August 25, 2011

Stone Flooring

by Shelly

It seems everyone is after a white kitchen with wood floors these days.  They look clean, warm, and inviting.  Heck, I have it in my own home!  But while researching for a clients’ kitchen remodel I started to fall in love with the contrast and cottage look of stone floors.

{large grey slate tiles make for a clean look}

{this large offset brick pattern is less formal but so pretty!}

{probably my personal fav, slate in a herringbone pattern. what a statement!!!}

{such a soft but elegant look}

{not only are the floors gorgeous but the mahogany wood  countertops are to die for!}

So would you do stone?  Or are you living with stone flooring already? Please share…I’d love to see!


August 5, 2011

Reality Bites

by Shelly

Do most people assume that interior designers live in pristine, perfectly furnished homes with no clutter? I know that I assume that about some of the designers I admire.   I mean, come on, look at the rooms they create for their clients!  They must have their homes decorated with furnishings that have been carefully edited down to the tinniest detail.  Right?  Um, wrong…very, very wrong!  Well at least it is for me at the moment.  We are still waiting for built ins to be finished and installed, closet doors to come in, furniture to be delivered …. umm….ordered and general mess to be put away and boxes finally unpacked!

It WILL happen!

At least this is what I keep telling myself everyday as I stare at the areas of our home that need to be paid attention to.

Our kitchen in its current state.  Yes, those are slats of wood holding up our breakfast bar. Yes, I have the corbels that are to be installed in their place. But, um….we screwed up.  We were suppose to install them BEFORE the granite. Yes, I do know this, but that’s what happens when you try to fully gut and remodel a house in 6 weeks.  Things slip through the cracks.  But they’re getting painted on Monday and will be installed by the end of next week.  THE BRIGHT SIDE….we got our pendent lights up and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!  They remind me of little tin man heads with hats.  Next I need to narrow down what I want to do for bar stools.  Since the dining room is just to the left of this area AND right behind the sofa in the family room, I need to do something that will not be too busy and will coordinate with the dining chairs.

Oh yes, look how lovely it is!  GAG!  This was our breakfast area set in the old house.  (The slipcovers are off two chairs because I have a 4 year old who loves to slop when she eats. They’re freshly laundered.)  We sold our much more formal dining to the new owners.  I’m having a lovely trestle table made as I write this.  Crossing my fingers it will come next week!  I was going to do Kooba wicker chairs with slipcovered wingchairs at the ends.  BUT NOW…I’m considering this….

{New England Home}

{India Hicks}

Directors chairs!  I’ve grown quite attached to the idea. I love the banana republic feel of them, which tends to be the look I lean towards.  And what’s even better is the price!  I’ve seen them for as low as two for $128.00!!!!!  GET OUTTA TOWN!  I only need four and if I get sick of them I can fold them up and store them until we need them for parties.

Go back to the picture of my dining room and you’ll notice another thing in desperate need of attention….the french doors!  I did bamboo shades on the other windows, but here I think some linen panels would look best and soften all the hard lines in the room.  I was going to do a white linen until I fell in love with a blue stripe linen by Schumacher.

It’s sheer, but that’s ok.  I’m not looking to darken the room with them at all. Just soften the window and filter the light in the late afternoon. And if they fade I think they’ll still look really pretty! Downfall though is that this fabric IS NOT cheap.  So, I’m not jumping on this idea just yet.  But boy, would it look great next to my blue damask chairs and blue and white pottery!

Then there is this mess.

Don’t you just love how that big ol’ flat screen is teetering on that tiny little table? We’re waiting for our louvered built in to be finished any day now.  Once that goes in we can finally put away all the clutter and boxes in this room!  Since my desk is now just to the left of this picture, you probably can only imagine how MUCH clutter there is. No, I did not photograph that area…it’s THAT bad folks!

Once the built in goes in I will then focus on purchasing a new sofa for this room that fits the space better AND is slipcovered in linen.  We bought the current sofa in the room just before we had our little one. It’s only four years old and falling apart rapidly.  But I will say…THANK GOD for microfiber fabric.  It’s seen its fair share of baby vomit, formula, dog slobber, and red wine.  It all came out by the way.

But in the midst of all these projects and mess there are little bits of happiness….

Like my faux clam shell newly filled with succulents that I whipped up last weekend!  Such an easy project and it will keep me from spending so many $$$ on flowers to grace the table.  We’re in budget mode people!

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!  We have a concert in the park, San Onofre beach day, cocktail party with friends and a Huey Lewis and the News concert at the fair this weekend!  Packed…but fun!


August 4, 2011

Boats on the brain

by Shelly

Apparently I am need of a day out at sea!  I have sailboats and anything nautical on the brain this week. The weather HAS been quite glorious lately and my mind is in desperate need of some fresh air and sunshine.  Today I took a few hours to scurry around the house, put upa few more pieces of art and arrange some accessories in much needed areas of the house.  A few of the items I’ve been moving around to different rooms trying to figure out where they would be best placed, are the two model sailboats we own. I’m considering investing in a small collection of them for our living room mantle. We shall see!  Here are some rooms that inspired me today.

{andrea crawford via house and home}

{country living}

{phoebe howard}


{velvet and linen}

{phoebe howard}

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August 1, 2011

Ships Ahoy!

by Shelly

I’ve always been a lover of all things nautical, so when deciding on lighting for our new place, I knew right away that I wanted the lights in our home to have a sea faring feel.  Here are some picks for your sea inspired home!

1.  Add a couple over an island or breakfast bar.

Hampton Bay Nautical Mini Pendant Light $19.99 on sale!

2.   So cute in a kids bath!

Nautical Outdoor Wall Light $89.00

3. Amazing price for such a designer look. Add woven seagrass shades to complete the look!

Coral Chandelier $299.00

4. Tucked next to a nail head leather chair, its the perfect compliment for a nod to nautical.

Floor Lamp in Antique Brass $103.50

5.  LOVE this in a bathroom, quirky in pairs on a dining room wall, beach cottage when done outside.

Warehouse Sconce $79.00

6.  So much more affordable than it’s designer counterparts!

Surveyor Lamp Base $39.99 Burlap shade is extra, found here.

7.  Just a wink of beach theme. Reminds me of seaglass found in the sand.

Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp $99.00

1. Oh my! I am in love! Actually not too bad if only buying one for a flush mount hall light or bathroom light. A few of these mounted on a kitchen ceiling would be SO cool though.

Heavy cast brass ceiling light $170.00

2.  Absolutely stunning in person! Feminine and beachy. Fab over a vintage style soaking tub or contrast it in a dining room with a super rustic table and wicker chairs.

Southampton Iron/Shell Chandelier $1966.00

3.  This beauty doubles as art in a living room!

Montauk Search Light Floorlamp $1974.00

4.  Just gorgeous in a powder room. Could also see them in a built in wet bar area with a hammered copper sink.

Vintage Brass Cage Nautical Wall Lights-pair $1694.00

5. Gorgeous ocean colored lamp with textured linen shade, would look so pretty next to the bed!

Seeded Recycled Glass Vessel Lamp $285.00

6.  Put a few over an island or use the larger version over a breakfast table.

Kendall Mini Pendant with round shade $299.00

Can’t wait to show you guys the two new nautical lighting fixtures we’ve added to our home! Stay tuned.

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