Happy Friday friends!

I’ve been working on a condo kitchen remodel design this week with a lovely woman who’s inspired by the Mediterranean and Italy.  In fact she still has family in Italy and regularly goes to visit them.  So we’ve been having a lot of fun trying to do Italian, without doing it the way many Southern Californians unfortunately do….dark, heavy, gaudy and to be honest….NOT very Italian at all!

So what we’ve come up with is an Old World look that combines my clients’ love of deep, rich green, and European elements.  Side note…this condo may eventually become a rental in the future, so durability is key to the design!  Here’s a peek at her design….

In other news, this band has been on my radar for a while now.  These boys are from Ireland and are 100% dance approved!  I call it my happy music and this is regularly on my “walk with the dog” playlist.  Let me know what you think!

PS….We’re off to the Central Valley (ie. Fresno) to attend a close friends’ baby shower and visit my husbands’ childhood pals.  When we went a few weeks ago I came down with the WORST flu that had my laid up in bed there the whole time. Side bonus….I lost 8 POUNDS with that flu!!! Not joking!  Of course I’ve already gained most of it back. Oh well!

Have a great weekend!!!

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March 12, 2012

Be back soon…

by Shelly

Don’t you just love kids!? Mine was so sweet that she gave me a nasty flu that has had me down for the count since last Friday. I’m calling it the Spring Break flu since I’ve eaten less in four days that I do in one normal day. My stomach has never looked better! ha!

So since I missed music Friday and have been a bit MIA I’m making it up sort of by sharing this ditty with you.  If you haven’t been listening to Foster the People, you are seriously missing out friends! It’s upbeat and my kiddo even loves it. This song is one of my favs… ENJOY!

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Most of you probably don’t know this about me, but before I ever stepped into interior design I went to school to become a disk jockey. Yes, you read that right…a DJ.  I even worked for a short time for a local LA radio station.  That may seem strange, but if you knew me well you’d know that I am NUTSO for music still to this day.

But somewhere along the way I was distracted by design and realized that was the real path I wanted to take.  So, now I just torture my poor hubby by dragging him to FAR too many concerts and festivals to see my fav bands in person. *In fact we may go to one tonight!

So where am I going with all this? Welllll….I’ve decided to try out a new series on my blog introducing you guys to some of the songs, artists, bands, etc….that I am listening to at that moment.  I’ve realized as I entered my mid 30s that SOOOO many of my friends just stopped listening to music. WHAT!  That is so odd to me.  Seriously, I get it.  We get stuck listening to the Fresh Beat Band or the Curious George soundtrack far too often (although I DO love me some Jack Johnson).  But there is some great music to be had out there.  Oh, but you still really only like the stuff you listening to in high school right?  I’m going to broaden your horizons *hopefully* and make you the coolest parent in your PTA.

I’d like to make this an every Friday thing, but we’ll just see how that goes! :)

This week it is all about the new Gorillaz album!  I’m SOOO excited…big big fan here.  And this particular song features three of my fav artists…. Andre 3000 of (shake it like a polaroid picture) Outkast fame, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and of course Gorillaz (which by the way features Damon Albarn from the band Blur).  I’m always shocked by how many people don’t know Blur.  Anywho…. here is their new video for the kick ass song Do Ya Thing.

It. Is. Awesome.

ENJOY and happy Friday!

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I’m finally feeling rested and have caught back up with work.  Starting Sunday night I had the pleasure of attending the Design Bloggers Conference in downtown Los Angeles.  This was the second year of the event which brings together around 200 or so design bloggers who may or may not be actually in the design business.  To say that I left inspired would be an understatement!

{martyn lawrence-bullard}

Sunday night there was a cocktail party at the hotel where the event would take place.  It was a great chance to catch up with fellow design bloggers that I had met the previous year and when I attended Blogfest in NYC last May. Then Monday morning the event kick started into full gear with the keynote address by designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, which you may know from Bravo’s show Million Dollar Decorators.  I sort of fell in love with Martyn after watching the show and was thrilled to hear him tell his crazy tales about working with celebrity clients.  That mans’ life doesn’t even seem real it’s so outrageous and extraordinary!

{ronda carman, tobi fairley, and cassandra lavalle}

The morning continued with talks which included the writer of All The Best blog, Ronda Carman, and Cassandra LaValle of Coco + Kelley, as well as designer Tobi Fairley ……who is definitely in my list of favorite designers!

{some designer friends…Julia from Material Girls, Mally Skok, and  designer Katie Rosenfeld who writes the blog, Bogle Street}

That evening the bloggers were treated to a fun cocktail party put on by Wayfair and Joss and Main.  Both amazing resources to find great things for your home!

{bunny williams}

But my personal favorite moment of the whole conference was hearing one of my design idols, Bunny Williams speak on the second day.  I never realized how SIMILAR her design philosophies are to my own!  She believes that:

1.  Add comfort and character

2. Make spaces that are relaxed and timeless

3. Reflect the client and suit the location

4. Make it comfortable for families and pets

5. Try not to be too repetitive when decorating

And bottom line, which I truly believe when working with clients is, ” It’s their house, NOT your house!”.  True Bunny Williams, very true!  I had wanted to get a picture with her after her talk, but she was surrounded by people for quite a while.  BUT THEN….later in the morning I happened to run into her in an empty hall and had a really nice chat with her.  What a nice lady!  If only I could go work for her in New York for a while.  I’m sure I would learn a thing or two!

The whole event was wrapped up with a fabulous party hosted by Traditional Home at Harbinger in West Hollywood for designer Bunny Williams.  And if by chance you don’t know what Harbinger is… it is the chic retail showroom of designers Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat.

{with one of my favs Annie Selke, designer and owner of Dash and Albert rugs and Pinecone Hill}

It’s not like I go to many of these shindigs….AT ALL!  So, it was pretty unbelievable to be in the same room with SOOO many talented interior designers!  Let’s face it, most of the time if I’m not working, I’m usually pleading with our four year old to eat her dinner or vacuuming up dog/cat hair for the fourth time that week.  SO glamorous!

{whitney from between the boxwoods, emily ruddo of armonia decors and me!}

It was a super, fun night with great eats by Lulu Powers.  She totally had me with the silver platters filled with bacon. Ummmm bacon!!! And I am counting down the days until I fly to New York City for the next design blog event, Blogfest.

A big shout out to those girls I haven’t mentioned and for some stupid reason I did not get a picture of….  Designer and blogger Amy MeierHouse of Turquoise writer (and one of the sweetest girls ever) Erin Olson, Jennifer Powell from Kravet, the fabulous and talented, Meredith Heron who won Best New Design Blog for Sashay, Boston designer Leslie Fine, Studio Ten 25 designer Abbe Fenimore, and Kyle of the popular blog Knight Moves.

Until next year…..