I am without a doubt a summer girl, but the humidity and heat in late August tends to make me long for cooler weather. Our mail has been jammed packed lately with fall magazines and catalogs and I am DYING to update my wardrobe with a few essentials. Here are the looks that I’ve been coveting lately…


Do you see a theme here? Preppy, tomboy, nerdy, classic. Yeah that’s going to be my look this fall/winter fo sho! ┬áSo here are some picks to get the look if you so desire.

Nars Lipstick-Shanghai Express




Lace Skirt

New Balance Sneakers

Shoemint Slipons

Quilted Vest


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September 2, 2010

FALL….ing in love with Fall

by Shelly

It’s sort of unfortunate that we are just now…in LATE August…getting Summer weather in good ol’ (normally warm) Southern California. My mind is just not into anymore. I want boots, snuggly blankets, comfort food, and cozy interiors.Then the newest J. Crew catalog popped into my mail the other day. Wowzers..hold me back! I want everything in it! 
The sweater, the cute furry scarf thing, the antique looking necklace, the neutral cords..and THOSE HEELS! In the words of Rachel Zoe..I DIE!
First off, I only wish I looked that good in a pair of skinny jeans. I mean…I look pretty decent, but I love food and (God help me!) I LOVE wine..so I don’t look as good as “skinny bones jones” does in the pic below. I know, I know…she’s too skinny..blah blah blah. She is a bit, but she looks good. Well, in the picture at least. 
OK, so back to what I was talking about….. jacket= CUTENESS, the sloppy sexy hair, and the tomboy outfit all topped off by those cute mary jane heels!
Here we go again with those HEELS! But this time they are patterned! And I’m LOVING the forest green riding pants with the zippers. Again, not sure I can pull this off, but I really, really want to try it out!
Then there is this cute skirt that Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere wore….love! But of course, wouldn’t ya know…it’s sold out now!
Are you coveting any of the Fall fashions you’ve seen lately?

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 photo via halletecco blog

It has been three long years since I’ve gone to one of my favorite music events, the Coachella Valley Music Festival.  My first Coachella encounter started way back in 2001 when I was 25 *sniff sniff*. My how time flies! It’s an unbelievable experience that you can only understand once you have gone. There is something magical about seeing your favorite bands out in that beautiful desert with tens of thousands of other people. But of course there ARE downfalls….heat like you wouldn’t believe (I was there the year it was 109 degrees and the festival had NOT put up shade areas like they now have), long lines for bathrooms and beer (you MUST have beer..its so hot and its the ultimate refresher during the 4pm heat),  and some serious winds that sometimes end up very cold (like they did in 2002). So I’ve come up with a list of my essentials for the weekend that have gotten me through the heat, the cold, the wind, the lines..you name it. Here they are! Oh, and word to the wise…don’t wear super nice stuff! PLEASE! This is the place where it will get broken, ruined, lost, stolen or what have you. I know you want to look good, but be smart about your attire.

1.  First and foremost…you gotta have a hat! Seriously, I’m pretty white bread and now that I’m 33 its not so cool to let my shoulders and face fry beyond belief just to look cute. The wider the better, but if you can’t swing a big hat just wear one that will at least cover that nose.

American Eagle Zig Zag Fedora $19.50
So cute with a flowy sundress and sandals! This WILL keep that sun from scorching you.
J. Crew Summer Straw Hat $30.00

2.  Clothes that will keep you cool during the day! I’m kind of in love with the first dress. I might just have to go back to Forever 21 and get this (I was there yesterday). Perfect with that big hat and some cute metallic sandals!

Tribal Maxi Tube Dress-Forever 21 $14.50
The whole outfit actually works. I love the skirt because its got enough room to move in which is needed since at some point you’ll need to sit on the ground.
3.  What you need at night so you don’t freeze if it decides to turn cold on ya.
Belted Boyfriend Cardigan- Old Navy $25.99
4. SUN PROTECTION! I can’t stress this enough. I’ve gotten and seen really, really bad sunburns on people at the show. Not fun!

Chapstick with SPF 15- Drugstore.com $1.99
Any kind of body wipe will do, but since I’m a clean freak this is a must for me. Right around dusk I usually throw on some jeans (that I bring in my backpack) and I wipe myself clean with some wipes to get off all that sunscreen, sweat, and dirt.  By nighttime rolls around I smell good while other people in the crowd…..well they don’t.
No-Rinse Bathing Wipes-Drugstore.com $3.69
There you have it..the little things that make watching a massive concert in the desert a little more bearable enjoyable! Of course there are the a few I didn’t include like water and sunglasses, but since most of the people going are from LA, well do you really think they would forget those two things? Probably not. See ya in the desert! And here are some images from the last Coachella I went to in 2006…

 Crazy sculpture!
Yes, this guy is COVERED in glowsticks! Now if only I had taken a picture of the guy with the cork hat.
My good natured husband who lets me drag him along every year. He’s not really the big crowd, hot desert event sort of person. Unfortunately, this year he can’t go because he’s actually working a high tech geeky thing FOR the event that weekend. Yes, I’m going to be pulling a solo…no kid, no hubby…weekend!
I may not look like it, but I can tell you at this point I was hotter than Hades, my shoulders were just starting to burn and I realized that it was going to be a VERY VERY hot day!


January 28, 2010

My Mommy Essentials

by Shelly

I spoke with a girlfriend earlier today about how our wardrobes have changed since having kids. No, its not because our bodies have changed and we can’t fit in to the same kinds of clothes we use to. Actually I personally haven’t had a problem with that..THANK GOD! The problem is I don’t get out much. Haha! No really, I DON’T GET OUT MUCH! I’ve actually gone a full stinkin’ week in the past before I even left the house. Not a proud moment.

But as mommies we sort of all develop our own personal mommy style. Someone else might have their uniform they always wear, but when you see them you think, “Wow, look how put together she is…I wish I could dress like that”. Well, little do we know, but that chick who’s outfit you love has probably worn it twice already this week and wore it last week too. Doesn’t matter…you still envy her style.

Well, my good girlfriend complemented me on my style and how I still “have it”. What a super awesome compliment I think! So here I’m going to share the top 10 things I love for me now that I’m a mom and a stay at home one at that. And yes, I wear the same outfit twice in one week…sometimes even three times.

1) True Religion Stella Skinny Jean in dark blue wash
LOVE LOVE LOVE these jeans! I never in a million years thought I would love skinny jeans, but I do. I’ve tried to buy other brands of skinny jeans and I can’t do it. There is something about this cut that just flatters a girl with some thigh meat. And TR jeans have a wide seam on the outer sides that really thin the leg out more. Totally flattering! Wear them in warm weather with flip flops or ballet flats and in the winter with flat boots. For a night out I just throw on my platform pumps and I’m good to go.

 Find them here! $172.00 at Bergdorf Goodman
2) Cole Haan Aria Bria Shoes
 I scored these sweeties on Rue La La a few years ago for way under $100. I think they were like $69. Anywho, I had no idea the love affair I would develop with Cole Haan shoes, especially their Air collection ones. They feel like tennis shoes, but in no way look like them. I bought these in the metallic so I could wear them with everything and I do….everything! Need an invitation to Rue La La?…get it HERE!

Aria Bria Geni Ballet in Soft Gold/ Sandshell $129.95 found here.
3) Hair Art Ceramic Flat Iron
 I’m really not sure how I could live without this baby. After a quick blow dry I just quickly use this iron to smooth out my already straight hair. It gives a nice shine and gets rid of any frizzy hairs. My hair stylist uses it and said it was much better than much more expensive ones on the market. I’m so glad…I was not ready to shell out big bucks for Chi iron! 

Hair Art 1 3/8″ Ceramic Flat Iron $58.88 Amazon.com

4) Michael Kors ChronographWatch
 I originally saw this watch on the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog in 2008 and HAD to have it. My sweet hubby gave it to me as a Christmas gift that same year. It reminds me of my grandpa’s big gold watch when I was a kid. I love big watches and always have. It makes me feel dainty.
Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Watch-gold $250 at Michael Kors.com
5) Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
Best concealer e-v-e-r. Seriously. Its super creamy, which is great for my now dry mommy skin and it won’t show all those lovely little lines around my tired eyes. It hides those, “I should not have stayed up that late watching Real Housewives when my child gets up at 6am”, bags under my eyes.

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer $22 Sephora.com 
6) Adina Reyter Coin Ring
Adina is a friend of a friend and I was lucky to meet her quite a few years ago when she was still working a full time ad job and doing jewelry on the side. Wonder where the circle on a chain trend started? Adina that’s where. It was her hammered circle on a delicate chain that everyone else copied. Now it’s all over the place in every price point possible. Although I will admit I wear her necklaces almost as much as this ring, I truely love how simple and classy this ring is. It goes with everything and looks even better with a little age on it now.
Adina Coin Ring $188 adinadesign.com
7) Target Cotton V-neck Tee
I LIVE in these t-shirts from Target! I found them about a year ago at my local store and they were perfect. I get them a little bigger so it gives me that in style slightly baggy, but still fitted look. The v of the neck is a little deep which I like to show a teensie bit of cleavage if I want to. You can dress it up, dress it down, throw on a cute cardigan or a blazer over it, whatevs! Oh and it’s 8 dollars!!! You can not beat that!  

V-neck Tee by Mossimo $8 at Target stores
8) Long Cardigans (preferably in cashmere!)
I found a great cashmere cardigan two Christmas seasons ago at the Gap. They are still by far my most prized cardigans (I got two..one ivory and one black). I wear them with EVERYTHING…dresses, jeans, dressed up, dressed down, etc. I’ve also scored some cute colorful ones at Forever 21 that are still going strong. My hands down favorites are probably at J.Crew however. I just wait until they have a big ol’ sale and then I STRIKE!
Featherweight Long Cotton Cardigan $69.50 J.Crew.com
Oh how I love flip flops…sandals…whatever you call them. I have dressier ones to wear with a cute silk sundress in the summer or with just jeans and a dressy top. V strap, t strap, around the ankle strap, all different kinds of sandals….I LOVE THEM! I don’t know why, but if I wear socks and shoes I get hot. My feet are my temperature regulators. I’m weird, I know. I’m not picky about wear I buy them either. I just don’t like super cheap ones usually because they fall apart or I get weird ouch spots where they rub wrong. Some favs:

These little sweeties are from J.Crew. I love a good metallic sandal. Perfect for a slightly dressier look in the warmer months.
Shimmerveil leather capri sandals $49.50 J.Crew.com 
 Mindee Chain Thong $59.00 Banana Republic.com
10) Bobby Pins (and rubber bands and headbands)
Give me 15 minutes and I can quickly do my makeup now and either to a cute hair down with my bangs twisted a pinned to the side look. Or a headband with a messy pony or just a headband. These guys are my saving grace for getting out of the house in the morning afternoon and looking presentable. Doing my hair everyday is a chore now that my little one wants to be under foot while I try and get ready. I’m usually spending my getting ready time attempting to keep Ellie out of my lipstick and from spraying hair spray in her eyes.

Embellished Flower Headband $6.50 Old Navy 
So what things make up your mommy uniform? Please share with me, I’m always looking for something new to wear (over and over again).  


January 21, 2010

Here comes the rain again

by Shelly

And in Southern California no doubt! In all my 33 years as a So Cal native, I cannot remember such “WEATHER”! I love it, but I’m sort of not prepared for it. First off I need these:

Sperry Topsider “Pelican Rain”  $67.95 Nordstrom.com
And this jacket has that I grabbed this from my man and threw it on. Doesn’t it look better on me?…look to it.
 Barbour Classic Bedale Jacket $379 J.Crew
And there are some SERIOUSLY cute umbrellas out there right now! I think I could start a collection.
Bella Pagoda- B&W Pinwheel $129.00 Umbrellas.net
Beach Stripe Gold $69.00 Umbrellas.net
Jumbo Silver Bubble Umbrella $50 Umbrellas.net
And if you’re going to be stuck inside all day you might as well make this wonderful recipe for Italian Wedding Soup by Ina Garten. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve made it quite a few times and everyone loves it!


Then I’ll grab my bowl of soup, curl up with a blanket and watch a good movie. But probably not for too long since my 2 year old will want me to play with her.
 Solid Cashmere Throw-Lantana Williams-Sonoma Home $269.00

Now off to enjoy the wet weather…
Kate Kerrigan.com