October 31, 2011

frightening flicks

by Shelly

Since having our little one we no longer celebrate the 31st the way we use to…with a very large, adult party complete with too much alcohol, funny costumes, food, and some sort of lively entertainment.  We have now negated our Halloween festivities to a night of horror movies and pizza, but that’s fun too!  I sort of love to be scared and have been quite fasinated with vampires and zombies LONG before it became a Hollywood trend!  Here are some of my fav go-to Halloween flicks that are sure to get you scared out of your wits.

1. 28 Days Later

Hands down one of my all time favorite movies! Not even favorite HORROR genre movies…I said MOVIES! I love this.  First, it  fits into my British obsession quite nicely by being set in one of my favorite places to visit.  Next, it has that whole “end of the world” theme that for some reason I am pretty taken by. I actually talk through doomsday scenarios with my husband. Yes, he thinks I’m crazy. And those ZOMBIES!  Holy freaking moly are they fast!!!! I would definitely have a difficult time getting away from one of those guys.  I DO NOT run people!  I’m just not built for it I think.  Although this event might be my next venture. Oh, and the lead actor is pretty darn cute I might add.

2. Saw

The sequels have gotten a bit out of control to be honest, but the original is still one of my go to’s for a night of fright.  What would you be able to endure to stay alive?  This movie will make you ask that question over and over. A bit gory at times which will definitely make you hide your eyes.

3. Deliverance

Want to be freaked out anytime you go camping or exploring out in the wilderness?  Well then, this is your movie.  Old school, but still freaks me out everytime I watch it. “Squeal like a pig! Whee!”  Those words will haunt you…oh and so will the classic Dueling Banjos song.

4.The Ring

The scene above still gives me shivers! At this point in the movie you WILL be screaming. NOT kidding!  This is such a well done horror flick with an artsy feel to it.  This movie will teach you that even if you think your child is normal and maybe just a little “naughty”, that there may be more to it!

5. Aliens

“Get away from her you bitch!” Best line in a horror movie ever. I’m a momma to a little girl, so maybe this is the reason I still love this movie so much.  Alien…the first movie in this line of movies was very good.  But Aliens is my favorite due to the introduction of the little girl, Newt who had been living alone on a colonized planet when Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley found her.  The colony had been overrun with the aliens and Newt was the lone survivor.  I also really love that Ripley’s character is such a bad ass and not all sexed up like the Tomb Raider heroines of the last few years.  She’s real, and basically a plain Jane.  But she’s smart and tough while still remaining fragile and scared.  Sort of a women rock movie, but still enough blood and gore to make the men watch too!

6. Seven

“Ohhhh, what’s in the box? What’s in the box!?”

Gwen and Brad…remember that!?  Seven will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.  Do you remember those seven deadly sins?  Think you don’t do any of those?  Well, you may just rethink that whole box of oreos you scarfed down while watching Desperate Housewives. Or the way you envy that successful neighbor down the street with the new luxury car in the driveway, the hot husband, the impeccable home, and the stylish wardrobe. For a little Halloween scare check out the last scene of the movie. So so wrong.

Happy Halloween friends!!!

Last Scene from Se7en

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October 28, 2011

Anglophile Style

by Shelly

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned one or two…or more times that I’m quite a bit of an Anglophile.  I’ve been obsessed since I was about 10 years old. Every Fall when the weather starts to change I naturally gravitate towards a bit of Brit inspired clothing.  A When I got the new Boden catalog I totally feel in love with this fairisle sweater vest in a fun color way. Super cute under a shrunken tartan jacket too. B I don’t think I’m a very sexy dresser. No, I’m definitely not. My hubby would love if I wore more revealing stuff once in a while..especially on date nights. These heels are just the right amount of “sexy” in my book. Naughty secretary-ish. You feel me? C One of my ultimate fav movies is the classic Quadrophenia staring the ever hunky Sting. This jacket would have done him proud. Heck, he was probably wearing this exact label! D I DIE for Butter nail polish! It’s not the easiest polish to find, but boy you must try it NOW! The colors are phenomenal and they go on like silk. This color is British racing green..and my husband has a classic Jag that was passed down from his dad. We’re really, really into Jags here. E So classic, elegant, but not overly dressy. Something you would have forever. F This is just FUN! Sort of rock and roll English.  And I love Vivienne Westwood. She IS rock and roll English style. G I’m pretty obsessed with hats and English school boy charm…so this hat is a duh for me. H Pumpkin colored velvet? Yes please! I’m all over orange velvet right now. In fact I’m trying to convince this stylish lady to recover two accent chairs in her living room in this fabric and add some beautiful nailhead trim.

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October 12, 2011

Spanish love in Santa Monica

by Shelly

Sometimes when I’m designing for a client, I like to get my creative juices flowing by searching around on real estate listing sites.  To be honest, real estate and house hunting has been a strange passion of mine since I was a little girl. Not kidding.  Growing up we lived about 40 minutes outside of Los Angeles in the ‘burbs.  Our area was just outside where a bunch of other “new” cities were emerging.  So we had lots of model homes to peruse on the weekends.  I spent a lot of weekends with my grandparents and that would be our fun, afternoon thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday. Weird huh? But I really, REALLY enjoyed it and I think it’s one of the things that developed my interest in interior design.

With that being said, today was one of those “let’s see what’s going on in real estate in my area” kind of days.  Well, I happened upon a really beautiful Spanish style home in Santa Monica.  She’s so LA, and sooo pretty!

Here she is…. 336 Adelaide Drive. She’s a modest 9,025 square foot Hacienda style home, with five bedrooms and seven and a half baths!  That’s a boutique hotel in my book.

This kitchen is what really got me!  I’m usually not one for anything contemporary, but this is just the right amount in my book.  The shaker style doors mixed with the large, modern harware and those gorgeous, but simple lights. Pretty!   AND I love to cook and this kitchen has a Sub-zero refrigerator and freezer, Miele oven, Wolfe Range, Kitchen Aid Superba dishwasher.  Ahhh, those appliances are music to my ears. I love appliances. Again, I know….I’m strange.

The simple, but lovely dining room. Do I spy two Oly Serena Chandeliers!?  I’ve been considering the Serena for our dining room, but the price tag IS NOT small, so this decision is not coming easy for me.

A pretty breezeway, but seriously….I always laugh at furniture setups like this. Who would sit in one of those chairs facing a tall table? I know, maybe it’s to play games at? Still…it doesn’t seem that natural. But everything is pretty and sometimes that’s all you need right? ha! By the way, love that wall of windows and those lights!

The pool is again, simple but lovely. I could throw a mean bbq in this backyard!

And how amazing is this little outside lounge area with a view of the ocean?!

To see more photos of this beautiful home in Santa Monica go here.

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October 11, 2011

bright and happy

by Shelly

To say that these clients have been a joy to work with would be an understatement.  It makes my job so much more enjoyable when you click with the people you’re working with!  We’re still tweeking things and waiting for a few more elements to come in, but I did a mini install today and I wanted to share the living room with you.

PLEASE…excuse the bad iPhone pics! I wasn’t thinking…and didn’t bring my good camera.

Here is the before.

This home was a bit of a flip, so when my clients bought the place they immediately wanted to make it feel more like home and less like a rental.  Their furniture had been with them WAY too long and they aren’t even big fans of red! You wouldn’t guess that by all that red in the room huh?

Here is the other side of the room. Yes, that is a pretty poorly made built in bookcase, but we’re keeping it for now.  We’ll make it look good with the right accessories and styling!

And the AFTER…part 1!

We purchased a new sectional with a fabulous faux linen that is actually kiddo friendly!!  This family has not one, but three of the cutest girls you’ve ever seen.  Tiring just thinking about it! Ha!  Because there is polyester in the fabric, it will act more like a microfiber and help to clean up well. Peanut butter fingers and sofas are usually NOT friends!

Then we added a fun, happy botanical print on the pillows with ocean/beach inspired colors, as well as some chocolate linen ones to ground the light colored sofa. The table is VERY sturdy and is made out of iron and recycled wood. The lamp adds a bit of fun to the room and was quite a cheap find from all the ‘SPENCY tripod lamps out there!

Oh, and notice the windows?  The bad home center red silk drapes were the first thing to go! In their place we added 2 1/2″ wood slat blinds.  Shutters would have been nice, but since we were on a fairly tight budget AND the family plans to do a major remodel to the house in the future…this was an easy fix. Some inexpensive Ikea drapes might also be a nice addition sometime in the near future.

The room is still coming together, but I can’t WAIT to show you how we inexpensively, transformed their dining and kitchen area!  WHAT A CHANGE!

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