November 30, 2012

The Glam Woodsy Table

by Shelly

One of my very favorite things to do is entertain!  Having grown up in a single parent household, holidays were often pretty subdued and quiet.  My side of the family is fairly small and it was just mom and I in my home. So, now that I have a family of my own and a pretty large inlaw family….I love to have everyone over for large meals where I get to overfeed everyone and do my best Martha Stewart impression!  Christmas is my Superbowl…I never do the same meal twice and often try out a whole new menu on the family. My husband says we should have a traditional meal that is the same every year. But what fun is that!?

Well with the new holiday menu each year, I also feel compelled to have a new tablescape.  Cause why would I do the same table each year right? Haha!  I’m just beginning to sort out the menu for this years’ extravaganza.  I’m feeling a little rustic and simple this year. This table would fit the bill quite nicely.  But this is just one of a few ideas I have going round in my head. Stay tuned the rest of the month for more ideas!



owl highballs






fig vases


blanket (tablecloth)



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November 28, 2012

Baby or puppy?

by Shelly

Boy, has it been a bit cah-ray-zee over at the Van Rozeboom house!  Business is busy with clients wanting last minute touches done to their homes before the holidays.  And there is never a dull moment with our rambunctious five year old, but then we went and recently added to the chaos….JUST before we were about to go out of town to the inlaws for turkey day. Not great timing!

Without getting too much into details, the hubs and I have been trying for a second baby since about 2009.  After a very scary ectopic pregnancy in May of ’09 , our dream of baby #2 has been squashed a bit.  We’ve been trying for the past four years and it hasn’t been easy as we watch friends around us easily have baby #2 and 3, while I remain in the one kid club.  This could probably roll into a much longer emotional post about that, but don’t worry..I’ll save you from that. Haha!

In any case, when you are as big of an animal lover as I am, a pet IS a child in your eyes.  So getting another dog to me is like bringing a child into our home.  Not totally the same, but my baby cravings are satisfied just enough with a pet.  Our Lab Zipper and our bitchy kitty Diva are totally family to me…well to US!  I tell Ellie all the time that Zip is my “dog-ter”. Get it?  Dog-ter…daugh-ter?  I’m a dork.  But seriously, I’m crazy for animals, much like Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out!  I totally get his crazy..not all of it…but his animal crazy..TOTALLY!

Ok, so on to the story….  I wash our dog at the local SPCA self service wash at least once a month.  After I finish with her I usually stick her back in the car and then I head over and check out the animals.  You know, just to see if one pops out at me and looks like they can should join our home.

They look like they are in dog prision huh? Poor guys. :(

Usually it’s all small yippie dogs….not our type.  Or pit bull, pit mixes, large and way too scary looking dogs…not with our 5 year old.  We have an amazingly AWESOME Labrador who is quite possibly THE best dog ever.  Well in our eyes she is. So this quest for a second dog has not been easy.

Then I found these eyes…

I wanna come home with you PLEEASE!!!!

A week later she came up for adoption, we brought Zip in to see if they would get along, that went well and she was ours!  Zipper for the record is a people dog, not a dog dog.  So this whole new puppy thing has taken our 9 year old for a loop!  The cat? Well she HATES the poor new girl. That part is going to take a while I’m afraid.

Here she is a few days after we brought her home. We named her Birdie…she’s a pure bred Cocker Spaniel which are bird dogs like our Lab and she’s SPUUUNKY!!!  So we thought a 1950s-esque name would be cute. And she’s about a year old, although that is just a guesstimate. She’s definitely a puppy though.  Chews on everything, NOT potty trained (my poor living room rug) and she wants to play ALL THE TIME.


But that face!

And then this morning I caught this….

I think Zipper is starting to warm up.  This melts my heart.

So…I got my second baby. Well, sort of.  She’s a lot furrier than I imagined she’d be, but she sleeps all night!

And what’s better than a new puppy at Christmas time?


November 6, 2012

My Favorite Things: November

by Shelly