October 19, 2010

spooky decor for your home

by Shelly

Although my favorite time of the year is actually the warm months of Summer, I absolutely LOVE Halloween!  I guess it’s the actress in me that just adores the idea of dressing up in costume and putting on crazy makeup. Oh yeah, and I love a wig!  But my love for this spooky time of the year doesn’t end there…movies, decor, food..if its spooky, I’m into it!

Our neighborhood is in full Halloween mode right now in fact. Everyone has their home decked out in scary decorations including pumpkins, ghosts, tombstones, and demons.  I’m so proud of our 3 year old for embracing the holiday as well and NOT being scared like most kids her age are.  She’s crazy into it too!

Well, with just weeks away from Halloween (and the season premiere of Walking Dead on AMC!), I thought some spooky inspired items for your home were in order.  Sometimes the best Halloween decorations are the ones that don’t SCREAM Halloween!

click on picture for a closer look!

1.  Unstretched Encyclopedia Skull and Bone Canvas $59-$199 @ Pottery Barn

2.  Phantom Pillar Holder 17.5″-Black $19.95 @ Z Gallerie

3.  Brass Claw Bottle Opener $24.00 @ Jayson Home and Garden

4.  Gothic Quatrefoil Mirror $799 @ Restoration Hardware

5.  Magnetic Specimen- Cicada-2 per box $12 @Van Rozeboom Interiors

6.  Bride of Frankenstein Tintype $38.00 @Obscuro shop on Etsy

7.  Ruby Colored Wine Glasses (2) $16.95 @TwoVintageAvenue on Etsy

8.  McAllister Silhouette Plates $65.00 each @ Jayson Home and Garden

9.  Spiderwebs Under Glass from $45.00 each @ ABC Home 1

10.  Vintage Fencing Mask $95.00 @ Gothic Rose Antiques

11.  Antique German Wall Clock $595.00 @ Gothic Rose Antiques

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November 1, 2009


by Shelly

Two Halloween parties, dogs dressed in costumes on parade, lots of walking in the heat IN costumes and wigs, and too much wine, beer, candy and pizza later….WE’RE POOPED!!! But we had a fabulous night with friends. Halloween was a complete success!

Our little Tinkerbell decorating a hat at a Halloween party at our gym in Belmont Shore.
 Can’t believe I didn’t take a better pic with me as a vampire. God I love wigs!

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But she really, really loved trying on all of Mommy and Daddy’s past wigs and parts of costumes yesterday. She finally settled on my lovely wig from my Rock of Love chick costume and Dad’s Bret Michaels boots. I had to pry that wig off her head after she ran around with it, flirting at herself in the mirror for over an hour! Well, just for a little fun here is the hubby and I last Halloween at our annual party. If you haven’t seen Rock of Love on VH1 then you might not get it. If you have…well then…you understand how funny this is. By the way, I hope Reed doesn’t decide to start wearing eyeliner anytime soon. He looks drugged out!


Back when I was pregnant with our little one, right off the bat I had decided that even though I was having a girl she was NOT going to be one of those diva, princess, ultra girly girls that seem to be running around everywhere these days. The amount of stickers, clothing, dolls, whatever….that are geared for making your little think she is a princess and what not make me SICK!!! The whole thing just seems to breed spoiled little brats who think they are special, but not in a good way. Instead, I wanted our sweetie to be athletic and smart and more “surfer girl” than diva. Well, it all failed….she loves..I mean really, really LOVES fairies, pixies, princesses, dresses, lace, glitter, shoes, makeup, all of it!

I will admit it’s pretty cute. She has the best time playing around in mommy’s closet trying on my hats, putting on shoes and walking around with one of my huge handbags over her arm. It’s adorable really.

So here we are, weeks away from my fav holiday Halloween and of course this year I am asking Ellie what she would like to be. I figure she’s old enough to tell me what she likes and doesn’t right? The first thing she through at me was “Minnie Mouse!” and that was a great idea..in my humble opinion. LOL! But then…then we watch the Tinkerbell movie last week on cable. Opps! Forget about it…it’s all about fairies, pixies, anything with wings and fabulous tutu! Darn it!!!! She wants everything and anything related to that idea. So now I’m stuck with dressing her up like all the other little girls running around. Disappointed.

But now that I have a clear idea of what Ellie is longing for I have gone on a mad hunt for a cute..possibly unique Tinkerbell costume for her. I haven’t really found anything yet, but I ran across these and they are too stinkin’ cute I must say. Maybe next year she’ll be something goofy or scary with her mommy!

Etsy Seller: Fairy Wonderful
Etsy Seller: lovelylittleones
Etsy Seller: boutiqueolliegirl

Here are some cute photos of Ellie from last year…

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Yes, I know…Halloween is still a bit away, but those that know me well know that…well I’m obsessed! My husband and I have had an annual party for the past three years. Every year is a little bit different. We change up the food, make a themed party drink for the night, decide on different entertainment, change around the guest list, and also mix of the decorations to change up the theme a bit.

Last year our little one was only three months old. The night we had the party was actually our first night away from her. She went over to my Mom’s place for the night to make things easier on us and so that we could let loose and REALLY have fun!

So these days, since having a toddler really makes party planning much more interesting, I am starting way ahead of the game. For the entertainment of the evening we are going back to our 2nd party and having karaoke. Karaoke was a HUGE hit the year we did it and I asked a few friends who have been to our party before if they would rather have a DJ. Nope, karaoke was a definite yes!

This year we are going to add a twist and ask that everyone come in completely homemade costumes. Nothing is to be a pre-packaged Halloween costume! We want originality and creativity! So we’re going to add prizes as well. Should be fun!

Another fun thing I was thinking of doing if it doesn’t cost too much, is hire a tarot reader. Hopefully I’ll find one that’s eccentric…that shouldn’t be hard!

Anyway, here are some fun pics of our previous parties…the good, the bad, the scary!

Reed and I as beer garden guy and girl. October 2007

Marie Antoinette in her undies and Willy Wonka. Oct 2006

Reed’s best costume EVER…Robot man Oct. 2005

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