Somewhere along the past few months I decided to become a triathlete.  I know, crazy right?!  After starting a new work out routine with the best group ever back in September, I decided to sign up for the Los Alamitos Race on the Base that took place this past February.  After I announced my decision to my husband, he surprised me completely when he said, “Hey, I’ll do it with you! Sign me up too.”. What the what!?  I was shocked.  My husband WAS once a triathlete back in high school and actually did an Ironman race.  But it had been 20+ years for him and he was most definitely out of shape.  I’m proud to say though, that he jumped into training with both feet and hasn’t looked back.  I would actually say he’s been more into the whole thing than me. He’s a stud!

Well, we both did the race back in February…and finished…actually finished! I don’t know why I’m sooo surprised. Well, I’m not surprised that he did well, but I am surprised that I did pretty well and actually went through with the whole thing!  I wasn’t exactly the athletic type in my younger years, but now just around the bend from being 40, I am in the best shape of my life!  It feels great!

{me at the ROTB Sprint Tri, Feb. 2014}

So of course I’ve gone and done what everyone does after they do one sprint tri….they sign up for three more! No?  They don’t do that? Well, I did and so did the hubs.  And I bought a road bike and gear…and well I guess I’m doin’ this shit! Yikes!  Can you say addicted?  But it’s nice to have a goal and to have something exciting to look forward to and train for. Needless to say it has totally consumed our lives. We sort of live and breath, running, cycling, swimming on a constant basis. That, combined with the normal daily schedule has made my life very full as of late.  I’ve actually backed off from work just a bit to focus more on our family and personal life and I feel blessed to be able to do that. But some new projects have dropped in my lap, so hopefully I will have some fun stuff to share with you all soon.

Ok, enough with the exercise crap. I’ve been very into some stuffs lately and here it all is for ya. A little this, a little that. But if you ignore most of this list, please DO NOT pass up watching Extra Virgin! Especially if you love cooking, or Italy, or Debi Mazar or pasta.

1. Extra Virgin had me hooked after just one show. I love the chemistry between Debi and her hottie, Italian hubby Gabriele Corcos. And the food…damn it…so good! I’ve already made a few dishes from the show and they are all delicious.

2.I’m not sure where my love of monograms comes from. I’m a Southern California beach girl through and through afterall, but somewhere along the line (I think it’s Martha’s fault) I developed a deep love for monograms on pretty much anything. My blogger friend Grace is the purveyor of all things monogram and I was beyond thrilled to see that she’s taken her hobby of monogramming and opened up a shop! Rest assured that I will be purchasing one or two…or three things for my own home.

3. While shopping for new lipgloss I happened upon this lovely fragrance by Bobbi Brown.  Beach is hands down what summer smells like to me.  The smell of the ocean, mixed with jasmine just does it for me.

4. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to meet Sarah Richardson at the Laguna Design Center’s Spring Market.  She is quite a lovely person and her new fabric line for Kravet is just as lovely.  I am DYING to use a few of the fabrics in some upcoming design projects.  They are fresh and pretty…just perfect for spring!

5. Training and working out as hard as I have been the last few months has definitely come with some benefits! My legs are taking on quite a nice shape….which basically comes down to…they are SKINNY!!  This is a huge thing for me. I have never really had skinny legs, or muscle tone, or legs I even felt like showing off. But I do now! This romper by Yumi Kim would be great for summer date nights and for backyard cocktail parties if I dress it down.

6. I have a strong love for lime green. Our family room has some hints of it and I have been looking for a throw that brings more of that color into the room. This one fits the bill and has cute pom pom detailing, which I love!

7. We recently stopped by this burger joint on our way back from a trip to Legoland. The Riders Club Cafe rivals Umami Burger and in my honest opinion…wins all the way!  Great burgers and great beers. Definitely a go-to for your cheat day!

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It’s dreary.

And gray out.


But it was a good weekend. Hope yours was too!

The boy did quite well for Valentine’s Day.  He got me a pretty darn good gift, which I’ll be sharing below.  Then we had a very low key meal, sitting in the bar at one of our local haunts.  Followed by a night of music with an incredibly talented music artist, that is just BEGGING to make it super big!

The rest of the weekend was spent training for the big event hubby and I have next weekend. God, I am SO freaking out!!!  We are doing the Los Alamitos sprint triathlon, Race on the Base .  My husband used to do tris way back when and has even done a half Iron Man or some crazy crap like that.  I am NOT going to end up doing Iron Mans I can tell you that. This was just one of those items on my life checklist.  At the ripe age of 37 I am feeling fitter than ever thanks in major…MAJOR…part to this girl!  I actually kinda like my thighs for the first time in my life. That’s big folks! If you are local to the Seal Beach, Long Beach, Los Alamitos area you need to come take a class. Oh, ladies only unfortunately. Sorry fellas.

In any case, I  have been in serious like with a few things this month and in an effort to better your life I think you should try some of these out. Even if it’s just the yogurt. Ok, on to the list….

1. Good Lord, seriously I about died when I had my first bite of Australian yogurt when we were there.  It blows DOORS off Greek yogurt. Sorry Greeks.  Noosa Yogurt (which is actually the name of the city we stayed in while there) is actually inspired by the Mediterranean variety.  But they sprinkle pixie dust or something and add all natural fruit purees.  It’s freaking delicious and I am heavily addicted now.

2.  The Getaway debuted on the Esquire channel back in September of last year.  I apparently had my head stuck in the sand or something, because I didn’t know anything about this show which was created by one of my favs Anthony Bourdain.  The show features travel- loving celebrities who know some of the World’s greatest cities inside and out.  It completely marries two things I love, travel and food. Which is why I’m such a fan of Bourdain, but this series has a fresh, fun feel. And seriously, as if I didn’t already love Seth Meyer!

3. This jacket had me instantly!  The Veda Denim Jacket for Madewell is very rock and roll and just the right amount of different from your everyday denim jacket.  It totally reminds me of the quintessential biker look we see on patrons of our fav dive bar, Mother’s in Sunset Beach.  My boy got me this for Vday. He rocks!

4. I’m addicted to Pinterest just like everyone else I suppose.  And I’m constantly looking for inspiration for our backyard remodel, which at this rate is years away still. But in any case, I can do hanging baskets.  And I just LOVE the way these look. Now if only I can keep them watered….

5. Anti-gun. Pro-gun. Doesn’t matter.  This shirt is funny and I wish I had ordered it in time to wear during the sprint tri!  But I may just have to bust it out during my workouts! Oh and this one is pretty funny too.

 6. She’s beautiful right?  Well she’s not just a pretty face. In fact she’s quite the badass.  Conway is her stage name and she is going to be HUGE…I just know it!  Kassia Conway (her real name) was the opening act for the show we saw on Friday night and I am SO glad we didn’t miss them. Normally we skate in just before the main act goes on if we don’t know the opener. Read this review and you’ll get a good sense of what she’s like.

And check out this video.

I love her!

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October 7, 2013

My Favorite Things: October

by Shelly

Fall is officially here, but our So Cal weather doesn’t know it. This weekend we had crazy, heat in the 90s and we actually spent the day at the beach Sunday trying to cool off and enjoy the good surf!  But behold!  Rain is in the forecast for this week…THANK GOD!  So, I’m already planning on my husbands’ fav Split Pea Soup for dinner and wearing the new cable knit, over-sized sweater I recently purchased.  Here are some other items that are on my radar this month.

1.  These Ear Phones caught my eye somewhere on the internet and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since. I’ve gotten into jammin’ the music loud in my office when I’m working and sometimes I really, REALLY want to be able to hear all the nuances of a song (it’s the music geek in me). These are SO awesome looking and they get great reviews!

2.  I have always been a hat girl. My husband still cracks up at an old picture of me from when I was 14 and sporting a serious Blossom hat with denim overalls. Not an fab fashion moment for me, but I loved it. I have plenty of warm weather hats, but I would love a wool one for the colder months. This Fedora  is to die for. Simple. Classic. Well made. I really want it!

3.  Ahh… comfort food.  How I love thee.  I am the self -proclaimed queen of making comfort food. Coq Au Vin, Pork Cassoulet, Split Pea with Ham, French Onion Soup, Beef Bourguignon…these are my go tos for when the weather gets cold. I am in desperate need of a larger Le Creuset pot. Mine is just a tad too small for the food I like to make. This Dutch Oven would be perfection and it’s oval which would hold large cuts of meat well. The color is so pretty too!

4.  This Sweater reminds me of the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. Such a cute, quirky sweater for Fall.

5.  Pumpkin pie is hands down one of my favorite desserts ever.  It holds such a nostalgic place for me in my heart. This Candle is perfect for this time of year and the house seems unbelievable, but I will admit it makes me crave pumpkin something fierce!

6.  If you aren’t already listening to The Foals you are missing out!  And of course they are an English band (anglophile right here!). Check them out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

7.  Oh, good Lord! Is there anything better at TJ’s than Pumpkin Butter?  Such a Fall staple at our house. Tastes so yummy on a toasted raisin bagel in the morning with coffee.  The kiddo likes it with peanut butter for lunch.

8.  IN. LOVE. These Rings are gorgeous! *hubby you can gift one to me if you want!* I usually wear my wedding ring on my left hand and another ring on my right hand. I feel naked if I don’t.  The ring I usually wear is bent and is getting impossible to take on and off. And I’ve been wearing it for like 10 years. I need a change. This whole line is amazing!

Off to do a rain dance!!

Happy Monday to you!






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1.  I NEED this skirt!  Ok need may be a bit much, but want? Oh yes…definitely. Sheridan French was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. Thanks Trista!  And I instantly fell in love with her gorgeous tunics, bright colors, and THIS SKIRT!!!! It would be perfect for summer soirees, date nights and my birthday in July.  It’s absolutely beautiful and it needs to be mine.

2.  This soap caught my eye at West Elm a few weeks ago.  My husband comes from Swedish ancestry, so I tend to pick things up that even hint at being swede. Haha! The smell is divine and it looks so preppy cute on the countertop.

3.  Our dogs are mostly indoors, so consequently they require big cushy beds to lounge on.  They currently have beds from Martha Stewarts’ line at Petsmart and I haven’t been too happy with them.  And…they are definitely NOT as cute as this Dash and Albert dog bed! I’m a huge fan of the line and have been very happy with the quality of their products.  These will be seen in my home soon I think.

4. We ventured out to the desert for the big Coachella event a few weeks ago.  Having previously attended the concert (this was my eighth year), I knew that makeup tends to melt right off your face.  I decided to give this beauty balm a try after hearing so much about them.  Light weight coverage, primer, moisturizer, anti aging treatment, and sunscreen all in one….it sounds too good to be true.  However, I can tell you first hand THIS IS THE BEST STUFF!!!  I’m hooked.  It gives my blotchy, acne prone, sensitive skin a nice amount of coverage and hides my flaws, and I’ve also noticed an overall improvement to the texture.  You must try this!

5. I instantly fell in love with this tunic when I laid eyes upon it at Anthro.  It’s has a slight vintage feel and is just the look I tend to lean towards for summer.  It will be a great piece to dress up with bright skinny jeans and wedges or down with cutoffs and sandals.

6.  It’s no secret that I love a good monogram. This pillow would look adorable in our British inspired living room.


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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November 6, 2012

My Favorite Things: November

by Shelly