January 4, 2013

New Year: House Goals

by Shelly

Hello Friends!

I’ll admit, it’s been tough getting my blog posts in since our kiddo has been off of school for THREE WEEKS!  I may only have one child, but that makes me her full time playmate since she doesn’t have siblings to keep her busy. The hubby and I are wiped out for sure!  After Christmas we decided to introduce her to the Lord of Rings movies since Santa had brought her the Legos video game version for our XBox Kinect.  When we haven’t been watching the movies, we’ve been playing the game.  I’m DONE with electronic devices. I’ve been craving the outside and being active.  Luckily I’ll get my wish this weekend with a little time on the mountain snowboarding.

For New Years we got together with good friends and their kids and had a fabulous time!  The next day while the hubby was braving the cold, COLD water to have a New Years’ surf, I made a list of projects that I would like to conquer in 2013.  Of course I have resolutions of sorts, but for me projects are usually the goals I set for myself first.  That’s just where my design mind goes.  So here’s what I’m aiming to accomplish.  We’ve been on a strict budget since buying our home a year and a half ago, so I’ve only been able to decorate a little at a time. It’s driving me crazy, but my husband is good at keeping me on track and not blowing our bank account (which I could easily do in probably a day if given the opportunity!).

Project #1

The linen closet. Ain’t she purty!?

This space was home to the hot water heater that was broken and needed to be replaced when we bought our home.  We went with a tankless water heater which freed up this space.  Our home actually didn’t even HAVE a linen closet, so this was imperative!  Since we blew way past our budget, when it came time to do closets we were stuck with having to use Lowe’s ready made inserts. Not what I wanted, but we had to have something. So this space houses our towels, sheets, vacuum, iron, ironing board, etc.  It’s not pretty. And I hate that it’s right in our hall and it stares at us everyday. Adding doors isn’t the easiest solution since there is a bit of an issue with the ceiling and walls in this area.  I’m thinking maybe a neat tension rod at the top with just a really tailored pair of drapery panels might work.  But I need to do SOMETHING!  Another option is to rip this whole thing out and have my cabinet guy build me something I design up. We’ll see….but it needs to be fixed!

Project #2

The living room

I finally added some pillows to our blue velvet sofa…the check ones in front.  But I need side tables and lamps.  The tables are a mishmash….the round one to the left is a vintage ice scream table given to us by the inlaws. I covered it with a burlap tablecloth from Ballard to make it more formal, but I don’t like it. The bamboo campaign one on the right is a piece I boughtyearsago when I worked at Thomasville. I like it, but I want more symmetry in this room.  Not sure what I want to do with it yet.

So matching side tables and some ceramic style lamps are what I’m aiming for.  These lamps I pulled out of our bedroom after I found some other lamps I liked better for that room. These aren’t working for me. AT. ALL.

A rug would be nice too… I need to layer big time in this room now, since our new little pup has decided to use it as her personal piddle pad. We’ve become EXPERTS at getting out pee and poo in seagrass.  There’s no smell, but seagrass discolors with certain cleaning products. We figured that out now, but the first few incidents are still showing. Ugh.

And as much as I LOVE my bird prints over the sofa, they just aren’t big enough. Soooo, new art too.

This list is getting long!

Project #3 or maybe 2b?

Living room window

I’m over the bamboo. This window is SUPER wide and the locking mechanism keeps breaking! SO that’s why it’s down in this picture. It’s stuck this way now.  If I could fix it…again (it’s already been fixed once before), I would like to just add draperies. But notice that the top of these windows hits the ceiling?  That is going to make adding draperies and a rod tricky. But that’s the plan!

And then a table and some lighting for this side of the room also. I love my blue damask pattern chairs!

Project #3 or 2c

The fireplace

Our lovely 60s home has really odd angles and walls that make no sense.  The living room is long with a vaulted ceiling and there’s a weird jut out there…seen on the right…that once also had a shelf of sorts. Weird, weird, weird. We took the shelf out, but the jut out is still there. And then the fireplace is off centered at the long end of the room with an asymmetrical brick surround and a boring white mantel. It use to have a matching long PINK stone..yes pink… hearth, but we ripped it out along with the floors during demo. We haven’t replaced it because I’m not quite sure what we want to do here.   But I think we’ve decided on large stacked Mexican beach pebbles with a simple white mantel surrounding it. We’d get rid of the long side to the right though.

And notice my empty basket to the left? I killed my fiddle leaf fig just before Christmas, so I need to replace it now that I know the secret of how to keep them alive. Don’t water them! No seriously…. only once a month! Take them outside spray them down and let them drain. Then bring them back inside. Once a month. It’s been working on the one in our family room and it’s growing like crazy!

Project #4

The Master Bathroom

I’m going to add a linen roman shade with an interesting trim down the sides to the window. I also just ordered a beautiful Phillip Jefferies grasscloth with a subtle metallic thread running through it for the walls. It’s SO pretty!   I hesitated with doing grasscloth in here, but after reading reviews and getting advice from other people who have used it in baths, I’ve decided to go with it. The room needs to be warmed up and I think this will help.

And I may….may…. change out the mirror. Shhhh….don’t tell hubby!

Project #5

The Guest Room Closet

…or lack there of! The closet in this room was made into a closet in our master bedroom, but I STILL didn’t have room to put a long hanging section in. Yes, I know..I have a lot of clothes!  So here are are my dresses and super chunky coats that just don’t fit in my closet.  As soon as the hubs gives me the thumbs up, my cabinet guy is going to build a closet for me with antiqued mirrored doors. Hopefully SOON!

So there you go…my New Years house goals!  Those are the main ones anyway.  We still have the complete outside of our house to remodel and landscaping….argh..the list goes on and on.  But those will wait.

Does the New Year make you want to tackle things around your home too?

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February 1, 2011

Tackling some projects

by Shelly

I’ve had a LONG list of to-dos for our home since we moved in over a year and a half ago.  But the budget has been SLIM to say the least.  So lots has been put on the back burner for now.  But there are a few little things that I knocked out the last two weeks that cost little to no money and made a noticeable difference.

First up, the front door which I blogged about some time ago here.  After putting off this project for MONTHS, we finally got around to painting it after all our rain and unusual cold back in December actually made the paint crack and show the old red paint the door use to be featured in.  In an effort to continue to create a home that has a nice visual flow from the inside out, I decided to paint our door a shade of blue found in the living room and dining room of our place.  The dining room is currently Ben Moore HC 143 Wythe Blue.  Love it…gorgeous, oceany, and serene.

{HC 143 Wythe Blue}

We tried this on the door, but it just didn’t have the right amount of punch.  It needed to be darker since our home has sort of a large presence from the street.  We ended up settling on a more true blue paint color Jamestown Blue HC 148.  It’s not as green as Wythe, but it still works with all the blues going on in our home.

Here is the before of our front door….  It LOOKS blue in the picture, but I promise you it is more brown in person.

And here is our front door now…..

One day I tell ya…those black ugly “Old World” looking outdoor lights will be GONE!  Can’t you just see some classic carriage lamps there? Something like…


or this

or even this.

Ummm and did you see that there is a recessed light over our front door?  Who does that!?  That too my friend, will be gone someday soon I hope. Yuck.

Then of course a few days later I decided I needed to tackle another project.  Our bedroom balcony patio.  We had some serious winter this year in Southern California.  No really…we had near freezing temps in December, tons of rain and high winds, and even a bit of hail.  In our neck of the woods where 65-70 degrees is normal year round, this was a weird season.  The balcony just got hit badly and our plants died, the wicker was chipped and beat up and the whole thing was just dirty and filled with leaves. So I decided that everything needed a nice new coat of spray paint, cushions needed to be washed and plants needed to be put in.

Here is the before….{sad}

And after….

{MUCH better!}

{iron planter has been repainted and new plants and flowers have been put in}

{perfect spot to catch up on magazine reading on a warm weekend morning}

So with those two projects out of the way it’s on to cushions for the window seats in the little ones room and the guest room.  Off to the upholsterer!!!


January 7, 2011

Randomness for Friday

by Shelly

Apparently I’m totally new.  Since becoming quite addicted to this little thing called Twitter I have become COMPLETELY engrossed into the world of design.  I know, as if I were not already.  But then I stumbled onto the Twitter profile of Jenny Andrews from My Favorite and My Best and I was SUCKED IN!  I spent a good part of last night and then again this morning pouring over her blog and reading post after post.  This girl cracks. me. up.

Oh….  but just a little FYI… if you don’t like cussing (a lot actually) or a potty mouth, then her blog is definitely not for you.  Both are a requirement to read it.  You’ve been warned.

On another note..

I’ve been checking out the idea house over at Cottage Living and saw this bathroom…

The walls of the room feature the lyrics to Johnny Cash’s song “Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart.” Clever.  But then I thought after reading loads of MFAMB..

Wouldn’t it be funnier to have these Johnny Cash lyrics on the walls instead:

“I fell into a burning ring of fire

I went down, down, down and the flames went higher

and it burns, burns, burns the ring of fire

the ring of fire.”

My husband would think so and a bunch of other males in my life too.  Potty jokes.  Oh the joys. The hubs and I are HUGE Johnny Cash fans btw.  I think it’s a prerequisite for guys from Central California (where my hubby is from).

Anywho, I’m going to go back to this…

I know.

Awesome huh?

This can all be blamed from reading this post, which sent me into a tizzy of file organization. Oh and this was about an hour after I had spent all day organizing 2010 receipts and paperwork for taxes.  I had just literally cleaned the room up and then… well you get the picture.

By the way, did you take a look at my office in ruins progress?  We’re going on one year now. Still not done. Blame it on the economy or my husbands’ spending freeze.  One of the two, but it’s still not done. Ugh. It is still just a mish mash of junk, chairs that are NOT office chairs, frames, and other various assorted things that should not be on an office floor.  It is priority #1 this weekend, as is painting the front door finally.

Do you have any 2011 projects you will be working on this weekend?  I feel like everyone is sprucing things up, organizing, trying to be a better person, cutting back, trimming down, etc. etc.  Cue The Scorpions, Winds of Change…..


September 24, 2010

We’ve got a store up in here!

by Shelly

Well boys and girls, it looks like I’m taking a leap on a new venture.  Van Rozeboom Interiors is opening up a little retail store (online for now) and we’ll see where it takes us! I will be featuring new items every so often, so please check back here for updates! Please contact me HERE to place an order, find out more information or to get a shipping quote!

Here are the new arrivals….

Garden Stool – Comes in White, Celadon, Light Blue, Pea Green, Cobalt Blue, Orange
*Put one next to the tub, use as an accent table, or put on the patio for fun accent outside!
Dimensions:13″W x 13D”x 17″H
Please contact me for color swatches!

Blue and White Garden Stool with Landscape Design
*Gorgeous cobalt blue and white pattern makes this ceramic stool really stand out!
Dimensions: 13X13X17

Blue and White Chinese Tea Jars
*A must for any classic beach house! Great in bookcases, on a console table, just about anywhere in your home.
Dimensions:8″W x 8D”x 13″H

Large Rectangular Flower Basket
*So pretty on a dining room table with fresh fruit. Use to hold linens in a bath or magazines in the family room. Large and durable!
Dimensions: 27″x17″x11″

Set of Leather Bound Books
*What to do about that big ol’ bookshelf with no books! Here’s your solution! Make your shelves look like all the magazines. Fill them with these aged leather books for an instant dose of DESIGN!
* Discount with more than 2 sets purchased!*

Glass Vase wrapped in natural or white burlap
*What a steal! Sooo pretty on your dining room table during the holidays, or any time of the year. Use an assortment of sizes scattered around for real impact! Gives your home that casual rusticness that mixes and matches with any decor.
Comes in three sizes:
Petite 3″x4″ $7.50 each
Small 3.5″x4.25″ $10.00 each
Medium 4.74″x6″ $18.75 each

Wood Pulley-Natural
*Need an instant dose of style in your abode? This is it! One or a couple of these set on a pile of books on a side table would look chic! Add a bunch of pulleys in a woven basket for a funky accessory.
$46.25 each

Zinc Placecards- Set of 6
*Add a little fun to your dinner party table! Or use on a buffet table to tell your guests what each dish is. Use at a wine party to label cheese or wine.
Size: 2″x1.25″x3″
$18.75 each

Galvanized Metal and Glass Hurricane
*Pretty, pretty, pretty! Rustic chic to be used anywhere in or out of the home. Use a few of these on a long table for real impact! Or add them to your fireplace mantel.
Size 5″x15.5″
$30.00 each


*We do not charge sales tax for any purchases, except those shipped to California. Purchases shipped to California residents will be charged 8.75% sales tax. Because we are located in California, we are required by law to charge sales tax in this state.*

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September 9, 2009

The never-ending to do list

by Shelly

My poor, poor husband! He sort of knew what he was getting into when he married me, but was there any real way to prepare him for the crazy OCD girl that is me? I don’t think so. It’s one of those day by day learning experiences for sure.

Since I was a little girl I have been a complete neat freak, a perfectionist and WAY too into decorating and design than anyone should be. I mean, come on, an 8 year old finds it enjoyable to paint and decorate her room rather than playing with her friends? Yep, that was me!

So now that we have this fairly sizable new home, I of course must have every room in show home condition. Or at the very least something my friends can oooh and aahh over when they come over!

This morning I woke up still sick with a cold, but feeling energized to get started on some little projects. Just to give you an idea of the never ending list, here is a starter of what I would like to do:

Family Room/ Kitchen:

  • Order fabric for sofa pillows
  • Redo hideous river rock fireplace
  • Hang SOMETHING over the mantel
  • Replace wobbly, wrong style fan
  • Have new slipcovers made for kitchen table chairs

Dining Room

  • Purchase slipcovered wingback dining chairs for heads of table
  • Repaint or wallpaper room
  • Hang art and candle sconces

Living Room

  • Redo marble on existing fireplace mantel
  • Purchase large round convex mirror for over mantel
  • Tables! Cocktail, end and sofa table needed.
  • Have electrician install outlet in floor behind sofa for lamps


  • Purchase desk
  • General organization needed

Guest Room 1

  • Redo window seat…pull off carpet and have cushions and pillows made for the area.
  • Hang art above bed
  • Find comfy chair for the room

Guest Room 2

  • Paint over UGLY dark red walls
  • Purchase twin beds and small bedside table for inbetween
  • Find wall art

Baby’s Room

  • Redo window seat…same as above
  • Replace lighting part of ceiling fan

Master Bedroom

  • Take down the sconces…all six of them!
  • Need mirror for over dresser
  • Put up art

Master Bath

  • Total remodel

Kid’s/Guest Bath

  • Finish remodel


  • Purchase cushions for new teak outdoor sectional
  • Replace dining and lounge outdoor furniture to teak to match.

Whew! I’m exhausted and broke just writing that! That list will not be finished anytime soon and that’s ok. Isn’t that the fun of decorating a home…building and growing as you become more accustomed to it? I’ve just never had this much of a pallet to work with. Since I grew up mostly in apartments or condos up until six years ago, this is a treat! I will be sharing as I knock these things out one by one.

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