s just something about the look that really gives a room a nice punch of freshness and whimsy. I have been into the bamboo look for probably about ten years now. Living in Southern California the trend in interiors has been leaning towards a coastal look for a while and faux bamboo obviously fits right in. Just look at how this trend makes these rooms sing…

The ever popular Hollywood Regency bamboo dining chair. So pretty with the industrial lights over the kitchen table and those gorgeous (I want them NOW) slipcovered wingchairs. You can find a great little chair just like the one in the picture here!

Photo via Decor Pad
Gorgeous all white with a shot of spring green, cottage bedroom by Tom Stringer for House Beautiful. Beds like this can be found on the cheaps if you search Craigslist and Ebay! A coat of paint really revives the look!
Tom Stringer-House Beautiful
This entryway features a bamboo piece that is more “island” and less “regency”. I wonder if a piece like this will look more timeless than one that is more obviously regency style. I fear the Hollywood Regency look is going to just scream 2008-2010 in just a few years. But I love it…and so do a lot of other people. Hopefully it will stay a classic.
via Decor Pad

Such a cute little nightstand between twin beds. It keeps the room from feeling too formal or fussy.   

forgot where I found this one! 

And finally a beautiful entryway by the guy that does interiors that perfectly embody the So Cal look….or at least the one that is so popular in South Orange County! And that shell mirror…LOVE LOVE LOVE! I tried to makes one myself a year or so ago. No bueno. Hardest thing I have ever tried to do. Now I know why they are so expensive!
Barclay Butera

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January 8, 2010

A slight obsession

by Shelly

You’ve probably seen these babies all over the place. They are in every design mag lately…all the designers are using them in their interiors..and I’ve been crazy for them since I spotted them. The problem was I had no idea what they were. I’m talking about the ficus lyrata

Barclay Butera

DC 2009 Design House (I believe??)

There’s just something so sculptural about them and just so NOT a palm. I’m over palms…and I don’t like regular old ficus trees. They scream 1980s to me. But I just love having live plants in my home, so I was determined to find out what kind of tree this was. After weeks of searching, one of my clients happened to have two in her home. She gave me the name and I was set! Unfortunately, when I did finally find them at a nearby plant store they were PRICEY!!! $200 bucks to be exact. That’s what I get for liking a tree that the rest of the LA area has also decided they like as well.

Then from some extra internet searching I found The Plant Stand.. WHOO HOO! I love this place! I’m quite the crazy plant lady and this place is just up my alley! I found my lyrata plant and at a nice price of $85 bucks. I’ll take that! It’s now gracing our living room and I am in love.

Yes…I realize the pot I have the tree in is too small. I still need to find something I really love to put it in. Since I threw out my back yesterday, that is going to have to wait.

And although I was totally in pain yesterday after I got home from The Plant Stand, I still somehow managed to drag that baby out of my car and into that pot. Stupid, I know! I think I made my back worse. And since I had to wait a few hours to see my chiro…I whipped these babies up…


Orchids and ferns. Just what the house needed to bring some life into it. Feels very New Year to me! Now back to umm nursing my back. No bueno!

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November 13, 2009

It’s all in the campaign.

by Shelly

Well, it’s official…Van Rozeboom Interiors is in full swing! I got my first client about a week ago…YIPPIE, but scary too. So, now that I’m back working a bit, it’s probably about time to start focusing on the mess that is suppose to be my office.

Currently it’s a DISASTER! When we moved in mid-July it became the “throw anything and everything that doesn’t have a home into this room” room. Awesome. Now it’s bad…really, really bad! So I’m currently searching around for ideas for my home office and I’m continually leaning towards one look. CAMPAIGN!! I’m not sure how or where it started, but I”m seeing a lot of this look around lately and I LOVE!

Hickory Chair-Asheworth Campaign Desk $$$!!
Crate and Barrel- Campaign Desk $999

Orvis- Campaign Style Navigator’s Desk $1725
And the office that really made me want to find an old campaign style credenza is this one:

 from Little Green Notebook blog

Check out her whole office redo here!


October 29, 2009

Science class

by Shelly

Every morning I religiously get up, head downstairs, start the coffee process, feed the pets, and then hop on my laptop to check out One Kings Lane an online private home decor website. It’s by invitation only and SOOO worth it! Need an invite? Drop me a line here and I’ll send you one.

So this morning I broke from my usual first thing in the am routine to take a long hot shower before heading downstairs. *it was ccccold this morning…at least by So Cal standards*. Well my little delay caused me to be late for the sale of the day on the site. Empiric Studio was todays’ sale and they have FAB scientific prints and posters, old photographs, old So Cal photos, travel graphics and floral and fauna prints. By the time I logged on all of the amazing looking scientific prints were sold out! UGH! I was in love instantly. I was thinking a few might be sort of quirky in our dining room or maybe in my soon to be office. Who knows…but I want one! Just check some of these bad boys out…

 Pfurtscheller Zoological Wall Chart

Italian Periodic Chart, midcentury
And a series of these astrological prints would look too cool grouped together in a room. Not your usual art that everyone seems to have!
 Illustrated Astronomy, Uranus and Neptune

Illustrated Astronomy, Eclipses
I think a few of these babies are going to be making their way into my home or a clients’ very soon. 


October 23, 2009

One step forward

by Shelly

My lovely, wonderful, creative hubby (was that enough?) has been working hard on creating a website for newly re-established interior design company!

I am so thrilled to be going back into design after a seriously long hiatus…8 long years to be exact!. And even though I haven’t “officially” been in the biz for that serious stretch of time, in no way did it ever leave my life. In fact I would go so far as to say I did MORE design during those years than before. I planned and designed my own wedding, as well as a few friends weddings, we bought a new home that needed a complete overhaul inside and out, I helped out friends and family with their individual remodels and design projects and I threw more parties and social events than any non-socialite should! And because of our last big life change..buying our dream home that is 3x the size of our last!….I realized that I want to be back in the field for good! So here is the first step towards working back in my dream field. Let me introduce to you www.vanrozeboom.com! We’re still working on the actual site, but at least I have an online face now. I’m giddy with excitement at sharing my design projects and events! Now if I could only find the file with my portfolio…..

By the way, I have to give some serious credit to some designers that I have found the last few years through design blogs and magazines, that have inspired me (without their knowledge) to get back into design again and give it a go on my own. Thanks guys!!!

Sally Steponkus
Tobi Fairley
Lori Tippins
Annsley McAleer
Jason Bell


September 11, 2009

Guest/Baby bath remodel

by Shelly

We just moved to our new big, wonderful new home a short 6 weeks ago, but of course the “we’ll eventually do that” bathroom ended up being one of the first large projects we decided to knock out. What facilitated our decision to conquer the bathroom was two things: 1) our 2 year old would have NOTHING to do with it..no baths in that room for her and 2) our dearest German friends were coming mid-September for a two week visit to the states. So we decided to do a “small” redo on the room…yeah right!!

Actually, I should admit that I was asked by my hubby to just take off the wallpaper, so we could paint the room. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the pic before I painstakingly scrapped off all the wonderfulness that was our Tommy Bahama palm tree explosion. But it was very early 1990′s with LOTS of palm trees and complete with not just one wallpaper border over the actual main wallpaper, but TWO! UGH UGH UGH!

                           So here is the lovely bath after the paper came down. Awesome huh? Looks like a lot of apartment bathrooms I’ve had in the past!
Well once the paper came down the other half and I decided to just go full speed ahead. So here we are just three days before our friends are due to arrive and we still have nothing, but the tub in place. Long story short, we went with a handyman that was VERY lazy and then got “sick” Tuesday and well, we haven’t seen him since. So, I contacted some other installers and first thing this am, I have two guys here to lay the shower and floor tile. Tomorrow morning the new vanity is being installed, as well as the vanity marble. Here are are the fabulous details going into our vintage inspired bath….
Restoration Hardware Framed Inset Medicine Cabinet
Grohe “Seabury” 8″ Widespread Faucet

Grohe “Seabury” Tub/Shower Faucet

Pottery Barn Mercer Double Sconce in Satin Nickle
  PB Mercer Bath Fixtures

1″ Unglazed Hexagon Floor Tile

Ann Sacks 3 x 6 subway tile for shower walls
Kohler Devonshire Soaking Tub

Kohler Devonshire Undermount Sinks
We’re hoping and praying that the new guys can knock this bathroom out by Tuesday! Please cross your fingers and toes for us. I would so love this to be all ready for our amazing friends and their baby!!!  Stay tuned for after pics.