May 30, 2012

Blogfest 2012

by Shelly

Whew!  I can’t even believe that Summer is here!  It’s been a crazy few weeks for me…. lots of new clients and projects (yeah!), a trip to NYC for Blogfest 2012, and then it was home for a day and then back on the road to see the in laws in Central Cali.

This was my second time at Blogfest and it was a MUCH better trip all in all.  Last year I was super sick and I didn’t really know that many people, so that just made me miserable the entire time.  This year I had a fabulous, fun roommate…Whitney from Between the Boxwoods and I got to hang with some of my fav blogger friends, as well as made lots of new friends!

{whitney:between the boxwoods, amy:amy meier designs, and me at the Savoir Bed cocktail party}

Some of the highlights of our trip….

Kips Bay Showhouse

{bathroom designed by Charlotte Moss}

{beautiful bedroom by Alexa Hampton}

Kips Bay After Party at Savant (hosted by Thom Filicia)

{me, the adorable laura trevey: bright, bold, & beautiful, thom filicia, very fun kirsten nease: kirsten nease designs, uber-friendly amy meier from amy meier designs, one of the nicest girls ever erin olson: house of turquoise, and the chic whitney hoek of between the boxwoods}

Brunch at Hearst Towers with House Beautiful Magazine

{gorgeous and festive peonies}

{once the clouds lifted, the view was AMAZING!!!!}

Kravet Studio Tour

{gorgeous fabrics at Brunschwig and Fils}

{kravet fabrics recently seen in major mags}

Amazing city, amazing company, amazing people….flat out


Thank you Kravet and hope to see you again next year!


Last minute plans are the best!  This Friday’s “What I’m Listening To” is dedicated to the band we are going to see tonight.  I just happened to catch the ad on the radio yesterday driving to a clients’ house and I immediately called my husband and told him we should go.  It’s definitely NOT glamorous..but cheap and fun..YES!  So who are we seeing?

We are going to see Devo at Hollywood Park tonight!

Ponies and dancing. Fun!

And what’s even better is we are dragging our almost 5 year old with us AND we are totally giving our kid music cred!  I mean, seriously?  How cool will she sound telling people her first concert was Devo?  Ok, maybe none of her friends will even know who the hell they are when she is old enough to talk music with them.  But if she’s anything like my husband and me, she will be a total music geek and probably hang out with other kids that are too.

So here’s to Devo! Oh, and don’t judge….it’s not like we’re taking our kiddo to a bar.  Ok, I know it’s the horse track, but if you’ve ever been you’d know it’s pretty family friendly. She’s going to love it!

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Oh my!


I just got the new Lands End Home catalog and spotted this cutie. Yes, please!

Bamboo fenders.

And there’s even a bike picnic basket that can be attached to the front.

Just in time for Summer….or my birthday in July. Umm husband, are you reading this? heehee.

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May 8, 2012

Hang Ten

by Shelly

Growing up in Southern California, I have long been a fan of the beach.  From a very young age my fav show was Gidget and I thought she was just about the coolest chick I’d ever seen.  In fact while most girls my age were listening to bad preteen pop music, ie. Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, New Edition (ok I listened to some of that too)…I was listening to 60s surf music (The Beach Boys, Dick Dale, The Ventures).  So when I met my husband, who is a total surfer boy, it was a match made in heaven!

When we started decorating our home we definitely both wanted a coastal feel to it.  The colors are the obvious representation of our love of the sea….varying blues, soft greens, greys, and tans.  But we also have seashell and bird prints, natural woven furniture and rugs, and lots of seashells all over the house.  But we are missing the one thing we both love the most…a surfboard.

We used it in our own wedding as a guest book in fact…..

But now we’d like one for over our large entertainment unit in our family room.

See how boring it is up there??

So I started searching around for how other designers used surfboards in their interiors.  And of course I fell in love with the idea even more.

{a surprise on your way upstairs….designer kerry joyce}

{a bold pop of color….source unknown}

{always appropriate on a patio….kristen ewart}

{always one to make an interior a little more cheerful….annie selke}

{fabulous accent in a breakfast area…coastal living}

{a fun, unique idea in a beach kitchen…deborah whitlaw llewellyn}

{probably my very favorite…brook giannetti}

…and my photoshopped version of our family room!  What do you think? Too much? Or should I do something different?

Decisions, decisions….


all products seen above are to the trade but for more information and pricing please contact me!

1.ann sacks carrera basket weave 2. linara washable linen by romo fabrics 3. japanese paper cloth wallpaper in cocoa by phillip jeffries 4. framed bennett fish by natural curiosities

I have been working on some really fun projects with clients who are open minded and willing to try new things. So this months’ version of “my favorite things” features some items I am using in current projects.  The Ann Sacks cross hatch basket weave is a new product that just came out. And just in time to go into a classic, but a bit out of the box Master Bathroom remodel in Boston. Antiqued brass fixtures, black cabinetry…oh yeah, this is going to be AWESOME!

I just got the email about Romo’s new line of washable BRIGHT linens.  I immediately sent a picture over to my fun young clients and they gave me two thumbs up.  Fresh, funky and just perfect for a mostly neutral beach house!

A busy mother of two recently came to me to jazz up their homes’ entry way.  She needed not only storage and organization, but style and a room that welcomes you into their home.  She wanted a classic grasscloth, but after a bit of searching we stumbled onto this think chunky basketweave!  It will be the highlight in this traditional home with a touch of country. And just the look to take the entry from boring to fabulous!

And finally, Mr. Fish (as I have so nicknamed him).  He is just the oomph we needed for a casual family room with pops of color. He’s fun, but traditional at the same time.

Looking forward to sharing these finds once they are placed in their respective homes!

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