September 29, 2010

Fall Color

by Shelly

When I picked the kiddo up from preschool yesterday she proudly handed me her latest Picasco-esque painting done in all orange. She exclaimed happily upon doing so, “Mommy I like orange, do you like orange? Orange is the best color. What color do you like? I like Orange!”. I of course started cracking up!
Orange was never even ON my radar until I met my husband in 02′. It was one of his favs and it ended up being one of our wedding colors too. Obviously now, it’s hot and I love it! Orange is everywhere! Have you thought about using it in your home? It can be incorporated with other colors to really give a look that POPS!
Crisp orange paint against white wainscotting. And those black framed pretty!

Turquoise and orange. Can’t go wrong with that color combo!

Queen of color..Tobi Fairley! Love those side tables.

Neutrals with shots of orange- Coastal Living

Unexpected pairing…eggplant and orange! via Hilary Thomas

Lovely home items in orange that have been on my radar lately. Any of these pieces would help infuse this warm comforting color into your homes’ palette!


September 2, 2010

FALL….ing in love with Fall

by Shelly

It’s sort of unfortunate that we are just now…in LATE August…getting Summer weather in good ol’ (normally warm) Southern California. My mind is just not into anymore. I want boots, snuggly blankets, comfort food, and cozy interiors.Then the newest J. Crew catalog popped into my mail the other day. Wowzers..hold me back! I want everything in it! 
The sweater, the cute furry scarf thing, the antique looking necklace, the neutral cords..and THOSE HEELS! In the words of Rachel Zoe..I DIE!
First off, I only wish I looked that good in a pair of skinny jeans. I mean…I look pretty decent, but I love food and (God help me!) I LOVE I don’t look as good as “skinny bones jones” does in the pic below. I know, I know…she’s too skinny..blah blah blah. She is a bit, but she looks good. Well, in the picture at least. 
OK, so back to what I was talking about….. jacket= CUTENESS, the sloppy sexy hair, and the tomboy outfit all topped off by those cute mary jane heels!
Here we go again with those HEELS! But this time they are patterned! And I’m LOVING the forest green riding pants with the zippers. Again, not sure I can pull this off, but I really, really want to try it out!
Then there is this cute skirt that Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere wore….love! But of course, wouldn’t ya know…it’s sold out now!
Are you coveting any of the Fall fashions you’ve seen lately?

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Yes, I know…Halloween is still a bit away, but those that know me well know that…well I’m obsessed! My husband and I have had an annual party for the past three years. Every year is a little bit different. We change up the food, make a themed party drink for the night, decide on different entertainment, change around the guest list, and also mix of the decorations to change up the theme a bit.

Last year our little one was only three months old. The night we had the party was actually our first night away from her. She went over to my Mom’s place for the night to make things easier on us and so that we could let loose and REALLY have fun!

So these days, since having a toddler really makes party planning much more interesting, I am starting way ahead of the game. For the entertainment of the evening we are going back to our 2nd party and having karaoke. Karaoke was a HUGE hit the year we did it and I asked a few friends who have been to our party before if they would rather have a DJ. Nope, karaoke was a definite yes!

This year we are going to add a twist and ask that everyone come in completely homemade costumes. Nothing is to be a pre-packaged Halloween costume! We want originality and creativity! So we’re going to add prizes as well. Should be fun!

Another fun thing I was thinking of doing if it doesn’t cost too much, is hire a tarot reader. Hopefully I’ll find one that’s eccentric…that shouldn’t be hard!

Anyway, here are some fun pics of our previous parties…the good, the bad, the scary!

Reed and I as beer garden guy and girl. October 2007

Marie Antoinette in her undies and Willy Wonka. Oct 2006

Reed’s best costume EVER…Robot man Oct. 2005

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