July 27, 2010

Sweet estate sale finds!

by Shelly

Just wanted to share some goodies I picked up at an estate sale in my neighborhood recently.  I got there just about 30 minutes into the first day of the sale and it was OUT OF CONTROL!! People were packed inside the house and there were all ready piles set aside of things people wanted to buy. It was good…real good!
A pretty little handpainted Japanese vase circa pre WWII! 
A cute little ruffle edge bowl and saucer for jam on our breakfast table.
A pair of Gorham circa 1920s candlesticks…just perfect for our holiday table! AND these come apart and can be made to hold just a separate candle stick each or made shorter. Pretty nifty!
Neat old apple baskets. Really not sure what I’m going to do with these yet. But they were only $3! And one of them has a cool lid to it. Any ideas what to do with these???
Small, creamy milk glass vases just perfect for fresh picked flowers from our garden!
And speaking of milk glass…a cute medium size bowl for fruit and a sugar and creamer set!  LOVE!
I fell in love with these old rusty hooks. I’m thinking of using them to hang my aprons on.
Oh, and last but not least…the early 1920s butter churn. For $15 I couldn’t resist. It was just too cool. I’m thinking of using it in a clients’ house. Such a cool conversation piece in the right room.
Well, I think I did a pretty good job at one estate sale. I love all the milk glass and plan on using it when we entertain.  The husband would rather I set up an etsy shop and start selling my finds, but I’m still debating that one. Thanks for stopping by!


June 1, 2010

Cheap chic at Target!

by Shelly

After my most recent jaunt to our local Target I came home hiding my purchases a bit more than usual. Come on ladies..you know what I’m talking about. You spent just a tad too much while at Tarjay and so it becomes a bit of a game to not only get your one too many bags in the house without the other half seeing it, but then casually pulling it off when he asks, “Honey is that new?”. NOOOOOO!  Of course it isn’t! Yeah right. :)

Well, I’m guilty. It was just too good! Not only did I pick up this cute summer hat for days by the pool and hanging on the beach…..

I also snagged this cute little sundress for my Ellie. Perfect for hot summer barbeques and soirees. Yes, my kid goes to soirees. hahaha!!
 But then I stopped in my tracks at some of their newest home decor. Come to Mama!!! Too cute! If you are looking for some cheap things to spruce up your home Target has got it. I picked up these awesome glass lamps…still not sure where I’m putting them..but that’s not the point. :)

These were another cute find…love love love those shades!
Striped Lamp Shade 
Glass Lamp Base

Adorable for a dash of Americana just in time for the 4th of July! Throw a few on a neutral sofa or an all white bed.

I so wish they had these frames in multiple sizes! The pattern is just too cute and of course the white looks fresh and summery.

Their decorative half hour glass comes in three fun colors: bright blue, green and yellow. This would look be perfect atop a stack of books on a coffee table or added into a bookshelf vignette. And check out who’s jumped on the “Keep Calm and Carry On” bandwagon!
That pillow…the blue lamp…LOVE!
If you’re trying to save money…DO NOT..I repeat..DO NOT go into Target! But if you’re looking for those little somethings for yourself and your home to bring in the warm weather, well you can’t beat it. 
Now back to nursing my sniffling, sneezing self. Colds..ugh.


I have been one busy girl lately! This past weekend as I have been sharing with everyone, quite often, was my trip to the Rose Bowl with Eddie and Jaithan. Our little flea market group wasn’t meeting until 10am Sunday morning, but since the hubby agreed to watch our girl while I shopped I took advantage of my alone time. I got up nice and early and headed over to the Bowl way before 10am to see if I could score deals. To be honest, I was overwhelmed!!!! I don’t go to many flea markets..actually I think I’ve been to one. I usually hit up estate and yard sales for my deals. So, I didn’t really know my prices and I was a bit nervous to buy anything in fear that it would be a piece of…well you get the idea.

Well, that’s where Eddie’s little trip totally helped! Our group was fun, enthusiastic and ready for those deals and finds. Eddie was SO informative and full of so many wonderful, creative ideas for gifts, decorating, and general antique knowledge. He and Jaithan are the sweetest guys and so down to earth. I wish I could bundle up their positive energy for myself. Really, truely,…these guys are the real deal!

With Jaithan and Eddie!

One particular highlight of the day was meeting the bloggers behind some of the blogs I follow and admire. The three girls were none other than Grace from Grace Happens, Alex who owns Rustic Rooster Interiors and Melissa from Seagrass Interiors who works as a junior designer at the Rooster. I was thrilled to finally meet the Rooster chicks from Encinitas, CA and will definitely be taking a day trip down there very soon to check out the store!

Me, Melissa, Grace and Alexandra

It was awesome that they came to the event because the three of them had a design sense similar to my own. Since I didn’t take a friend with me, I kept bouncing ideas off them and getting their approval on some things I was seeing and liking. Thanks girls for putting up with me!

So, you’re wondering…what did I find? Here are my flea market goodies:

I found this gorgeous mirror with the scallop shell at the top for over our living room fireplace. Its a bit more Shabby Chic than I had planned on going with, but I’m liking it a lot. But, knowing me I’ll decide it isn’t right and want something else. And that actually is fine because it would look great in our guest room which is beachy with white painted furniture.

Oh, and did you notice the cane woven demijohns on the mantel? Those were my first find of the day and I LOVE them! 

Well the living room is coming along slowly but surely. Still need tables and some other things, but its coming together. Any thoughts…opinions?

On another note, this sweet little Craigslist find from this past Fall is still sitting in our living room. I’m perplexed…do I paint it, leave it alone?? I can’t find any markings to give me an idea of how old it is. It doesn’t have any veneer. Its solid wood! I think that means its older than say 1950s. But after hearing all of Eddie’s great ideas this weekend I’m feeling like painting it and adding new hardware like…..
I also have quite a large collection of blue and white dishes and pottery. I’ve been collecting it since I was in high school as blue is my fav color! Eddie talked about these plates while on our tour Sunday and I snatched them up quick!
Flow Blue plates…a little chipped, not perfect, but beautiful!
This one is my favorite!
So it was a good trip and I met lots of new people who I hope to see again! Well, I’m off to fabric shop for an e-decorating client who lives—–>
Here! Gorgeous!


March 14, 2010


by Shelly

the BIG DAY!
Eddie and Jaithan!!!!
Can you tell I’m just a wee bit excited? Did you get my pictures…the rose and then the bowl? hahahaha! I crack myself up!
I will be sure to take pics and share everything on Monday. I am so hoping for fantastic deals and great finds! And while I’m away I will have corned beef and cabbage cooking away in the slow cooker for our meal with friends in the evening. Should be a fabulous Sunday!


Can you tell I am super excited!? I’ve been a So Cal native all my life AND I grew up very close to Pasadena and I’m ashamed to say I have never been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I think the task always seemed too daunting to me. I’ve done other, smaller flea markets, but I’ve always wanted to hit the Rose Bowl one.

Last week when I was catching up on my blog reading, I found out that Eddie Ross was going to be in town doing his flea market shopping trip! If you live in the Southern California area you need to sign up now for the event which is on March 14th. There may be a few more spots open for you to join in. Its going to be a fun day for sure!

Here are some photos from his last Rose Bowl trip. Sign up HERE!

all photos via Eddie Ross

Oh…and what am I looking for? Here is my list of hopeful finds:
1. Silver pieces
2.  Old crocks
3. Oil or watercolor paintings
4. Campaign furniture
5. Faux bamboo furniture
6. Pretty linens
7. Ironstone
8.Old books
9. ??? The unknown….there’s always something unexpected that may catch my eye!