December 28, 2009

Sparkle and Shine

by Shelly

I’ve been hoarding far too many Christmas decorations for far too many years now. I started buying a little here a little there since I was about 18 years old. And it wasn’t because I actually had the ROOM for all those garlands, wreaths, nutcrackers, etc! Oh no, I would just sort of rotate things around every year, so that things would be used and I wouldn’t feel completely guilty about buying far too much to decorate with.

Well I finally have a house where I can showcase all of my Christmas finds! And of course I’m already looking around at other things on sale that will be used next year. Since I’m considering taking it all down before New Years Eve, so that I not only don’t get stuck cleaning up after the party we are going to have, but I don’t have to also put up all the decorations. No bueno!

But everything still looks so pretty and sparkly and I thought I would share some pictures of our holiday home.

Photo by Elizabeth Pham

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October 29, 2009

Science class

by Shelly

Every morning I religiously get up, head downstairs, start the coffee process, feed the pets, and then hop on my laptop to check out One Kings Lane an online private home decor website. It’s by invitation only and SOOO worth it! Need an invite? Drop me a line here and I’ll send you one.

So this morning I broke from my usual first thing in the am routine to take a long hot shower before heading downstairs. *it was ccccold this morning…at least by So Cal standards*. Well my little delay caused me to be late for the sale of the day on the site. Empiric Studio was todays’ sale and they have FAB scientific prints and posters, old photographs, old So Cal photos, travel graphics and floral and fauna prints. By the time I logged on all of the amazing looking scientific prints were sold out! UGH! I was in love instantly. I was thinking a few might be sort of quirky in our dining room or maybe in my soon to be office. Who knows…but I want one! Just check some of these bad boys out…

 Pfurtscheller Zoological Wall Chart

Italian Periodic Chart, midcentury
And a series of these astrological prints would look too cool grouped together in a room. Not your usual art that everyone seems to have!
 Illustrated Astronomy, Uranus and Neptune

Illustrated Astronomy, Eclipses
I think a few of these babies are going to be making their way into my home or a clients’ very soon. 


July 28, 2008

Living room redo

by Shelly

Recently I have been redecorating our very snug family room and dining room (if you can even call it that). When we moved into our place almost five years ago, we just used my existing furniture in the space since we didn’t really have the funds to buy all new stuff. My over sized sofa, chair, and ottoman didn’t look horrible, but it wasn’t exactly the ideal situation for the space. We also used the middle armoire unit of my entertainment center. The armoire which hold the tv and other audio equipment looks fine alone, but it did have two beautiful curved bookcases on either side. The room can barely hold the armoire let alone those two bookcases!

So, since having the little one and with her having more family over more often, we have been forced to finally conquer the space and seating situation in the room. I have already replaced the sofa, chair and ottoman with a nice L-shaped sectional with an open end on one side. We also ordered and are waiting for a leather tufted storage ottoman to replace our existing pine coffee table. The ottoman will be used to store magazines and remotes that the baby always tries to rip, eat, and totally destroy. My beautiful Thomasville tv armoire will either go into storage or be sold and in it’s place we bought a dark walnut colored corner armoire. The new piece will fit perfectly in the corner next to our fireplace and won’t block it as the old one currently does. Here are some pictures of the room pre-changes…

So now I’m trying to work on the windows in the room. The drapes seen in the picture above just aren’t working anymore. Little one year old LOVES to hide behind them, and pull on them…HARD!!! I’m worried that one day the whole thing will come crashing down. So what I’d like to do is to leave the bamboo roller shades on the three windows over the sofa, add the same shades to the windows with the existing drapes and get rid of the drapes completely. Then over the three windows above the sofa I’d like a long upholstered cornice to be placed over the tops of the roller shades, so that it will draw your eye up and make the room seem larger. I’d use the stripe fabric from the slipcovers on the dining chairs. Here’s the fabric on the chairs:

And here is the cornice I would like over the three windows above the sofa and also the window where the drapes are currently next to the armoire:

The dilemma is that the length of the windows above the sofa is soo long…120 1/4 inches to be exact! I’ve priced out cornices online at different sites and it’s going to appoximately $700 just for that one cornice. YIKES! Not what I wanted to spend at all. So I was thinking…why not do it myself?! I just don’t know how to do the fabric on a cornice that long. So today I think I’m going to try and figure the whole thing out and actually buy the materials to make the thing tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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