July 26, 2014

Easy Cake Topper DIY

by Shelly

We have never been real big on the “have a big birthday party every year” thing, for our kiddo.  Both my husband and I never had large shindigs for every birthday when we were growing up.  And we both feel it’s a bit excessive when it comes to our child as well. Instead, we like to do a larger party maybe every five years or so and then smaller things on the other years. Last year we did a small breakfast party with Ellie’s closest friends here at our home. It was super easy, Ellie had a great time and the whole thing was wrapped up by 11am.

The last few months Ellie has been none stop talking about surprise parties and how much she likes them.  Not that she’s EVER been to one or had one mind you!  I kept telling her that we weren’t having a large party for her this year, but that we’d do something special and that I had something planned.  Which was a total lie because in actuality we were dealing with my husbands’ car breaking down and finding a new car to buy. Total car drama!  So literally a week before her birthday I emailed a bunch of people and asked if they could join us at our fav Mexican restaurant for dinner and cake. Since Ellie’s birthday just happens to also be my birthday I tried to make it both kid and adult friendly.  And luckily most of my close friends have kiddos who also happen to be close friends with Ellie. Win win!

So I got the biggest ice cream cake I could buy, hit the dollar store for lots of balloons and got to the restaurant early, so that we call could surprise Ellie when she walked in with her dad. Ellie was totally surprised and it was a fun early dinner with all the people we love!

{the new SEVEN year old!}

{the birthday girls}

Now on to the easiest cake topper EVER!  I knew I wanted to get an ice cream cake for the party since we both LOVE ice cream and it just seemed appropriate for a week of 4th of July birthday party. But let’s face it, Baskin Robbins isn’t the best at the actual decorating of the cake. At. All. So I had them leave the cake pretty plain…just white frosting, blue detailing and some pastel confetti candy accent.  But then I made my own glitter cake topper and it turned out so cute!

Take wood baking or cake pop skewers 

 And some glitter chipboard letters

And hot glue letters to the tips of the skewers! You could write out any message you want.

Fast. Cute. Easy.

The sparkler candles that I bought for TWELVE FREAKING DOLLARS however…total dud! They last all of about 2 seconds and you can’t really light more than one at a time. Don’t bother if you ever see them and think HOW CUTE! Waste of money!


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July 3, 2013

Birthday Wish List

by Shelly

Holy crud! It’s that time again…my birthday. Where did this year go?  The first week of July is arguably my very favorite time of the year.  Warm weather, barbeques, beach days, surfing, riding bikes, longer daylight hours, ice cream….I could go on and on. And I love the 4th of July. It’s like my birthday kickoff party!
I had SWORE last year that our kiddo wasn’t going to get a big birthday party until she was 10.  Especially since her last one was so much work.  But alas, I couldn’t let her down.  It’s difficult when every single kid she knows has a major party for their birthday…every. single. year.  What is that all about anyway?

So I’m planning a little something this weekend for her and a few close friends. I’ll be sure to share that with you all next week.  Since Ellie and I share a birthday, I am usually left to celebrate on another day. The other half and I are going to take a little trip up to Paso Robles in a few weekends to wine taste and visit with some family.  We’ll do my celebrating then. No biggie for me…wine..glorious wine!  And since it’s my birthday week I’ve put together a little collection of items that are on my wish list.

Now that the water is at a temperature I can handle, I will be shedding the full wetsuit.  I am really in need of some cute warm water surf gear and this J.Crew collaboration with Pret a Surf is fabulous. Rash Guard and Board Shorts

I’m a HUGE…HUGE….HUGE Beatles fan. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that on the blog before, but I’d be surprised if I haven’t. In any case, I ran across this awesome sign from Sugarboo and I am obsessed!  Antiqued Sign

I am need of a cute, more casual clutch to go with some of my summery outfits. This Clutch fits the bill perfectly! It appears to be really well made too.

There is nothing better than a bright orangy-coral. I love the color on my skin. This Essie polish is a pretty summertime look. Nailpolish

I wear sandals a lot. NO. JOKE. I’m a So Cal girl afterall! I wear them with everything too…shorts, jeans, dresses..you name it. I’ve been looking for a dressier pair to go with some of my more flowy skirts and dresses.  These Sandals are the perfect mix of dressy, casual and Bohemian. I love them!

Recently I gave our guest bath a slight makeover. I’ll be sharing that with you all soon. I’m thinking a pair of  Fouta Towels would look really nice in the room.  But I also kinda want them for the beach. I’m conflicted. I think I’ll need a few pairs.

Be back soon!

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Isn’t she pretty
Truly the angel’s best
Boy, I’m so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I can’t believe what God has done
Through us he’s given life to one
But isn’t she lovely made from love

I’m so very blessed to have given birth on my birthday, to the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me!  Ellie Victoria you amaze me everyday how much you are growing and learning.  Boy…did 5 years go fast!  My little chubbers is now a funny, curious, intelligent and thoughtful little lady.

Happy birthday my love.


Last week we stayed quite busy with birthdays, fun field trips, concert in the park, surf contest, date night with hubby and World Cup finals (so sad Netherlands). Here are some photos from our fun week!

Birthday lunch  Monday at Cheesecake Factory
I’m smiling but inside I’m thinking, “I am going to have to do A TON of working out tomorrow to get this off my thighs!”. 

Birthday dinner (actual day of) at Taco Surf Sunset Beach
Friday night we headed to our local park for the summer concert in the park series. The concert is always fun, but a bit hectic getting all packed up and set up on time for the event. Of course I went and made homemade Roasted Potato Leek soup and Tarragon Chicken Salad sandwiches just hours before. So, I made the whole thing harder on myself of course. And wouldn’t you know it..Ellie wanted NOTHING to do with dinner and ended up stealing a friends’ cotton candy instead.
On Saturday Reed lined up a nice date night dinner up in Hollywood at a fabulous Argentinian restaurant. Probably some of the best steak I’ve ever had. If you live in the Los Angeles area you must try Carlitos Gartel .
via LA Times
Since we don’t go out fancy that often I splurged on a new outfit for the occasion. My shoes were MUCH trendier than I usually go for. Actually the fact that they were heels was a break from my usual buy of sandals and flats.
Date Night Outfit:
Dress:  Linne’s Boutique Seal Beach
Belt:  Linne’s Boutique Seal Beach
Earrings:  Banana Republic
Bracelets: J. Crew
Ring: Adina
Shoes: Mea Shadow

Sunday we watched our Dutch team go down in flames. Since I am now a Dutch girl by married last name I was sort of obligated to root for Orange. But to be honest, I was also secretly rooting for Espana! So it was a win win situation.

Hope you had a fabulous fun filled weekend too! Any day now Southern California MIGHT get Summer weather. It rained on our date night Saturday….go figure.


Three years ago today I was blessed with the one thing I really started to think I would never have in my life…my little girl. I was convinced I would 1) never get married and 2) never have children. Seriously…I was NOT finding any man worth marriage back in those days! But on July 6, 2007 I popped out this little cutie who continues to bless my life and make it more worth while everyday.

I love how Ellie and our pup Zipper have become best buddies and playpals. They really are like siblings and it’s funny to watch them interact.

She has an incredible sense of humor and has already picked up on Mom and Dad’s sarcasm. She goes out of her way to try and make you laugh. We love that!

I’m constantly being told by my friends and family how lucky we are to have such a good natured kid. I know…believe me. Ellie isn’t the norm!

And in the last year as we’ve watched her grow in even bigger leaps and bounds, I’m sad and excited for the little lady she is becoming. We love that she is so thrilled to be learning new things and discovering the world.

But most of all I love that we share our birthdays together. I love that she will always be my little birthday present. A constant reminder of the love I share with my husband, the life I was able to give, and the one thing that will always keep me young at heart.

You are the poem I dreamed of writing, 
the masterpiece I longed to paint. 
You are the shining star I reach for 
in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled.
You are my child. 
Now with all things I am blessed.
I love you Ellie Victoria Van Rozeboom! Happy birthday monkey!