March 9, 2010

Bathroom update and a little dining room crush

by Shelly

I know, I know…I promised to show pictures of our newly redone powder room on Monday. I swear, it’s almost done.  Today I have the little one going to a sitter for a few hours, so I can buy some finishing touches (shower curtain mainly).  Also, a while back I wrote about another bath remodel in our home. Well, I never quite gave you guys the “after” lowdown.  Let’s just say, things didn’t exactly go smoothly. We fired the original contractor, hired another set of guys to finish the job, we had to redo part of the tile that had been done wrong…ugh..! What a nightmare! But it is done and so I want to show that bath to you as well!

So hold tight kids! Pictures are a coming your way!

On another note, I haven’t checked Tracery Interiors blog for a while and so I did so this morning when I woke up far earlier than I normally do and decided to surf the web. I’m in love with a dining room on their site…

So simple, so elegant.  And look at that gorgeous chandelier!!! 
I just love the beautiful arrangement of plates on the wall as well. I’m a BIG fan of hanging plates and already have my blue and white collection hanging in our kitchen/breakfast area.  I’m thinking now of hanging some of my ironstone in the dining room to recreate this look! 
A subtle design was painted onto the walls of the room. I love how it gives just a barely there look…feminine but subtle. Lovely. And that antique Tuscan sconce..wowzers…again, beautiful.
Such a great dining room… I’m in love!

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