Man, I am going to crawl out of my skin with all the excitement that has been going on with me lately.  First, I am FINALLY having my Van Rozeboom Interiors website designed and built out by my lovely, talented hubby.  Thank God I have a computer geek for a husband eh!?  Second, I am starting work on my first retail space for a really fun stationery store and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  This will be a total growing experience as a designer and I just LOVE a challenge!  And finally, I have signed up for not one, but two design blog conventions this year!

At the end of February I will be attending the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles, that is sure to be an exciting event!  Tons of great interior design bloggers will be speaking at the event and I can’t wait to learn some tricks from some masters of blogging.

Then in May….totally last minute yesterday and with a lot of begging to my husband…I signed up for Blogfest 2011 in New York City!  This is BIG for me…I have a  difficult time in New York.  I’ve been twice, once for work and once for a wedding.  And both times I felt totally like the little country girl in the big city. Yeah, yeah I’m from Los Angeles for God’s sake.  This really shouldn’t be a big deal.  But if you’ve been to both cities you know….there IS a difference.  I’m a beach girl. Casual. Laid back. Enough said.

But I honestly couldn’t resist when I saw some of the speakers!  It’s like going to the Academy Awards for designers!  Seriously…Newell Turner, Barbara Barry, Margaret Russell and many more.  I’m dying.  So now I just have to figure out who the heck is going to take care of our three year old while I’m in NYC and we’ll be set!

Soooo, are you to any blogging conventions this year?  Which ones?  I’m really hoping to not only meet colleagues, but possibly fun, new friends this year!


January 13, 2011

Bedroom Seating

by Shelly

When we moved into our current home we were amazed at how freaking HUGE the master bedroom was.  Coming from a small, cottage size house of 1100 sq. ft. to more that 3300 in our new home was quite a shock.  We just weren’t use to that kind of space!  Our master bedroom, by far, has to hold the bulk of that square footage.  We lovingly refer to the room as “Vegas”.  After all, there really WAS a weird platform set up in the corner of the room when we moved in.  I guess the previous owners used it to raise up their tv.  I don’t know…looked like a stage to us.

In any case, we purchased a new bedroom set shortly before we moved in.  However, the room is still lacking some finishing touches that I think will really make it feel pulled together.  Here are some inspiration photos of bedroom with seating areas that are similar to what I am working with.

{217 North Cliffwood Drive}

So I’m thinking of a few combos for the room…. bench at the end of the bed with a comfy chair and ottoman in a corner,  small settee at the end of the bed with maybe a small ottoman in front of it, or two chairs and a small table or ottoman between them.  I could go so many ways!  But really the basic thing we need is just somewhere to sit and put on our shoes!  Right now the bed is too high to be able to do that comfortably.  Here is a fairly recent shot of our room as it is now.

And here are some looks that I am considering for the room…..

Which look would YOU do?


October 22, 2010

Designer crush

by Shelly

I finally got a little time yesterday to catch up on magazine reading and online mag reading too! In the October/November issue of Lonny there is a fabulous spread on Mary McDonald who is celebrated for wonderfully capturing old Hollywood style in her designs. I fell in LOVE with Mary’s dressing area that is featured in her new book Mary McDonald: Interiors: The Allure of Style.

The wallpaper is AMAZING first off! And I only wish I had a dressing area like this…wowzers! The tufted ottoman, that gorgeous blue, the mirrored pretty!  The one idea in this room that I might just have to borrow, is the way she hangs her handbags on hooks in the closet. Such an easy idea, but it looks so nice and organized!

Well, the little one and I are guy free this weekend. The hubs is at a guys getaway, so its just us girls! I’m having a fun ladies wine party tomorrow night with a Halloween theme. I’ll make sure to recap the details on Monday! Hope you have some fun planned this weekend too!


September 28, 2010

Style Constants- Part Two

by Shelly

Happy Tuesday friends! Hope you enjoyed last weeks’ part one of my take on Rebecca Moses’ Style Constants!  I know I was GOING to do Part Two the very next day, but the crazy heat wave that hit us over the weekend here in So Cal along with a lot of little cleanup project around the house, sort of threw me off track! I did get a few emails asking where the items could be purchased. As stated in the first post, all the items shown can be purchased through me…just email
Now onto the rest of the items that your home should have, to stay stylish for years to come……
Jameson Wingchair starting at $849.00

Feather and Script Needlepoint Pillow Reg. $118.00

Yellow and White Zig Zag 20″ Pillow $35.00- Thislittlehome on Etsy

Apple Green Zebra Print 16″ Pillow $23.00- Thislittlehome on Etsy

Tufted Ottoman with turned leg $897.00

Iron and reclaimed wood coffee table $1400 through VR Interiors

White Aged Side Table $418.00 through VR Interiors

Antique Gold Iron Wheat Table with Beveled Glass Top $199 through VR Interiors

Velvet Champagne Throw-Pinecone Hill

Glass Taper Holder $30.00 through VR Interiors
Set of Leather Bound Books $50.00
Can be purchased HERE!

Leather James Chaise $1460.00 through VR Interiors

Aqua Distressed Geometric Screen $1508.00 through VR Interiors

Natural Wood Carved Screen $454.00 through VR Interiors

Silverleaf Ring Screen $1179.00 through VR Interiors

Hunt Club Porcelain Trophy $45.00 through VR Interiors

Antique Silver Trophy with Handles $125.00 through VR Interiors

Whew! I’m tired! So many options to choose from that I had a hard time narrowing it down. I left out a few elements from the Style Constants, but touched on the main ones (and the ones that didn’t get scanned poorly in the crack of the magazine!).
By the way, did you see Fridays’ post? Van Rozeboom Interiors store is in full swing now! I will be adding new items from time to time, so check back often.

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September 24, 2010

We’ve got a store up in here!

by Shelly

Well boys and girls, it looks like I’m taking a leap on a new venture.  Van Rozeboom Interiors is opening up a little retail store (online for now) and we’ll see where it takes us! I will be featuring new items every so often, so please check back here for updates! Please contact me HERE to place an order, find out more information or to get a shipping quote!

Here are the new arrivals….

Garden Stool – Comes in White, Celadon, Light Blue, Pea Green, Cobalt Blue, Orange
*Put one next to the tub, use as an accent table, or put on the patio for fun accent outside!
Dimensions:13″W x 13D”x 17″H
Please contact me for color swatches!

Blue and White Garden Stool with Landscape Design
*Gorgeous cobalt blue and white pattern makes this ceramic stool really stand out!
Dimensions: 13X13X17

Blue and White Chinese Tea Jars
*A must for any classic beach house! Great in bookcases, on a console table, just about anywhere in your home.
Dimensions:8″W x 8D”x 13″H

Large Rectangular Flower Basket
*So pretty on a dining room table with fresh fruit. Use to hold linens in a bath or magazines in the family room. Large and durable!
Dimensions: 27″x17″x11″

Set of Leather Bound Books
*What to do about that big ol’ bookshelf with no books! Here’s your solution! Make your shelves look like all the magazines. Fill them with these aged leather books for an instant dose of DESIGN!
* Discount with more than 2 sets purchased!*

Glass Vase wrapped in natural or white burlap
*What a steal! Sooo pretty on your dining room table during the holidays, or any time of the year. Use an assortment of sizes scattered around for real impact! Gives your home that casual rusticness that mixes and matches with any decor.
Comes in three sizes:
Petite 3″x4″ $7.50 each
Small 3.5″x4.25″ $10.00 each
Medium 4.74″x6″ $18.75 each

Wood Pulley-Natural
*Need an instant dose of style in your abode? This is it! One or a couple of these set on a pile of books on a side table would look chic! Add a bunch of pulleys in a woven basket for a funky accessory.
$46.25 each

Zinc Placecards- Set of 6
*Add a little fun to your dinner party table! Or use on a buffet table to tell your guests what each dish is. Use at a wine party to label cheese or wine.
Size: 2″x1.25″x3″
$18.75 each

Galvanized Metal and Glass Hurricane
*Pretty, pretty, pretty! Rustic chic to be used anywhere in or out of the home. Use a few of these on a long table for real impact! Or add them to your fireplace mantel.
Size 5″x15.5″
$30.00 each


*We do not charge sales tax for any purchases, except those shipped to California. Purchases shipped to California residents will be charged 8.75% sales tax. Because we are located in California, we are required by law to charge sales tax in this state.*

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September 23, 2010

Style Constants- Part One

by Shelly

October 2010 issue of House Beautiful  featured an article on fashion designer Rebecca Moses’ A Life of Style.  In the book her adorable watercolor paintings feature her ideas on style constants.  They are those things you can have in your home for years that will always be stylish and classic!
House Beautiful October 2010
Here’s how each of those elements would translate in my world. Everything featured is available through Van Rozeboom Interiors. Please contact me for additional information or to order!

Thomas O’Brien Derrick Tower Lamp $630.00
Classic Acorn Urn Lamp $405.00 
Slipcovered Emily Sofa-starting at $1500
Vanilla Glazed Small Rope Ceramic Stool $400
 Blue and White Wedding Jar $200.00

Ilyrian 33″ Convex Mirror in Antique Gold by Reflecting Design $539.00

Gaston Desk $895.00

 Aqua Distressed Faux Bamboo Writing Desk- $870.00

Dominique Bergere Armchair with cane back $796.00

2 Seat X Bench $283.00
Bench with four drawers $998.00

Double Twist Wall Sconce in Antique Brass $399.00
Sunburst Wall Sconce $616.00
Hope you enjoyed Round One of my version of Rebecca Moses’ Style Constants. Everything featured can be purchased through Van Rozeboom Interiors.  Check back tomorrow for the rest of the article selections!

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April 28, 2010

I’ve decided….

by Shelly

that we’ve lived in our house for almost a year now and I want our living room DONE! We need a cocktail table, sofa table, new lamps, new chair of some sort and odds and ends. I want it done in one month… Not sure my hubby will be ok with this decision since he pays most of the bills and we’ve been on operation save lately (not sure if I was cc’d on that memo). To start off the room I want this…

via Pieces Inc. com
This is vintage and already sold on the site I found her on, but I want something similar. I’m on the hunt now. seriously. I also think I’m going to do a chair in this fabric….

via Galbraith and Paul
or maybe something like this…
via Quadrille

as seen in Traditional Home in the orange color way
Ok, off to scheme and beg my husband. Wish me luck!


January 8, 2010

A slight obsession

by Shelly

You’ve probably seen these babies all over the place. They are in every design mag lately…all the designers are using them in their interiors..and I’ve been crazy for them since I spotted them. The problem was I had no idea what they were. I’m talking about the ficus lyrata

Barclay Butera

DC 2009 Design House (I believe??)

There’s just something so sculptural about them and just so NOT a palm. I’m over palms…and I don’t like regular old ficus trees. They scream 1980s to me. But I just love having live plants in my home, so I was determined to find out what kind of tree this was. After weeks of searching, one of my clients happened to have two in her home. She gave me the name and I was set! Unfortunately, when I did finally find them at a nearby plant store they were PRICEY!!! $200 bucks to be exact. That’s what I get for liking a tree that the rest of the LA area has also decided they like as well.

Then from some extra internet searching I found The Plant Stand.. WHOO HOO! I love this place! I’m quite the crazy plant lady and this place is just up my alley! I found my lyrata plant and at a nice price of $85 bucks. I’ll take that! It’s now gracing our living room and I am in love.

Yes…I realize the pot I have the tree in is too small. I still need to find something I really love to put it in. Since I threw out my back yesterday, that is going to have to wait.

And although I was totally in pain yesterday after I got home from The Plant Stand, I still somehow managed to drag that baby out of my car and into that pot. Stupid, I know! I think I made my back worse. And since I had to wait a few hours to see my chiro…I whipped these babies up…


Orchids and ferns. Just what the house needed to bring some life into it. Feels very New Year to me! Now back to umm nursing my back. No bueno!

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October 23, 2009

One step forward

by Shelly

My lovely, wonderful, creative hubby (was that enough?) has been working hard on creating a website for newly re-established interior design company!

I am so thrilled to be going back into design after a seriously long hiatus…8 long years to be exact!. And even though I haven’t “officially” been in the biz for that serious stretch of time, in no way did it ever leave my life. In fact I would go so far as to say I did MORE design during those years than before. I planned and designed my own wedding, as well as a few friends weddings, we bought a new home that needed a complete overhaul inside and out, I helped out friends and family with their individual remodels and design projects and I threw more parties and social events than any non-socialite should! And because of our last big life change..buying our dream home that is 3x the size of our last!….I realized that I want to be back in the field for good! So here is the first step towards working back in my dream field. Let me introduce to you! We’re still working on the actual site, but at least I have an online face now. I’m giddy with excitement at sharing my design projects and events! Now if I could only find the file with my portfolio…..

By the way, I have to give some serious credit to some designers that I have found the last few years through design blogs and magazines, that have inspired me (without their knowledge) to get back into design again and give it a go on my own. Thanks guys!!!

Sally Steponkus
Tobi Fairley
Lori Tippins
Annsley McAleer
Jason Bell