September 28, 2010

Style Constants- Part Two

by Shelly

Happy Tuesday friends! Hope you enjoyed last weeks’ part one of my take on Rebecca Moses’ Style Constants!  I know I was GOING to do Part Two the very next day, but the crazy heat wave that hit us over the weekend here in So Cal along with a lot of little cleanup project around the house, sort of threw me off track! I did get a few emails asking where the items could be purchased. As stated in the first post, all the items shown can be purchased through me…just email
Now onto the rest of the items that your home should have, to stay stylish for years to come……
Jameson Wingchair starting at $849.00

Feather and Script Needlepoint Pillow Reg. $118.00

Yellow and White Zig Zag 20″ Pillow $35.00- Thislittlehome on Etsy

Apple Green Zebra Print 16″ Pillow $23.00- Thislittlehome on Etsy

Tufted Ottoman with turned leg $897.00

Iron and reclaimed wood coffee table $1400 through VR Interiors

White Aged Side Table $418.00 through VR Interiors

Antique Gold Iron Wheat Table with Beveled Glass Top $199 through VR Interiors

Velvet Champagne Throw-Pinecone Hill

Glass Taper Holder $30.00 through VR Interiors
Set of Leather Bound Books $50.00
Can be purchased HERE!

Leather James Chaise $1460.00 through VR Interiors

Aqua Distressed Geometric Screen $1508.00 through VR Interiors

Natural Wood Carved Screen $454.00 through VR Interiors

Silverleaf Ring Screen $1179.00 through VR Interiors

Hunt Club Porcelain Trophy $45.00 through VR Interiors

Antique Silver Trophy with Handles $125.00 through VR Interiors

Whew! I’m tired! So many options to choose from that I had a hard time narrowing it down. I left out a few elements from the Style Constants, but touched on the main ones (and the ones that didn’t get scanned poorly in the crack of the magazine!).
By the way, did you see Fridays’ post? Van Rozeboom Interiors store is in full swing now! I will be adding new items from time to time, so check back often.

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September 23, 2010

Style Constants- Part One

by Shelly

October 2010 issue of House Beautiful  featured an article on fashion designer Rebecca Moses’ A Life of Style.  In the book her adorable watercolor paintings feature her ideas on style constants.  They are those things you can have in your home for years that will always be stylish and classic!
House Beautiful October 2010
Here’s how each of those elements would translate in my world. Everything featured is available through Van Rozeboom Interiors. Please contact me for additional information or to order!

Thomas O’Brien Derrick Tower Lamp $630.00
Classic Acorn Urn Lamp $405.00 
Slipcovered Emily Sofa-starting at $1500
Vanilla Glazed Small Rope Ceramic Stool $400
 Blue and White Wedding Jar $200.00

Ilyrian 33″ Convex Mirror in Antique Gold by Reflecting Design $539.00

Gaston Desk $895.00

 Aqua Distressed Faux Bamboo Writing Desk- $870.00

Dominique Bergere Armchair with cane back $796.00

2 Seat X Bench $283.00
Bench with four drawers $998.00

Double Twist Wall Sconce in Antique Brass $399.00
Sunburst Wall Sconce $616.00
Hope you enjoyed Round One of my version of Rebecca Moses’ Style Constants. Everything featured can be purchased through Van Rozeboom Interiors.  Check back tomorrow for the rest of the article selections!

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I get so excited when I go to grab the incoming mail and see the newest edition of House Beautiful laying in there! Immediately, I scan through my daily schedule in my head to think of when I will have a half hour or so to read it cover to cover that day. Yesterday I did so quite easily, as I spent two hours of my day waiting in the walk in clinic to be seen for my horrific head cold that has turned into a nice little sinus infection.
Well in this months’ issue they featured the work of a few leading interior designers and then asked the some easy small changes you can do in a day to make a big impact in your home.
1. Organize with Trays

“Corral items like TV remotes on a tray on the coffee table. Put liquor bottles, glasses, and bar accoutrements on a tray in the living or dining room, like in this Georgia beach house.” —Jim Howard

2. Display Children’s Art
“Display drawings in a colorful frame, or in a white frame with a colored mat. Hang them in an otherwise unimaginative space. They’re full of spirit — and meaningful.” —Eric Cohler
3. Remove Upper Cabinet Doors
“Remove upper doors. Arrange your dishes and glasses in an interesting way. Put miscellaneous items in low wicker baskets that are all uniform.” —Jim Howard.

4. Paint the Lampshades
“Buy an inexpensive paper shade and paint it red —Farrow and Ball’s Blazer is a gorgeous scarlet. A red shade makes the light incredibly romantic and flattering.” —Joe Nye
5. Bring on the Branches
“Put branches in a container. You could even then go to Home Depot and get a small spotlight to light them from below. It casts fantastic shadows into empty corners.” —Jean Larette

6.Rehang Your Artworks
“Put pieces in unusual places, like above a door. Lean some against a mirror. Hang several in an asymmetrical collage, at least three inches apart, like how these antique mirrors are in a Georgia beach house.” —Jim Howard
7. Refresh the Bath
“Change your shower curtain, or just the liner. Add fragrant candles and a small bouquet. Clear the counters of everything except your prettiest essentials.” —Jean Larette
8. Refresh with New Sheets
“Refresh your bedroom with new sheets. My favorites are white hotel-style sheets with a colored border. They have such a classic look; you can buy them anywhere.” —Eric Cohler
9.Wallpaper the Back of Shelves
“Paper the back of a cabinet or bookshelf in faux-snakeskin, crocodile, or ostrich. Paint can’t come close to the impact. It will inspire you to rearrange your shelves.” —Jean Larette
10.Remove Rugs
“Get a carpet remnant and put it down in an unusual place, like a patio or balcony. Or take up some of your rugs. Bare wood and stone floors can be just as beautiful.” —Eric Cohler
11. Accessorize with Books
“Stack art, design, gardening, travel books — whatever you collect — on a table. Books are my favorite accessory because they’re so personal — they reflect your interests.” —Joe Nye
12. Paint Curtain Rods
“Paint rods and rings with a color that complements the curtains. Rub the paint on with a rag — it creates a softer effect. “—Jim Howard
Some of these suggestions I totally agree with, while some of them I think are so-so ideas. My suggestions? They may sound similar to what the “experts” said, but read on….

1. Rehang Your Artwork: No, not like Jim Howard suggested. I walk into peoples’ homes all the time and immediately think, “That picture is FAR too high on the wall!”. Bring your artwork down to your EYE level. If you have to look up to see it, it’s too high! And if you are putting art behind a sofa, you probably need to lower it even a bit more. You want it to float just above the top of the sofa, not way up above the wall behind it.
Hillary Thomas
Phoebe Howard

2. Declutter Your Kitchen!!!! : Get rid of the mess people! Buy yourself plenty of plastic storage container for your pantry to house all those chips, cereals, etc.  Still not enough room? Pick up some pretty seagrass or woven baskets with lids to set on the floor or countertop. Grab old fashioned glass jars for flour, sugar, and grains. It can be done! I promise you it will make you actually want to cook in your kitchen and going into that room won’t seem like such a chore.
Anne Turner Carrol’s Kitchen via Decor Pad

via Country Living

3. Add Fresh Flowers and Plants: Just by adding a pretty vase with flowers, a potted plant or an indoor tree can really breath life into a room and make your home seem more welcoming.  BUT… I said “fresh” flowers and plants! Please, please, please do not put a silk ficus tree in your home….EVER! Seriously. It looks fake, it will collect dust and look even more fake and no you are not fooling anyone. I promise you. Ok, with that being said there are SOME nice looking silk flowers and plants that have come on the market. They are not cheap. If you see them at Michael’s or any other craft store for that matter, the swap meet, you get the picture…then they’re probably the icky ones I’m talking about. I’ve seen nicer silks at some home boutiques stores and Pottery Barn.  The best ones I’ve ever seen are by Distinctive Designs. A few samples...

Check out their site! If you see something you like I just happen to have an account with them.  I can get you a quote, as well as offer you an additional 10% off!
Barclay  Butera

via Velvet and Linen

4. PAINT: Do your walls look dingy, or do you have dust marks on your walls from your pictures being hung in the same place for so long? Did you paint your house more than say six years ago, right when you moved into your home? OR did you move right into your place and just leave the paint on the walls from the previous owners? If you have little ones, furry ones or a clumsy husband then you need to PAINT! This one thing will make the room seem cleaner, brighter, and more put together (partly because you’ll want to organize a bit after you are done) than anything else you can do to a room. I’ll show you a shot of our home and what a little paint (and umm…undecorating!) can do.
Summer is right around the corner! Are you going to do anything to spruce up your home and give it a quick fix?