October 17, 2012

Design Trends: Tapestry

by Shelly

October 15, 2012

Design Crush: Lara Spencer

by Shelly

This weekend I just happened to catch Lara Spencer’s new show “I Break For Yard Sales” on HGTV.  If you missed it, make sure you check out the episode online here!  Lara Spencer, if you didn’t already know, is the lifestyle anchor on Good Morning America and has a knack for decorating and turning flea market, yard sale, and dumpster dive finds, into treasures that look like they cost much more than they did.  She’s quite amazing at it!

In this particular episode she is helping her best friend decorate her new home in the Hollywood Hills.  Lara’s friend requested a Palm Beach meets LA, preppy and modern vibe.  I think she got her wish!

Here are some photos that I snagged off the internet. They were the best I could do since it seems there are no photos from the episode. So the snipping tool was my best friend here.


The fabulous entry using Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis wallpaper for Schumacher. I just love the black trim. It really makes it pop and gives it more of a quirky edge.

I couldn’t quite get a full shot of the dining room. I wanted to get the fabulous chandelier, but that didn’t happen. ADORE the Christopher Farr Cloth fabric that is used on the curtain panels. One of my favorite fabrics! And I don’t think I ever would have picked up that dining set as it was originally. It was SOOO ugly and 70s looking!  But darn it, it looks pretty fabulous here!

The hot pink rug in the living room is crazy bright!  I loved it as soon as they rolled it out. My husband said no way in a million years would he live in a house with a room this bright. I think it’s fun and very happy!

Sorry that the picture is blurry!

A better shot… the sofas were an estate sale find that she recovered in a white linen.

Also, the bright yellow, velvet wingbacks were a find she recovered as well.  In fact I’d say most of the items in this room are “finds”.  Damn, she’s good!

This breakfast room is one of my favorites!  Chartreuse and aqua are such a great color combo and has long been a fav of mine. And the birdcage chandelier is so fun!

And finally the family room.  Hot pink and orange….bold, but again definitely cheerful!

A closer shot of the sofa.  This was also found and recovered. And I love the nailhead detail that was added to the bottom.

So now I’m wondering if I need yet another decorating book.  I LOVE antiquing, dumpster diving and the like, so this might have to find it’s way home to me.

In any case, check out the show if you haven’t already!

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October 9, 2012

Santa Cruz Getaway

by Shelly

Unlike most families we were not able to take a vacation over the summer. Work was crazy for both the hubs and I and we had obligations almost every weekend it seemed. Fortunately our daughter goes to a year round school and they had a mini break the first week of October. So we took the opportunity to unwind and unplug for a bit and headed to a friends’ beach house in Santa Cruz.

My husband spent many of his summers there as a child and he had been wanting to take me for years now.  I haven’t seen much of the California coast past Morro Bay, so I was excited for the adventure.

The little beach cottage we stayed at was a small block from this beach. Every morning and evening we would take the dog down for a stroll. Sooo relaxing and beautiful!  You can see the Santa Cruz boardwalk way in the distance to the right….

We stayed in the Seabright neighborhood of Santa Cruz which is home to many old beach cottages and Victorian styled homes. I couldn’t get over the HUGE hydrangea bushes in everyones’ yards! LOVE!

As we walked over this old train track bridge to enjoy the boardwalk one day, my husband reminded me that Lost Boys was filmed here!  I had totally forgotten and being a huge 80s dork and vampire enthusiast…I was pretty thrilled. :)

Do you remember this scene from the flick?

Classic 80s.

The boardwalk was touristy, but actually very retro cool.  And Ellie really enjoyed herself.

The treats weren’t so bad either!

It was a lovely getaway and I’m sure we’ll be back in the future.

Because you just can’t beat views like this…..

On our long drive back home, Ellie kept telling us how she wasn’t ready to go home and she wasn’t tired and she wanted to go surfing again…on and on and on.

Suddenly, it got quiet.

I looked back and died laughing when I saw this….

What was that about not being tired???

It was a good getaway. :)