December 22, 2011

Owls are cool.

by Shelly

Living in the suburban Los Angeles area, surrounded by freeways and retail shopping centers, we don’t get the greatest exposure to wildlife.  In our little community however, we do have a few creatures amongst us….turkey vultures (our spooky fav), coyotes, rabbits (we’ve been noticing them A LOT in peoples’ yards on our walks), hawks, racoons (which left us a nice half eaten carcass in our backyard last week!), squirrels, skunks…and now owls!  I think I’ve mentioned a few times on the blog that I am a BIG bird lover.  I just think they are the coolest creatures.  Since owls are few and far between around these parts, I was thrilled when about a month ago while reading in bed, I heard the faintest…”whoo who who”…coming from somewhere outside.  Of course being the bird dork that I am, I’ve been trying to catch a glimpse of him every time I hear him.

Yes, one day my lucky husband might find his wife doing this! Dorky huh?

But the owl came to mind recently while starting a new project for a home office.  Owls, according to Indian folklore, represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy.  Wise old owls seem just the right motif for an office, don’t you think?  So, I’ve been playing with the idea of doing this on one of the walls….

Owls of the British Isles Wallpaper £75

Painted Owl Wallpaper $108 per roll

This one is my favorite!—-> Little Owl Wallpaper $398

Then adding this desk…..

Hampstead Glass Desk-$799.99 WS Home

With this as the desk chair….

5205-01 Chair- Lee Industries

Possibly this rug…

Marra Rug 6×9 $1915 Restoration Hardware

A couple of super cool leather chairs….

Antwarp Leather Club Chairs- Bobo Intriguing Objects Available through me!

That’s all I got for now.

It WILL look cool…very cool.

Off to get more work done,

so maybe just maybe…

I can take a few days off to enjoy Christmas!

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December 9, 2011

Decking the Halls

by Shelly

Oh boy, have we been decking the halls over here!  Well, to be honest I have been crazy just trying to spruce up the house a bit and fill in some missing pieces in time for hosting the Christmas festivities starting on the 24th.  The very first thing I had to do was decide on and order a chandelier for our dining table area.  For the past six months (can’t believe we’ve already been here this long) we’ve been eating by recessed lighting and TONS of candles.  It was still dark though.  After going round and round about the “look” I wanted for this room….we splurged…and went for this beauty.

{Currey and Co. Seaward Chandelier $924 available through me!}

OH…and we bought two grey Kubu chairs for the ends!  I was going for a natural coastal look.  Obviously, this has become the whole theme for our new home.  It suits us!  I found a fantastic source for these chairs and boy are they well made AND affordable.  If you like them and want some for yourself, message me and I’ll give you the deets!  As far as the side chairs, I’m done with them. But I haven’t figured out an alternative yet.  I know, they look pretty nice, but with a four year old and a black lab rubbing against them…they get yucky…quickly!  Um, and excuse the lack of light bulbs in the chandelier. I was excited and I only had two bulbs at this point.

And here are the Kubu barstools we ended up going with!  I really love the natural element with the marble.  These are also available through Van Rozeboom Interiors….just message me!

And finally, in this room we added one more thing….well two actually.  This reclaimed wood sideboard to house my fabric samples and if you didn’t notice in the dining table picture, we added simple black iron rods and linen panels!  The window treatments made a WORLD of difference.  If you have just blinds going on   You can see my office area just to the right of the window.  No, I still haven’t bought a proper desk chair. That is definitely on my priority list now.  My back has been killing me!

A few last touches…..

I hung some vintage parrot prints in our guest bath that were in my MIL’s home and I fell in love with.  I love their sweet little faces and the frames with the slight gilded edging.  They make me happy! And as you may or may not know….I’m obsessed with birds.

And then we have the new window seat cushion for our bedroom window!  This seat is actually large enough that you can lie down and read comfortably.  It really adds a little something to the room and makes that space usable. Our cat and four year old really like it too!

Here is the cushion and the two bolsters I had made, up close.  I went with a simple grey Duralee ticking stripe that would go with just about anything.  I’ve got my eye on some John Robshaw bedding…don’t tell my husband….and this would still go with it nicely.  And I just LOVE how the bolsters turned out!  I wanted that little french tie edge on it and my upholsterer nailed it!

Ok, off to source rugs for a fun new project I am working on!  Stay tuned….I WILL be sharing this one with you guys.


I haven’t been around here much I know.  Work has been quite busy…which is GOOD!  I just LOVE being busy and doing what I enjoy most, designing!  But the husband was wondering what I want this Christmas and thought you might want to see what I’m aching for this year.

I know plenty about how to design, but I’m still a new business owner and figuring out how to actually make money at what I’m doing…well I think this book may help. 1 The Business of Design: Balancing Creativity and Profitability, Amazon $26.40 Gone are the days when heels were my go to shoe of choice. I pretty much live in sandals, ballet flats and boots.  These caught my eye the minute I saw them. CUTENESS! 2 Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moc, Zappos $45.00 Boy do I wear out m wallets! I’ve had my existing paprika colored leather wallet from Banana Republic for three year now. But it’s dirty, worn and tired. I’ve sort of always wanted a Kate Spade one. This is cute and it zips, which would help with my overflowing wallet situation. 3 Cobble Hill Lacey Wallet, Kate Spade $136.00 Well, to tell the truth we really need to add gutters to our fixer upper. But when we do I totally want a few of these, so that the rain will make music as it comes down. I’m going for cottage at our new place and these seem just that.  4 Hammered Cup with Rain Chain, Rain Chains Direct $89.95 This year was a difficult one with big decisions to make, bold steps to take and a lot of learning and growing. But it was GOOD…even if it was a bit painful at times.  This bracelet is just what I need to keep my mind going in the right direction.  The second bracelet is just SO me. My close friends know that I am very much a downtown meets uptown kinda girl.  I definitely like nice things…food, clothes, homes, wine, etc.  But I am your girl if you want to head to a dive bar, play shuffleboard and drink beer! This Is The Year To Idiom Bracelet, Kate Spade $58.00 AND/OR Go The Extra Mile Idiom Bracelet, Kate Spade $40.00 I’ve decided that our home needs a bit more orange going on.  I’m thinking a few pops would work great and this throw is just so classic AND orange. And we could always use another throw around here. 6 Draper Stripe Persimmon Throw, Dwell Studio $150.00 Recently, I purchased a very cool reclaimed wood printer cabinet sideboard piece to house my fabrics in our living room..which happens to also be my office.  Our existing barley twist lamp is just not doing it for me.  I’m thinking some BIG and glass would look really great in it’s place. And I saw a guy that made these last time I hit the Rose Bowl. 7 French Wine Jug Lamp, Rose Bowl Flea Market $ ?? Thanksgiving weekend was spent in Central California at the in laws place…Fresno to be exact. I know, I know Fresno. It honestly gets a bad wrap. There are some really cool things about Fresno, but that’s for another post. Anywho, we went to dinner with some dear friends one night and had the most AMAZING Italian food.  Yes, in Fresno! So, now I’m all gung ho about making fresh pasta.  I want to recreate that dinner experience! 8 Imperia Pasta Machine, Williams Sonoma $69.95 As are most women right now, I am having a serious love affair with animal print.  I love this skinny belt for adding definition to a boxy dress or over a cardigan. So classic! 9 Skinny Calf Hair Belt, J.Crew $60.00

So what’s on your wish list? I’d love to know what you are asking for this year.